Although the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, some CIA observers say there is little reason to believe it does not continue today under a different set of acronyms.[*] Victor Marchetti, author and 14-year CIA veteran, stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducted disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MKUltra was abandoned a "cover story."[*][*] Dr. Robert Duncan, a modern former scientist for the CIA, DOD, and US DOJ confirms it continues on today under new program names, together with former CIA operative Mark Phillips.[*][*][*][*] The Oregon State Hospital uses mind control on it's patients in conjunction with the CIA, and I am one such victim of their program. #cia #mkultra


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PSRB legal tips, 161.370 legal tips, Oregon State Hospital

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PSRB legal tips, 161.370 legal tips, Oregon State Hospital

Postby Todd » Sun May 17, 2015 10:17 am

#PSRB legal tips: Huge US #constitutional rights violations are happening in #Oregon today. This violation impacts the unable to aid and assists: they have 6th amendment right to counsel (effective is also a requirement) while in custody at OSH, and a right to post bail and be free from torture (including torture with medications, restraints, seclusions, medical care denials, etc) and receive proper medical care for all needs under the 8th/14th amendment, but the state attorneys appointed at trial don't represent patients at OSH under 370, don't defend them, allow their clients to be interrogated and questioned by staffs who bake the record, allow assault by staff and forced drugging, seclusions, and restraints which impact the outcomes of their cases and often lead to errors in psychological reports and court records, and false convictions and GEI pleas, bail is denied to people who can afford it (in fact, it's not offered at all before a person is sent to OSH let alone while in custody at OSH; requesting bail, the staff laugh at you), medical care is denied for most medical needs besides the basics afforded at the facility (court precedent requires the hospital to take care of all a patients medical needs not just psychiatric ones, and provide access to second opinions and outside doctors, all denied at OSH in most cases, especially when a client requests specific care, ie to see a specialist neurologist or private doctor or to receive a second opinion even when they offer to pay themselves). The attorneys do not defend their clients from the state hospital, but actually write the motions themselves to have this done to their clients. It's as if the attorney's want their clients framed to look psychotic and mentally ill. Then, they furthermore push GEI pleas and refuse to put on a technical defense if the client returns from OSH after passing an aid and assist evaluation. In other parts of the country, attorneys are recognized as being responsible for their clients safety during unable to aid and assist procedures, arguing against forced drugging, hiring defense witnesses for the purpose, arguing for release from custody (Oregon's attorneys argue for you to remain IN custody, rather than arguing for a person to be released. thanks), and the like. If you are being assaulted or abused, your lawyer is supposed to end the abuse, investigate it, and use it for your defense. After your attorney sends you to OSH you will call your attorney as a 370 and they will refuse to speak to you because your case is 'on hold' according to them and this lasts until you time out or for three years maximum even though you are in custody and protected by the 6th amendment during the criminal proceedings in play. You receive no assistance from counsel, and must endure state abuse with no one there on your side. Your right to a fair, speedy trial is denied, your objections ignored. You won't get assistance in any case damaging abuse occurring at the facility. You will be force drugged without outside medical expert evals, the drugs damage your memory, cause working memory disturbances, prevent new memory formation, induce dementia, psychosis, paralysis, depression, anxiety, trauma, competitiveness and skills are reduced, and communication ability/recollection/performance ability. You will be convicted or put under PSRB without any of these issues being raised, acknowledged, or addressed. The mentioned drug/trauma side effects are backed by study after study, proving the drugs are ineffective and worse than other options and cause severe impairment and injury. (see articles section)

We have known this has been going on awhile but there is nothing you can do. Nobody to complain to who will help or take action, and this place has been running like this since the 1970s. So far. No lawyers are actually doing a very good job of fighting injustice in Oregon. I have complained about this to directors of public defense and they don't take action. One solution is for known victims to file a habeas corpus on these issues as a 370 process starts or while in jail, they will get a new second lawyer appointed just for the habeas corpus who hopefully will call out the other lawyers abuse and violations being perpetrated by the courts. All sorts of constitutional rights violations can be brought up - however, this is not a guarantee because the courts are junk by themselves, a judge just might refuse to hold any hearing or for months the abuse will go by with no response until you're already back in jail and falsely convicted.

I presume that any person at OSH under GEI could use this argument to do a post conviction relief to over turn their false convictions due to inadequate assistance of counsel. This issue affects all persons so almost all should qualify for post conviction relief when they find out about this.

Even past the two year mark because, people were likely never told their attorneys were violating their rights and that fuck ups were happening throughout the pipe line that could be used for their defense or that they never actually received the defense they were supposed to have received.

From what I know, public defenders are pretty complicit in the process and are puppy lovers with state employees, enabling these rampant abuses to occur.. they are spineless twats across the board.

People under PSRB after a bad conviction, experience similar violations, specifically their due process rights are violated, and their attorney Harris Matarrazo never steps up to the plate to protect his clients rights or assist with abuse or other violations going on that impact his clients cases. Similarly he is a puppy lover with state doctors and employees, a spineless twat that ruins all his clients cases, which never get built. This is illegal under the 14th amendment which requires the states to provide due process which has many protections embedded in it applicable to PSRB and State hearings on release, medication, civil commitment and more. Virtually all case law, all rights, all constitutional protections are applied to the states through the 14th amendment. - Full time government abuse exposer.
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