Although the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, some CIA observers say there is little reason to believe it does not continue today under a different set of acronyms.[*] Victor Marchetti, author and 14-year CIA veteran, stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducted disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MKUltra was abandoned a "cover story."[*][*] Dr. Robert Duncan, a modern former scientist for the CIA, DOD, and US DOJ confirms it continues on today under new program names, together with former CIA operative Mark Phillips.[*][*][*][*] The Oregon State Hospital uses mind control on it's patients in conjunction with the CIA, and I am one such victim of their program. #cia #mkultra

The scarecrows lair of the Oregon State Hospital. The employees are ready to make you sick. Hospital of Genocide - Click for info MKULTRA psychotronic weapons - click for CIA info SEIU 503 state employees union at OSH (also known as local 392, presence removed from the web soon after my page launched) Dr. Jonathan Crane induced psychosis on people to set them up keep them at Arkam Insane Asylum, much like OSH's doctors.
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State hides cases 4 Bonita Tucker
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Call the abuse reporting and info hotline about my case, the website, your problems, and the hospital at 503-967-5202 (toll-free from OSH) - currently seeking telephone complaints and depositions from patients and friends and family of patients about the hospital, especially when abuse or civil rights violations are involved. there's a chance I may post your messages on my site or use them in a lawsuit against the hospital, when the time comes.

some cities of my torture:
Salem, Oregon. Portland, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon. Springfield, Oregon. Modesto, California. Lodi, California. San Francisco, California. Los Angeles, California. Sacramento, California. Newport, Oregon. Lincoln City, Oregon. Florence, Oregon. Washington, DC. Arlington, Virginia. Virginia Beach, Virginia. Norfolk, Virginia. Wheaton, Maryland. Others as I travel. It's a global electronic warfare weapon, hitting us everywhere we go. Targeting capabilities for directed energy, worldwide.
Just on the radio 2/11/2015 with Dr. Seth Farber, Ph.D., we expose the American government. Click to listen.

Dr. Purna C Datta Ph.D., ICPP, QME, Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Medicine diagnosis: no thought disorder, TBI/CTE/PTSD from torture&traumas at OSH/afterward

A few documents worth checking out: Jed Peterson attorney at law argues that my rights have been violated, that I was tortured, spied on, and targeted in this brief. Harvard lawyer Jim Gottstein of PsychRights agrees to team up for the truth. Attorney Andrew Ross indicates state scared to let me testify at trial, as they dismiss a criminal case against me in 2014. I won the case, but the case was dismissed solely to prevent me from getting help or going forward with my claims. * Medical injuries: Dr. Purna C. Datta, Ph.D., ICPP, QME, Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Medicine diagnosis: no thought disorder, TBI/CTE/PTSD from torture&traumas at OSH/afterward =-= Attempted to get care but was denied at UCSF, dx TBI =-= Dr. Stefan Harold, neurologist, confirms brain injury from OSH from torture/repetitive injury =-= Various doctors at the Washington DC Unity Health clinic confirmed my injuries and victimization Some reality is offered: * Dr. Colin Ross M.D., Psychiatrist & Expert in Military Mind Control offers assistance =-= Dr. Peter Breggin M.D., Expert Witness, Psychiatrist & Huge background in Mind Control and Expert on it and Psychiatric Abuse Responds =-= Private Investigator Roger Tolces can test for electronic warfare hitting my body and irradiating me * Psych evals: Dr. Seth Farber, Ph.D. Newest Letter =-= Dr. Seth Farber Ph.D. First Letter =-= Cathy Meadows M.A. Expert Whistleblower Retaliation and Covert Harassment and Surveillance =-= Misty Getrich, Psy.D. =-= Dr. Jessica Arenella, Ph.D. =-= Ron Unger L.C.S.W. =-= Cheryl Haun, M.A. + Tracy Wise =-= Dr. George Suckow (Harvard trained, dx pg. 6 ADHD/depression; accuses Dr. Steven Fritz of malpractice at OSH.)
* Links: Dr. Robert Duncan B.A., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA whistleblower says I'm being tortured, targeted by ruthless computer/software * Dr. Robert Duncan describes victims bodies being impinged with signals intelligence * Dr. Judy Wood B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Interferometry Degrees from Virginia Tech Might Help - she backs up there's an air, sea and space based energy weapon around the USA * Cathy O'Brien White House/Pentagon level Mind Control Victim and Case Law Creator * CIA/DOD Operative Mark Phillips confirms Remote Mind Control weaponry is in use, but he cannot testify w/o protections - he saved & married Cathy O'Brien * Affidavit by 30 year FBI veteran Ted Gunderson (FBI Los Angeles head, nominated FBI Director 1979), confirming USA funded stalking/surveillance abuses * Derrick Robinson, Executive Director of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, asks for help * John St. Clair Akwei wishes us luck fighting electronic warfare harassment * Torture complaint to United Nations * Latest lawsuit for full review * N.S.A. Covert Black Ops -- If any lawyers help I have a list of 50+ PhD's, MDs, psychologists, psychiatrists, private investigators, whistleblowers, authors, scientists, engineers, and former military employees who have came out about this and/or interested in testifying and getting the abuses stopped after decades of cover ups.

*Dr. Robert Duncan's Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No Touch Torture Report


*DIRECTED-ENERGY ASSAULTS AREN'T REAL? PSYCHIATRIST SAYS: "It’s not sensible to reach that conclusion"*

A previous military contractor employee at USIS came to me, and told me, they know they were never to do this to me or anyone else, in the context, 'don't ever do the psych/weapons experimentation... it's one of the methods they use to test these technologies.' I knew in my mind, what they had on paper at USIS she told me, details of this weapons/surveillance system and it's capabilities.

*Sample evidence of targeting/torturing tactics: Dr. Robert Duncan B.A., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. & CIA Operative Mark Phillips confirming Americans are being spied on, mind controlled and targeted with directed energy
*Air Force: non-lethal weapons approved for use on Americans (electromagnetic/acoustic projectors+holograms)

COINTELPRO: military, law enforcement, FBI, prosecutor, state tactics used for 70+ years.
Corruption, framing, spying, killing of innocent citizens.

Free eBook The Matrix Deciphered - learn why the puke police/military murder/torture and cannot be stopped, what they will go to all length to cover up. | CIA Operation Pique/etc | Firewall-less atoms and minds | Project Soul Catcher

Status update: I'm being assaulted now still. Weapon info: Globally deployed Electronic Warfare/Surveillance system operated by the Military, NSA, NRO, Air Force, Navy, CIA, US DOJ, FBI, DHS. Used for stealth injuries/assassinations, 24/7 rape, remote body, home and brain imaging, and assault of US citizens on American soil w/ signals intelligence & electromagnetic waves from interferometers/satellites. All police & governments agencies in America have access. "Space capability" is what NSA whistleblower Russell Tice calls it, hidden in Special Access Programs and Black World: russelltice-nsarnmebl.html (updated 7/5/2014) + #nsabrainlink

Links to internet sites, news paper articles, some evidence: story.html (updated 4/19/2015, newest files in /d). Links about targeting/technology here.

Last updated: 12/09/2015

Resources for patients, family, and friends

Here you will find resources to aid you in connecting to and fighting against the Oregon State Hospital. You may also use these resources if you're having other problems with the mental health system in Oregon.

What's here:

  1. Hospital information
  2. Guide to mental health law
  3. OSH kills, scandal after scandal - decades of atrocities
  4. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Movie HD
  5. Guilty Except for Insanity movie by Portland State University
  6. Documentaries on psychiatry
  7. Articles and defense material against OSH
  8. Contacts and links for help

Hospital information

The current corrupt Superintendent to be afraid of is, Gregory "Greg" Roberts.

The main Oregon State Hospital campus is located in Salem at the following address:

Oregon State Hospital - Salem
Phone: (503) 945-2800 or toll-free (800) 544-7078

There is also a civil commit unit up in Portland at the following address:

Oregon State Hospital - Portland
1121 NE 2ND AVE
Portland, Oregon 97232
Phone: (503) 731-8620

Contact information for hospital administration
Family guide book with patient telephone numbers (listed by unit)

The main website run by the State of Oregon for the hospital is found at:

The Wikipedia page for the Oregon State Hospital is here:

Guide to mental health law

This guide is published by Disability Rights Oregon, and has common information necessary to help you nagivate the mental health law in Oregon. It also features a section with legal resources, which may be helpful to you.

Download the English version in PDF format: mental-health-law-in-oregon-english.pdf
Download the Spanish version in PDF format: DRO-Mental_Health_Guide-4ed-spa.pdf

OSH kills, scandal after scandal - decades of atrocities

Until 1983, Oregon State Hospital systems were primarily eugenics centers, where poor people deemed to undesireables were brought and held, mutilated or forced steralized. Oregon had a Board of Eugenics to manage the program, and thousands of individuals were forced steralized. The hospitals policy was not to release patients until they agreed to forced steralization procedures. Although psychological warfare was deployed to hide the harm of the system and the term eugenics abandoned, the system remains in tact performing virtually the same function continuing to lock people up long term, drugging them, keeping them from socializing, developing, making families, and subjecting them to covert abuses they cannot escape. If the lock up doesn't keep them from managing it, the drugs steralize and lobotomize the brain, keeping citizens from being able to negotiate sexual relationships or moving onto develop successful lives even if they're released making one undesireable as a prospective mate. Article w/ some info on Eugenics in the United States:

Psychiatry itself started the eugenics craze and is responsible for the holocaust, where anyone deemed mentally ill was euthanized, steralized, or experimented on against their will under psychiatrist order. Read some insight into how dangerous this quack profession is in Nazism and psychiatry.

Eugenics is basically when government run by the elite decide that certain populations of people can be exterminated, mutilated, persecuted, and harmed as a form of population control. Any number of specific classes of citizens can be targeted from "whoever they can suck into the system" to "Jews, homosexuals, feeble minded people" etc. The pseudoscience behind it is a form of psychological warfare designed to work it into the governmental legal system and garner public and judicial support. Today it's applied to anyone that can be accused of a crime or anyone suffering specific illnesses, even if no scientific method ensuring the person was actually guilty of crime prior to administering punishment or had their accused illness exists (the state relies solely on unscientific opinions of their own psychiatrists who are perfectly ok hurting whoever they're paid to).

Governor John Kitzhaber apologized for the Eugenics program in 2002, although much of the systems operation remains intact minus the forced steralization, which has not been apologized for.

They used to lobotomize people to control them, finding it justified to murder their brains. Many of these lobotomizations were done to children on ward 40 and there's a new movie in the works, and the author is requesting testimonies as of September 2015. They developed chemical lobotomy drugs in the 1950s and have since moved onto using those, with brand names like Zyprexa, Abilify, Seroquel, Risperidone , Clozaril, Haldol, Thorazine, Geodon, Prozac, Paxil, Effexor, Celexa, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, etc. DARPA is funding laser based/directed energy based lobotomy applications and brain implants to lobotomize the brain are also under works. Secret ways of administrating lobotomization such as through over the horizon radar and satellites also exist.

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

Dr José Delgado PhD MD Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974.

“Coercion masquerading as medical treatment is the bedrock of political medicine. Long before the Nazies rose to power, physician-eugenicists advocated killing certain ill or disabled persons as a form of treatment for both patient and society. What transforms coercion into therapy? Physicians diagnosing the subject’s conditon as a ‘disease,’ declaring the intervention they impose on the victim a ‘treatment,’ and legislators and judges ratifying these categorizations as ‘diseases’ and ‘treatments.'”

Dr. Thomas Szasz Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus

Oregon State Hospital patient being ice picked, lobotomizing himOregon State Hospital patient female lobotomized, before and after, propoganda
Oregon State Hospital patient being held down and lobotomized

They have no abuse protection system in the hospital. The union members are protected by their political power and coleagues, union members/reps, Office of Adult Protection and Prevention (formerly Office of Investigation and Training), and the Oregon State Police. There are no independent investigative resources at the hospital, no private lawyers provided, no private independent investigators, and security video and audio is used only to protect the staff and frame patients or not at all - they delete it, if it shows staff abusing patients. This is even though the security video/audio system was installed after the staff had been caught covering up rape of patients with managers and others, causing multiple deaths of children patients, which was hidden from public view until sealed records were accidently turned over to the media in a public records request bringing the scandal to public light and forcing the state to close the childrens unit (meaning, the staff have no credibility, and have been caught committing mass crimes and cover up before, kept secret from the public) - the whole system was installed for the patients protection, because the staff lie and abuse the patients. Multiple patients have reported being bamboozled, denied protection, and they refuse to substanitate clear abuses by staff members to protect each other and the state from liability. Family members have also called me complaining of the same thing. No patient has ever been moved out of the hospital or to a safe place after confirmed abuse within the facility. The state enjoys its ability to maintain total control and continue to abuse the patient for long indefinite periods of time, while they try to break each patient into submission. Patient death usually ensues, from abuse or medications that were forced and prescribed solely to abuse and control the patient, always covered up, and staff are never prosecuted for it. In fact there's a few articles about that below.

Four staff members assaulted me in 2008, although many assaults from staff occurred during this same time frame. Jeff Hodson comes into my room with RNs Heather, Elizabeth (now a Manager at OSH), and a MHTC named 'Brad' and beat my face in over me reporting them commit crimes and abuse at the facility. I also get suffocated with a towel, nearly die, and am put into seclusion and restraint and given medications illegally (medication assault/mutilation of my brain). Many staff involved, they get together and lie like usual to cover their ass, claiming I somehow self inflicted all these injuries in reports. Meanwhile audio and video recordings showed staff say Jeff Hodson just assaulted me, and staff confirming my injuries right after the assault.

2008-07-08 Staffer_Jeff_Hodson-assaulted_me_and_suffocated_me_and_OSH_covered_it_up.pdf


Streaming Video:

Click or tap here or above image to bring out video controls & start playback!

Bonita Tucker scandal convo, Todd Giffen and Donald Stewart:

Streaming Video:

Click or tap here or above image to bring out video controls & start playback!

Death of Chris Crawford convo (murdered by OSH for reporting abuse by staff, a staff was having illegal sex with a patient in a closet), Todd Giffen and Carl McDaniel:

Streaming Video:

Click or tap here or above image to bring out video controls & start playback!

PATIENT RIGHTS AND ADVOCACY COMMISSION, INC. "Dedicated to Assisting Consumers at the Oregon State Hospital" - this website about hospital scandals was set up along time ago, and was one of the first compilations I had found. The site used to have articles about patients being murdered/killed within the facility, but that info was removed or replaced sometime after 2007 (when I first discovered it):

Feds slam Oregon State Hospital: read report, previous stories, The Oregonian January 20th, 2008. Sort of a compilation of stories about the hospital that go with the report, but it hardly seems complete and most of the story is untold.

Rape and Abuse at Oregon State Hospital an article from 10/15/2004, covers the rape and abuse of children that was covered up for more than a decade by the State, resulting in the childrens unit of the Oregon State Hospital shutting down in 2004. Unfortunately the adult units remain and the exact same staff who worked at the childrens unit continue to work there today (the article gives you insight into how the adults are treated and how the state/managers/staff go about covering up deliberate acts of abuse, and punishing whistleblowers, literally allowing people to be sexually abused, assaulted, while never prosecuting the staff for it no matter if the abuse is real or not). Unfortunately I had to go to this facility at age 19 (year 2004, first admission) by force of a court without a history of mental illness, where I too would be sexually abused, and staff would do everything to cover it up due to the states lack of liability insurance (clearly article establishes pattern and practice of deliberate violations of patient safety long before my arrival, and shows how they would go to extraordinary lengths to cover it all up.).
Sheelzebub at Pinko Feminist Hellcat comments on this Oregonian article, documenting a pattern of abuse and rape by Oregon State Hospital workers at Ward 40, a treatment center for children and teenagers. Even worse, the hospital had a pattern of hushing up these crimes.

The article itself is a litany of horrors, such as a fired hospital staffer using his knowledge of the hospital's scheduling to kidnap and rape a teenager. (This same staffer apparently raped or molested five other patients; two later committed suicide). The most distressing thing for me, however, is the hospital staff's apparent refusal to treat sexual abuse of patients as a serious problem. For example, regarding hospital employee and rapist/molester/abuser Ronnie LaCross...

2004-2008: Bonita Tucker Scandal, learn about her romantic flings with patients, the drug smuggling scandal, escape plots and fellow staff paid money from security to RN's to participate, none of whom were punished or prosecuted.. news paper articles, documents, OIT reports, etc.

Family of man dead at OSH threatens to sue, Statesman's Journal December 19th 2014. OSH advocate/patient murdered with drugs for blowing the whistle on a female RN having sex with a patient, which led to retaliation.
The family of a man who died in Oregon State Hospital early this year is suing the State of Oregon, alleging Chris Crawford's death was the direct result of hospital staff retaliating when he alerted police and the media to patient sexual abuse in the hospital.

Hospitals Experiencing Soaring Violence — From Staff as Often as From Patients?, An "epidemic of violence against health care workers plagues hospitals" as "hospital administrations and the judicial system do little to prevent assaults against nurses and other caregivers by patients," reported Scientific American. Conversely, the same day, The Guardian reported "a hidden outbreak," as sexual violence by UK hospital staff against psychiatric patients "soars." January 13th 2015. Staff love to assault, and pork patients for some reason.

Five Deaths at Dammasch Hospital, Disability Rights Oregon December 18th 2008. DRO/OAC wrote this report about five deaths of patients at Dammasch Oregon State Hospital, the hospital was closed shortly after it's release..
This report is the result of an investigation into the deaths of five patients at Dammasch State Hospital between June 25 and October 8, 1993. The investigation was begun in response to independent complaints about each death. The report was released in the hope that it would bring attention to the conditions that contributed to these deaths and prevent future harm to Dammasch patients. Dammasch State Hospital was closed in 1995.

Another Suspicious Death Inside Oregon State Hospital, MindFreedom International October 20th 2009. MFI received calls from patients at OSH regarding Moisez Perez death at OSH before it had been announced, MFI posted the details on their site.

Oregon State Hospital reprimands five in patient's death, Statesman's Journal. June 18th 2010. This is an article regarding the death of Moisez Perez. I know extra details about Moisez because I watched him get abused. He was murdered by years of neglect and Clozaril poisoning. Staff repeatedly ignored his complaints of side effects until he died, knowing the drugs were killing him. The staff over decades have observed cases like his before and not changed their behavior, knowing patients were dying and being made sick, and being mutilated. Before Moisez death, he tried to go off the drugs, he was abused and retaliated against and sent to 48-B, and forced back onto the drugs there. I saw staff assault, bully, and abuse him during that time to get him back on drugs. I saw him off the drugs and believed the drugs had made it so that he would never be the same. He started crying when I told him that, I understood his plight. I knew back then the drug Clozaril was so radical, people are changed so drastically, that they cannot get off the drug as their brains are warped into a state that no longer functions making withdraw very difficult. His complaints of chest pains had been going on for years and I first observed them when I met him in 2006 on 50-D with his treating physician Dr. Skach ignoring his complaints the same as his physician Dr. Robinson did on 50-F where he died. His complaints were likely the sign of super dystonia and other tardive symptoms induced by the medications, causing squeezing of his heart and other organs and possibly inflammation. One thing I'm certain of, is that they likely couldn't have reversed his condition to stabilize him before his death no matter what they did, because there is no known treatment for the type of neurological and physical mutilation caused by drugs. He was experiencing the typical deliberate indifference to his complaints and general welfare typical of someone having mutilation with psych meds, that's why his doctors didn't act on his complaints and he died. Drugs are basically administered sort of like a punishment, no different than ECT and lobotomy was.. He was being mutilated because he was at the facility where he was warehoused by the PSRB, they had no intent on ever letting this guy have a life and as he is there for "societies" "protection" they're cool with hurting people and covering up any incidents that occur by upping his meds and putting the blame onto him.

Erasing Fairview's Horrors, The Oregonian/SARA GELSER January 30th 2010. Learn about SOME of the torture and abuse Fairview Oregon State Hospital patients went through before it's closing.

The Fairview Training Center May Have The Darkest History in Oregon, That Oregon Life July 2015.

US Department of Justice CRIPA Findings, Re: Fairview Tranining Facility March 15th 1985, Fairview US Department of Justice letter to Oregon Governor Victor Atiyeh, March 19th 1986. The US DOJ conducted a CRIPA investigation of the Fairview Oregon State Hospital/Training Facility, issuing a damning report of the facility March 15th 1985. Oregon claimed to have made improvements prompting another look by the US DOJ, this response highlights the continued civil rights and conditions violations they found and documented. They entered into litigation and the facility was shut down by the year 2000. Other documents available from the court proceedings that went on until the facility was closed:

I found this 1949 newspaper article on a Facebook page called "Oregon State Hospital - Secretly Hid Dead Patient's Remains." Apparently this place was always good at covering up, and committing abuse, and public oversight was denied preventing outsiders from being able to find out. The Fairview hospital would in fact be closed by the year 2000 after the US Department of Justice investigated it in the 1980s. Dammasch was closed around the time of five patients deaths. The OSH kids unit was closed after a cover up of decades of child sex abuse scandals, with staff literally raping patients, managers covering it up, and patients killing themselves. All that remains is the OSH adult/forensic unit, the same staff too (staff from the closed facilities migrated to OSH Salem and Portland campuses). This bit of history shows people always knew, always suspected, and the future proved they had something to be concerned about. This is the full post from the Facebook page:





The Citizens Action committee and the Central Club council of Portland and local representatives of the American Equity association have made some sensational charges of brutality and neglect in Oregon state hospital for the mentally ill.

They told the state board of control Tuesday that they have information indicating that several “murders” had been committed in recent years, that patients were kicked and beaten and that patients were forced to work in violation of the 13th amendment.

The admitted weakness of their case, of course, is that it is based primarily upon the testimony of patients and former patients, some of whom are credible witnesses and some of whom are not, with only partial corroboration by former employees. In the words of one spokesman, “it is mighty hard to prove.” That is unfortunate.

As for working patients in violation of their constitutional rights, there is a fine line between work that has definite physiotherapeutic value and what the Citizens Action committee calls forced labor. In broad terms productive work inside our stat institutions is a blessing, not a curse. It is the lack of diverting activity that becomes refined cruelty.

The Journal will go along with requests for a full-time business manager and a full-time chaplain at Oregon state hospital–at Oregon state penitentiary also. It is in complete disagreement with the Citizens Action committee, however, in the latter’s advocacy of compulsory jury trials for all allegedly mentally ill persons. Nor does The Journal agree with the committee that the superintendent of Oregon State hospital is not responsible for conditions in that institution, good or bad. His is the credit, his the blame.

Be that as it may, the charges of these citizen groups cannot be ignored and must not be whitewashed, poorly documented though they be. It is to their credit that they have interested themselves in the welfare of the more than 5000 patients in Oregon’s three institutions for the mentally retarded and the mentally ill. If more Oregon citizens interested themselves directly in these hapless state wards, the conditions about which complaint is made would not and could not exist.

Oregon State Hospital nurse sexually abused patient according to investigation, Statesman Journal March 20th, 2014. These recent acts of sexual abuse have been uncovered going on for at least 2 years, as a female RN sexually abused a male patient multiple times while hospital security and state protection agencies covered it up in reports, quote, "the investigation was stopped and concluded as unfounded four days later". The RN continued the sexual abuse after a report found the abuse to be "unfounded," leading to her finally being fired in 2013. In Office of Adult Abuse and Prevention reports, the state finally did not acknowledge the abuse by claiming the RN merely rejected the patients sexual advances (she was seen on camera taking him into a closest w/o cameras alone for seven minutes at a time, where she apparently fucked him on multiple occasions).
A registered nurse at Oregon State Hospital sexually abused a patient, carrying on a relationship that possibly lasted two year and involved more than 100 phone calls and sexual encounters in a linen closet.

cripa-report.pdf: This is the US Department of Justice's investigative report (January 9th, 2008), released after investigating the Oregon State Hospital for civil rights violations. The investigation is ongoing today, although they have pretty much agreed not to take action, and nothing has been done about any of it. (During this investigation, the US DOJ brought along awesome militarized surveillance technology, which they used to warrantlessly spy on me and other patients, and attempted to murder me with in 2008. I have been in these guys control now for 5+ years, experiencing all day abuses. Learn more about these awesome weapons...)

Oregon_DOJ_response_final.pdf: The State of Oregon responds to requests of the US Department of Justice for information on the mental health system outside and inside the state hospital, and this is the 587 pages of data the State provided (June 30th, 2010). The US DOJ was apparently preparing to investigate the system that led up to people being placed at the Oregon State Hospital, and what the system was like for those eligible for discharge and whether or not there was an adequate system in place for those to be discharged to.

Investigation of Oregon State Hospital Letter.pdf: The US Department of Justice expands it's investigation in the State of Oregon to include the mental health system as a whole on November 17th, 2010. This is the original letter informing the State of this investigation.

ppb_findings_9-12-12.pdf: The US Department of Justice broadens its' investigation in Oregon in 2010 to include the mental health system outside of the State Hospital, and it's first target was the Portland Police Department. This report was released September 12th, 2012 and found the city police participated in a pattern and practice of excessive use of force against the mentally ill. That means in Oregon, the mentally ill are first subjected to police abuses and ill care, resulting in them then being sent to the Oregon State Hospital while pending charges for those acts for further civil rights abuses, later to return to court and be convicted based on an insanity plea to those abuses and sent back to the Oregon State Hospital for an indefinite period for even more civil rights abuses, without a way to avoid this madness. The issue seems to start with the police and legal system for those here in Oregon, who are then warehoused after that point at the Oregon State Hospital and PSRB system, resulting in inescapable chronic abuse and neglect.

oregonmh_agreement_11-9-12.pdf: US Department of Justice continues investigation of the Oregon mental health system, and outlines the agreements in place with the state to satisfy the US Department of Justice's requirements November 9th, 2012. There has been no conclusion to any of these investigations so far.

Oregon-MH-Attachment-to-State-Interim-Report-Final-1-2-14-.pdf: The US Department of Justice notifies the state that they are not in compliance with the CRIPA and ADA settlements because the state has made no progress on moving away from institutionalizing disabled people or creating new community based treatment. January 2nd, 2014.

MedranoISTSS 2011.pdf: Oregon State Hospital: A Case Study of Institutional Betrayal Trauma from 2011 done by professionals at the University of Oregon. They find that based on the US Department of Justice's report and other evidence, that patients at the hospital are suffering from Chronic Betrayal Trauma due to chronic neglect and abuse (chronic betrayal from caregivers).

gr_olmstead_cripa_osh_psrb_jbloom-2-_O4Oct11.pdf: Report by Dr. Joseph D. Bloom, "Olmstead, CRIPA and the Oregon PSRB." US Department of Justice also settles 6 recent CRIPA investigations of psychiatric facilities around the country right before the ousting of Bush (all of which focused on the institutions and are criticized as being weak), taking virtually no action against the problems they found. Two other CRIPA investigations handled similarly since then...

Hospital beatings over patients accusing staff of abuse, using headphones in the halls, or having "an extra" soda pop are common. HEHEHE. Pay for two soda pops during pop runs, and the staff will kill you in this place. They'll try to claim you 'threatened' them falsely in every report, to justify the excessive use of force.. Catch them, if you dare.

The Oregonian


Advocates say the death of a 41-year-old man after an altercation with psychiatric aides was avoidable

Thursday, October 28, 2004


The Oregon State Hospital has agreed to pay $200,000 to the family of a patient who died in 2001 when a group of hospital workers tackled him after a disagreement over soda pop, then tied him to a restraint bed while he was unconscious.

Workers eventually noticed that Ben Bartow, 41, was not breathing and tried to revive him. The state medical examiner determined that he died of a heart attack caused by the struggle.

The amount for the two claims of negligence in Bartow's death is the maximum allowed under the Oregon Tort Claim Act, which places a limit on the extent to which a public entity may be held liable. The settlement comes at a time of increased scrutiny of the state hospital.

His death "was an avoidable incident," said Stephen J. Mathieu, an attorney for the Oregon Advocacy Center, which sued on behalf of Bartow's family. "Oregon State Hospital staff should have intervened to prevent the escalation. But because of the overcrowding and understaffing, staff were unable to pay as much attention to the warning signs as they should have."

Mathieu said Wednesday that several employees who restrained Bartow testified in depositions that they'd never heard the term "positional asphyxiation." In fact, when Bartow screamed that he couldn't breathe, they assumed that because he could scream, he could, in fact, breathe.

That "fatal error" led to Bartow's death, Mathieu said.

A Justice Department spokesman, Kevin Neely, said the hospital admitted no wrongdoing in settling the case. After Bartow's death, he said, the hospital installed defibrillators on wards, updated restraint training to include information on positional asphyxia and instructed workers on how to de-escalate situations rather than use physical restraint.

Bartow was supposed to drink only one caffeinated beverage per day. On Aug. 11, 2001, he sneaked two. According to the lawsuit, a psychiatric aide told Bartow that because he had broken the rule, he would lose his soda pop privileges the following day. When two patients returned to the ward after the next day's "pop run," the same psychiatric aide commented loudly that Bartow, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, would not receive a soda.

Bartow became agitated and exchanged words with the worker. Soon, the workers and Bartow squared off. The lawsuit alleges that the workers called for help from other wards "without attempting to verbally or physically de-escalate this adverse interaction."

According to the complaint, at least six hospital workers formed a "dog pile" on top of Bartow. "Hands and knees were placed on Benjamin Bartow's head, neck, extremities, shoulders, shoulder blades, hips and mid-back by six to 10, or possibly more, staff members," the suit states."

Lawyers, witnesses and state records indicate that other patients pleaded with staff members to let up, but workers continued, eventually injecting Bartow with tranquilizers until he went limp. Employees then placed him in steel handcuffs and ankle restraints, carried him to a seclusion room -- his head dangling between his shoulders -- and strapped him to the bed.

Sometime later, staff noticed that Bartow's face was blue, that he had no pulse and he wasn't breathing, state records show. A nurse tried to revive Bartow, using manual chest compressions and a breathing tube, but he died.

"It wasn't just his family that was devastated. So were the patients who witnessed it," said Bartow's sister, Loyette, who didn't want her last name used. "Many of them were his friends."

Bartow, a former football player at Neah-Kah-Nie High School in Rockaway Beach, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at age 19, according to his sister. From then on, her brother was in and out of hospitals and group homes. The sounds of voices in his head often terrified him, causing him to react unpredictably.

While living in a rooming house in the Medford area in 1990, Bartow severely beat a fellow resident. He was charged with attempted murder and ultimately found guilty of assault, except for insanity. He was placed under the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board for 20 years.

Bartow worked as a janitor in the hospital and dreamed of owning his own cleaning service.

"The amount of money wasn't the reason we sued," Bartow's sister said. "We wanted to let the hospital know that what had happened there wasn't right and, if we could, bring about some changes for the other patients who are still there."

In addition to the money paid to Bartow's family, the state has agreed to discuss supplying each ward in the psychiatric hospital with a emergency crash cart to help resuscitate patients, Mathieu said.

The settlement comes days after Sen. Peter Courtney, D-Salem, said conditions inside the 121-year-old institution are so appalling that it is vulnerable to a federal lawsuit and possible takeover by the courts.

Bob Joondeph, executive director of the Oregon Advocacy Center, a watchdog agency for people with disabilities, agreed with that assessment. Joondeph said that while he believes understaffing and overcrowding played a large role in Bartow's death, the center requested that the claim be dismissed "without prejudice" from the Bartow lawsuit, which would allow advocacy center lawyers to pursue that issue in the future.

"Sen. Courtney's warnings about potential legal liability are real," Joondeph said. "We're hoping the state will move quickly to fix these problems on its own."

Michelle Roberts: 503-294-5041;

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Movie HD

Want to know what the government does to the public when they're shipped to the Oregon State Hospital? Constant purposeless medical interventions, unnecessary deprivation, and even military experimentation/torture (in my case) to eventually mutilate brain and body into oblivion. Watch here Ken Kesey's One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, filmed at the Oregon State Hospital, where Jack Nicholson's character ends up with multiple shock wounds to the brain, drugging, and eventual lobotomy turning him into a vegetable.
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Guilty Except for Insanity movie by Portland State University

The patient Tino, here, one of the most normal guys I knew at OSH. Sure he's quirky, but was that good enough to keep him there for nearly a decade? Also, out of the general population, there are quite a few people who look completely normal. Taking no drugs, forced into enslavement, and denied release no matter how long they stay. Some of us think this violates the 13th amendment as an act of slavery and forced servitude without conviction, and the US Supreme Court Olmstead decisions because it's illegal once acquitted of crime, to lock a person up and hold them in a situation / place that does not fit their needs or care level for indefinite periods of time. In Olmstead, US Supreme Court decided that disabled/mentally ill people had a right to be discharged from hospitals when care was no longer necessary and to live in a setting appropriate for their care. This means when there is not a need for clinical treatment, the hospital must release the patient immediately to a more appropriate setting (much like when a medical emergency is over, the hospital should discharge you and not continue to subject you to useless coerced unnecessary treatments). The hospital and PSRB cannot and should not have the authority to otherwise hold people indefinitely, without an immediate clinical need, which to me sounds very unconstitutional and unlawful...

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Documentaries on psychiatry

Medical Model doesn't care about people:
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Barbaric history on psychiatry:
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Modern psychiatric system problems in the legal system:
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Articles and defense material against OSH

Take your pick of deadly drug induced illnesses: Iatrogenesis | Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome | Paradoxical reaction | Extrapyramidal symptoms | Tardive dyskinesia, Tardive Psychosis, Tardive Dystonia, Tardive Depression, Tardive Akathisia, and many, many more, all created by the drugs | Parkinsonism | Peripheral neuropathy | Diabetes mellitus | Breast enlargement in males, cessation of ejaculation, and sexual dysfunction | SSRI discontinuation syndrome previously known as "antidepressant withdrawal syndrome | Serotonin syndrome | Delirium | Chronic traumatic encephalopathy | Drug induced psychosis | Excited delirium | Sudden unexpected death syndrome | Tardive psychosis | Tardive dysphrenia | Tardive dysmentia | Treatment resistent depression (labeled as a separate condition, probably a condition caused by the drugs in the first place) | Dystonia | Dementia | Encephalopathy | Akathisia | Psychomotor agitation | Anxiety | Bipolar disorder (once your brain is good and fucked up, from antidepressants, drug use, or antipsychotics, you'll have permanent bipolar disorder, unless you get proper neurological rehab for your brain injury) | Schizophrenia can be induced through use of antipsychotics and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Colin Ross, expert in military mind control and trauma orientated treatment:
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Dr. Peter Breggin, with his new video "Psychiatric Drugs: More Dangerous Than You Ever Imagined":
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We are facing a tragedy of enormous proportions! Psychiatric drugs of every kind are exposing people to long-term risks of a declining quality of life, apathy, chronic disability, and even shrinkage of the brain. When they try to withdraw from the drugs, they are likely to find themselves afflicted with new symptoms of drug-induced harm that the medications were suppressing. Then they may find it physically and emotionally painful, and even dangerously unsafe, to withdraw from these psychoactive medications.

Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Colin Ross both back each other up that, mental patients are often targets of military and government programs beyond simply receiving health care, but being experimented on, mutilated, hurt, locked up, discredited, at the states whim. We have a long history of mind control and mind sabotage of citizens and human life on planet earth. My website supports and exposes it's continuation, even to this day.

Kudos to Art Levine for Exposing Government Complicity in Illegal Psychiatric Drugging of Children, Jim Gottstein J.D. for Mad In American. April 30th 2015.

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Implanting False Memories During Dreams Now Possible?, The Guardian discusses a recent study that apparently succeeded in planting "false memories" into sleeping mice. March 19th 2015. They can do more than mice, they can do humans too. That's top secret, done by the NSA, FBI, DOD, CIA types. Members of the public are being surgically mutilated and modified remotely via satellite and radar.

Mind control was regarded by Hitler as the ultimate weapon to enslave humanity. The Americans took it, enslaved the world, and used mind control to harm hundreds of thousands of citizens. It's a weapon, like the death penalty, and imprisonment is.

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Dr. Brogan, practices new forms of functional medicine and holistic psychiatry that involve improving vitality rather than just killing peoples brains/bodies with drugs:
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Dr. Brogan's insight into depression and psychic energizers (antidepressants):
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So You Say You Want a Revolution?, Bob Nikkel Mad In America, April 5th 2015. This guy worked at the Oregon State Hospital, wrote this article.. ignored my post to him asking him about abuse I faced at OSH while he was admin. From what I can tell he doesn't even care what went on at OSH under his administration. He was administrator for OSH, specifically, he was the Director of Mental Health Division of the Department of Human Resources from 2003-2008.

UNHRCouncilrpt22013.pdf: Juan Mendez, Special Reporter on Torture for the United Nations, builds off previous reports of the United Nations finding in 2013 that all forced psychiatric treatment is a form of torture, including shock therapy, lobotomies, medication, seclusion and restraint, sterilization, and commitments of any kind. Involuntary commitment is widespread and usually done to a person purely on the basis of their disability, which is discrimination. Another consequence of being seen to have a disability in the United States is disabled people are stripped of rights to consent to or refuse harmful treatments, allowing forced treatment and mutilation (lawful assaults and batteries by medical professionals), a protection only granted to none disabled people (therefore another form of discrimination). The way those seen as disabled are treated in the United States violates both the 14th and 8th Amendments of the US Constitution which outlaw discrimination against the disabled based on the principle of equal protection (14th Amendment) and cruel and unusual punishments including forms of torture and deliberate infliction of pain and suffering (forced psychiatric treatments) (8th Amendment). Additionally I discovered additional violations by use of medical treatments to tranquillize and damage a persons ability to speak, generate speak, remember, and defend themselves (by using major tranquillizers to erase peoples memories, thoughts, and cognitive abilities from their minds), impeding a persons right to free speech under the 1st amendment. The 14th Amendment also bars states like Oregon from passing or enforcing laws like ORS 127.720, which violate the US Constitution on the previously mentioned principles, another 14th Amendment violation. Outside of the successful Jim Gottstein case in Alaska that found forced drugging laws unconstitutional, little has been done in the United States to correct these wrong doings and most people are totally unprotected.

U.N. Rapporteur on Torture Calls for Ban on Forced Treatment, In a statement to a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on March 4, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment of Punishment called for a ban on forced psychiatric interventions including forced drugging, shock, psychosurgery, restraint and seclusion, and for repeal of laws that allow compulsory mental health treatment and deprivation of liberty based on disability, including when it is motivated by "protection of the person or others." March 8th 2013.

ICCPR Concluding Observations US 2014.doc: March 26th, 2014, meeting #3061, The United Nations identifies the concerns they have with human rights violations in the United States. #18, the ongoing issue of forced medication and forced psychiatric treatment, which they condemn and indicate needs to be prohibited.
Non-consensual psychiatric treatment

18. The Committee is concerned about the widespread use of non-consensual psychiatric medication, electroshock and other restrictive and coercive practices in mental health services (arts. 7 and 17).

The State party should ensure that non-consensual use of psychiatric medication, electroshock and other restrictive and coercive practices in mental health services is generally prohibited. Non-consensual psychiatric treatment may only be applied, if at all, in exceptional cases as a measure of last resort where absolutely necessary for the benefit of the person concerned provided that he or she is unable to give consent, for the shortest possible time, without any long-term impact, and under independent review. The State party should promote psychiatric care aimed at preserving the dignity of patients, both adults and minors.

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol, United Nations 2014. Essentially the United Nations condemn the practices of the Oregon State Hospital, as they are completely out of line with all these basic rules and practices.

ACLU.pptx: PowerPoint Presentation from Ron Unger's MindFreedom International presentation for the ACLU 12/12/2013 on Coercive Psychiatric Treatment Practices.

forced-medication-after-u-s-v-sell-fighting-your-clients-war-on-drugs.pdf: A guide for attorney's following the existing US Supreme Court rules on forced medication. U.S. v. Sell (2003), which guarantees inmates the right to stay medication free, to receive alternative therapies while in custody of their own choosing, granting a person substantial due process rights before any type of tampering with the clients body or brain can take place during and after a trial. Justice Kennedy believed it would be a rarity that any person would be forced medicated under these new rules, but in Oregon and elsewhere it's still done like clock work while alternative treatments are denied and false information is used to justify medications use in complete disregard for human life and safety. Additionally, cases like this show that attorney's duty is to protect their clients from medication and forced treatments, whereas in Oregon, attorney's are literally sending their clients to the Oregon State Hospital under a lot of the times false orders just to have their clients force medicated and abused. Attorney's in Oregon are crooked shit who don't even care that they're allowing the state to sabotage and frame their clients, basically setting them up for a mental health defense to spend a life at the Oregon State Hospital.

U.S. v. Sell: details on Wikipedia about the US Supreme Court case setting precedent and rules for forced medicating an inmate in the legal system today (these rules must be followed in all states at minimum, as precedent of the US Supreme Court). Hopefully inmates will build off this case to fully ban "competency restoration" and forced medication without full informed voluntary consent. Also see related cases Washington v. Harper (1990), and Riggins v. Nevada (1992) (links on the same article).

Does Long Term Use of “Antipsychotic” Drugs Result in More Disability, and More Psychosis?, Ron Unger August 30th 2014. In this article the scientific facts are disclosed from studies regarding antipsychotics benefits and risks. The data shows that in all cases, people are worse off taking the drugs, suffering more psychosis, for greater periods of time as if the drugs are making them and keeping users psychotic. Meanwhile, users who discontinue the use of drugs after two years or never take them, have significantly less psychotic episodes the entire time they're allegedly "schizophrenic." The none drug users are also seriously more productive, obtaining employment, and achieving more in life than the drugged "schizophrenics." Apparently the drugs don't work at all, are not effective, and alleviate none of the target symptoms a person has, resulting in functional decline and impediment in all.
At 2 years, 74% of individuals in group 1 [those who stayed on drugs over the whole period] had psychotic symptoms, as did 60% of those in group 3 [the group that quit drugs by 2 years and stayed off]. Although these differences are not statistically significant, the lines diverge at year 4.5 and continue to diverge over the next 15 years. At 4.5 years, 86% of group 1 have psychotic symptoms compared with 21% of group 3. By year 20, the difference is 68% compared with 8%.

Psychiatrists under fire in mental health battle, The Guardian May 13th, 2013. "British Psychological Society to launch attack on rival profession, casting doubt on biomedical model of mental illness" - Biomedical basically proved a fraud, because there is not a biological cause to most forms of mental illness, and psychologists have found there is no purpose to the DSM or diagnoses such as 'schizophrenia' or 'bipolar disorder'.
In a groundbreaking move that has already prompted a fierce backlash from psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society's division of clinical psychology (DCP) will on Monday issue a statement declaring that, given the lack of evidence, it is time for a "paradigm shift" in how the issues of mental health are understood. The statement effectively casts doubt on psychiatry's predominantly biomedical model of mental distress -- the idea that people are suffering from illnesses that are treatable by doctors using drugs. The DCP said its decision to speak out "reflects fundamental concerns about the development, personal impact and core assumptions of the (diagnosis) systems", used by psychiatry.

Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?, Washington's Blog August 21st, 2012.
Mental Health Diagnoses Are Sometimes Politically-Motivated

Many psychologists and psychiatrists are good people, who are only trying to help their patients.

But the Nazi government substantially supported psychologists ... many of whom, in turn, espoused extermination of the people they considered to be "racially and cognitively compromised".

Soviet psychiatrists famously aided Stalin in applying fake insanity diagnoses to political dissenters. The official explanation was that no sane person would declaim the Soviet government and Communism.

American psychologists created the American program of torture which was specially-crafted to produce false confessions to justify U.S. military policy. And see this.

Psychologists/American Psychologist Association met in secret with Bush officials to help justify torture – report, The Guardian April 30th 2015.

“What Can Patients Do In The Face Of Physician Conflict Of Interest?”, Surgeon James Rickert examines the growing financial conflicts of interest which affect physician decisions, and discusses how patients can try to protect themselves. April 28 2015.

ForcedDruggingDefensePkg.pdf: "Forced Drugging Defense Package." from Packet includes affidavit's of testimony about drugs harmful effects on people. The certified version of this is available from Mindfreedom International for a fee, or get a0 membership by donating. The certified version will be mailed to you and certification is required for the court to accept it as testimony. Dr. Grace E. Jackson and Robert Whitaker testify that medications cause brain shrinkage, death 25 years sooner, and other issues. Beat your forced medication hearing at OSH with this! Or take it to the Supreme Court, so they can find the laws allowing forced medication unconstitutional.

JacksonOnNLtoxicity.pdf: Dr. Grace E. Jackson, affidavit including brain damage information.

WhitakerAffidavit.pdf: Robert Whitaker's "clickable" affidavit.

OutcomeFactors.pdf: Apparently, 40% of schizophrenics recover without medication, but only 5% of schizophrenics recover once medication is started. Non-drug users are also healthier, and users who discontinue antipsychotics recover at greater amounts than those who stay on their medications.

mortality-morbidity_nasmhpd.pdf: Want to die 25 years before you were supposed to? Take medications, or let the doctors at the Oregon State Hospital (or other facility) force them on you. It's fact that medications kill, and don't treat or cure mental illness.

Ohio Lawsuit Seeks to Put Forced Psychiatry on Trial, Mad In America December 2nd 2014. What can you do when the system fucks up? This suit provides an idea of the types of neglectful, negligent, and deliberate acts that can keep a person abused and locked in the system for decades with no-stop mechanisms. The suit brings to light one issue followed by the next, of all professionals meant to represent citizens basically failing from public defenders, to commitment lawyers, and doctors over the course of years as this person John J. Rohrer in Ohio faced. There is hope, just sue everybody involved to bring light to it!
The Ohio State Department of Mental Health, two state hospitals, state psychiatrists, and various other government agencies have been accused of "false imprisonment, medical malpractice, assault, battery, torture, and intentional infliction of mental distress" in a 140-page affidavit filed in the Ohio court of civil claims by John J. Rohrer. Rohrer has been held against his will in a psychiatric hospital and forcibly drugged for 5 years and, according to the allegations, it is that which constitutes false imprisonment and torture under federal law.

"It has been known at all relevant times that there is no blood test, no neuro-imaging, no genetic, laboratory or other testing that will validly and reliably diagnose what is being called schizophrenia, schizo-affective, or bi-polar disorder," states the affidavit. "It has been known at all relevant times that there is no evidence that the brains of people who have not been labeled 'mentally ill' are different from the brains of those with a schizophrenic, schizo-affective, or bi-polar label provided that the latter group have never used pharmaceutical products."

As a result of his being forcibly drugged for these undiagnosable conditions, the affidavit states that Rohrer suffers from "serious temporary and permanent physical and emotional pain, anguish and trauma," and "permanent physical injuries (enlargement of the basal ganglia of the brain, permanent brain damage and some disfigurement due to irreversible tardive dyskinesia)."

"In November, 2011 Ohio voters approved Sec. 1.21 of the Ohio Constitution, which bans health care services by force," states a press release on the Free John Rohrer website. "The United States is a signatory to a United Nations treaty, the CRPD [Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities] which considers forced drugging to be a form of torture. Federal law also defines psychotropic drugging by force to be a form of torture. The Rohrer suits attack the former Department of Mental Health, now known as OMHAS, for promoting non-scientific theories to justify excessive drugging of patients and medicare billings."

Forced psychiatry is torture, Tina Minkowitz, Esq. for Mad In America April 30th 2015.

Government Prosecutors Demanded Sterilization in Plea Deals, An assistant district attorney in Nashville, Tennessee has been dismissed after media reported that he'd been demanding that women diagnosed with mental illnesses be sterilized as part of plea agreements. And defense lawyers told the Associated Press that it's not an isolated case. April 7th 2015.

There is a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In, Chrys Muirhead Mad In America, April 10th 2015.

CCHR International YouTube Channel: Testimony from psychiatrists against psychiatry and medication use. Dozens upon dozens of videos. All will help prove perjury against any psychiatrist who's either ordered medication or forced medication on a person. :)

Streaming Video:

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Why Stabilizing People Is Entirely The Wrong Idea, Ron Unger LCSW article September 18th, 2014.

Psychiatry Must Stop Ignoring Trauma, with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Mad in America April 1st 2015. The cause and actual problems people are going through are overlooked, as trauma and life experiences are ignored in favor of treating everything like a brain disorder and forcing drugs and harmful medical treatments that hurt people. Video:

Streaming Video:

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Paradigms Lost, Mad In America November 21st, 2014. Explore how other paradigms for treatment were replaced or lost to the medical model which focuses on chemical lobotomies of people. A few lost models include the family and marriage counselling model, and trauma based model. Seems to be a result of the pharmaceutical industry and profit seeking, everyone is just given ineffective deadly drugs for their problems.

Trauma and Schizophrenia: The Ultimate Political Battle, Noel Hunter Mad In America, November 10th 2014

Torture as a Response to People in Crisis, Nadia Mahjoub March 7th 2012.
I have been voluntarily admitted on three different occasions (1996, 2006 and 2008). Each time I ended up in the seclusion room. I was in extreme distress and very confused at the outset of my admission. In response to my anxious state, I was secluded. My distress clearly deepened when I was left all alone, with only my demons for companions and a camera to heighten my paranoia. I don’t know how many hours it was later when, as a response to my worsening distress, I was surrounded by 6 to 8 different people, forcibly injected with a neuroleptic and restrained (arms and legs) against my will. It felt like rape.

This is not care; this is inflicted trauma.

There is obviously something blatantly wrong with a system that treats human beings worse than animals, secluding them, restraining them and even caging them.

We Name It as Torture, Tina Minkowitz, Esq. June 26th 2013.

American Psychological Association Begins Inquiry into Torture Allegations, coverage of torture report by Mad In America. November 25th 2014.
"The American Psychological Association (APA) last week named a former federal prosecutor to lead an investigation into its role in supporting the U.S. government’s interrogation of suspected terrorists," reports ScienceInsider.

ScienceInsider quotes from the book by James Risen which shed light on the APA's role: "The significance of the Gerwehr files is not in what they say about him or in what he was doing. Rather, it is in what they help reveal about the tight network of behavioral scientists so eager for CIA and Pentagon contracts that they showed few qualms about getting involved with institutions that were using pseudo behavioral science to brutalize prisoners. They help reveal the close relationships between behavioral scientists and the government that made it easier for the CIA and Pentagon to develop such a large detention and interrogation infrastructure so quickly."

Psychologists “Devised” and Played “Central Role” in CIA Torture Program, Professional psychologists designed most of the main techniques and strategies and played ongoing, active, central roles in the CIA's torture of people it was holding in custody, according to the newly released Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report about the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program. The report describes frequent instances of not just detainees but also CIA staff and onlookers being driven into extreme, distraught and disturbed psychological states during the torture activities. Some references are also made in the report to unnamed psychiatrists and the use of psychiatric drugs. The private company that psychologists Dr. Grayson Swigert and Dr. Hammond Dunbar (identified by the New York Times as pseudonyms for James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen) founded to do this work had a contract with the CIA "in excess of $180 million." December 10th 2014.

“Weaponizing Psychology: Why the American Psychological Association Caved to Torture”, In Counterpunch, Geoff Gray analyzes how increasing use of psychiatric drugs and declining financial support for psychology may have contributed to the American Psychological Association's reluctance to condemn involvement in US government torture programs, even in spite of protests from its own membership. January 5th 2015.

An Insider’s Perspective on the “Debacle” of the APA’s Support for Torture, part of Mad In America's coverage of the CIA torture report that was released. January 5th 2015. Psychiatry has always been the governments bitch, it's always been a weapon of control over society and people. It's one professional where torture, mutilation, injuries, quackery and mad science were actually approved and funded by government. o_o;
"I spent almost 20 years inside the inner sanctum of the American Psychological Association," writes Bryant Welch in The Huffington Post. "A psychologist and attorney, I was the first Executive Director of Professional Practice for the APA and in 1986 built much of the advocacy structure still in place to advocate for clinical psychologists." Welch offers his perspectives on how and why the APA started to support the US torture program after his departure.

"(B)eginning in the early 1990s APA was transformed into a conflict-avoidant culture characterized by narcissism and self-congratulatory fawning that was carefully cultivated and readily manipulated by a few key leaders who used it for personal gain," writes Welch. "Those decent people in the elected positions in the APA governance were simply over their heads and easily manipulated and deceived. When the military/intelligence community moved in shortly after 9/11, the APA's virtue was quickly seduced and ravaged. There was no need for the "secret deals" that some people now think transpired. APA was readily and freely available to the beguiling and determined military interests."

The Scientific Studies Underlying the CIA’s Torture Methods, The New Yorker explores Martin Seligman's years of studies of "learned helplessness," and how his findings got turned around and came to be applied by other psychologists in the CIA's torture program. January 29th 2015.

American Psychological Association Engaged in “Well-orchestrated Misdirection”, more Mad In America coverage of the torture report. January 29th 2015.
In Forbes, Todd Essig argues that the American Psychological Association's public response to the report on the CIA torture program "has been a well-orchestrated misdirection." The APA, he writes, have made it seem that there were only two psychologists involved.

"The Senate report is replete with multiple descriptions of numerous psychologists working in the torture program," writes Essig. "In contrast, the APA’s public response cites only two, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the chief architects of the program. Of course, they were the major players. But no mention is made of any other psychologist. None. This dramatic disparity, including stating that Mitchell is not a member of the APA and Jessen resigned in 2006, was central in how the APA “welcomed” the Senate report. By ignoring all the others, they could then comfortably state “the extent and barbarity of torture techniques used by the CIA are sickening and morally reprehensible” without simultaneously having to grapple publicly with the full extent of psychologist involvement in the barbarity... In other words, the APA’s public response has been a well-orchestrated misdirection."

The Torturous Evasions of the American Psychological Association, Art Levine April 2nd 2015.

10 craziest things in the Senate report on torture, Rolling Stone December 10th 2014.

“Medicating Women’s Feelings”, In the New York Times, Julie Holland grapples with a sense that women may be biologically more prone to experience the world more emotionally, while she resists the pathologizing of that in biomedical terms. March 4th 2015.

Psychiatry Still Trying to Rewrite History, Mad In America November 18th, 2014. Broken brain theories, that never help anyone. Lets leave people intact, no more mutilation! No more buying into bullshit science that doesn't matter, doesn't actually benefit anyone! Doesn't explain them, doesn't fix their problems, lets use peoples own internal strengths to fix people and let their brains do the work!

A psychiatrist thinks some patients are better off without antipsychotic drugs: Washington Post article from December 9th, 2013.

Antipsychotic drugs are schizophrenia's hidden gulag, News Scientist February 6th, 2014.

“Treatment Resistant” Schizophrenia Strongly Linked to Dopamine Supersensitivity, Over 70% of schizophrenia patients who are "treatment resistant" have apparently developed dopamine supersensitivity psychosis from long-term use of antipsychotic medications, according to a study in Psychiatry Research. April 14th 2015. This means that of the patients suffering schizophrenia that is not getting better, 70% of the cases are induced by the drugs they are taking or took in the past, which lead to dopamine supersensitivity. Now they are sick because their brains are too badly damaged from taking pharmaceutical drugs which basically induced their condition. :)

How I have created drug addicts and psych patients: A psychiatrist nurse's account of the system, January 31st, 2014.
As a nurse working in a residential treatment facility, I would say that I have turned at least twenty children into drug addicts and/or lifelong psych patients. I'm not saying this because I'm proud of it; I'm saying it because it's true. When you see a mentally ill person on the street, begging for money to buy drugs or alcohol, you might stop and wonder how their story began. Why they ended up that way. For a good portion of these people, the answer is; because of people like me.

Brain Drugs and Corporate Climbers, Both the New York Observer and New York Times investigate the rise of the use of "cognitive enhancement" and energy-increasing psychiatric drugs among stressed workers and ambitious executives. April 27th 2015.

“Poverty Shrinks Brains from Birth”, A news feature in Nature discusses a recent study of 1,099 children, adolescents and young adults in several US cities that found poverty associated in a dose-response manner with poorer brain development. April 14th 2015.

Youth With Social Anxieties Can Benefit from Social Service, Many youth who get into legal troubles have histories of having social anxieties, and seem to derive benefit from becoming engaged in simple, service-oriented social activities, according to a study in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. April 28 2015.

Long-term Use of Lithium Can Cause Kidney Failure, A third of patients who have taken the common psychiatric medication lithium for over ten years have developed "chronic renal failure" from the drug, according to a study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. March 19th 2015. Think lithium is safe? Take it for ten years, and you have a 33% chance of having kidney failure. Turns out, none of these drugs are safe, but everyone knew that.

Most Medical Study Authors in US Still Failing to Comply With Legal Obligations, The majority of clinical trials are still not reporting their results to the US government's website, despite legal requirements that they do so, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. March 24th 2015. Damn these guys love following the rules, law, providing fully compliant and orderly environments for their guinea pigs to be experimented on. :)

Are FDA Scientists Being Muzzled?, WSJ Pharmalot's Ed Silverman discusses a recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists grading the level of employee freedom of speech at 17 US federal agencies. The Food and Drug Administration did not do well. April 14th 2015.

FDA-approved Ads Misinform Patients About Antipsychotics and Motor Dysfunction, Food and Drug Administration-approved information and public advertisements frequently mislead the public about the actual neurodegenerative risks from second-generation antipsychotics, according to an article in the American Journal of Public Health. January 30th 2015.

More than two thirds of people taking antidepressants 'may NOT actually have depression': Doctors discover many do not meet the official criteria, DailyMail April 3rd 2015.
Study analysed those taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
Found 69% did not meet the criteria for clinical depression
And 38% did not meet the criteria for other mental conditions like anxiety
Experts: 'Drugs are prescribed without an evidence-based diagnosis'

Reanalysis of medical study reverses conclusions - Paxil unsafe for teenagers Slashdot coverage of BMJ study release, 9/18/2015. WOW, they put out a deliberately screwed report on Paxil indicating the drug was safe and effective for teenagers in 2001, which resulted in significant amounts of teenagers being put on the drug and other antidepressants. They reanalysed the study with full access to previously hidden and confidential documents and find nothing but faults and errors, concluding the drug actually only causes harm to teenagers including causing increased suicidal ideation. I was put on this shit drug (and Prozac, also linked to causing suicidal ideation/gestures) myself at age 19, all I did was go suidical, when I had never been before. Thanks for fucking up my life profit driven psycho-pharmacology industrial complex w/ legal loopholes letting the drugs be forced onto citizens who are normal-pre drugging. :(

Playing the Odds: Antidepressant 'Withdrawal' and the Problem of Informed Consent, Dr. Stuart Shipko "Mad In America" August 12th, 2013.

Playing the Odds, Revisited, Dr. Stuart Shipko "Mad In America" July 21st, 2014. Tardive akathisia anyone?

New Form of Mice Experiment Reveals Antidepressant’s Dangers Earlier, Mad In America December 21 2014. Antidepressants cripple and make people sick, uncompetitive. True chemical castration, as people like to say.. or "chemical lobotomy" is another term people use, but it's also the term doctors first coined for drugs back in the 1950s. What it looks like is doctors can sabotage the progression and development of any citizens/childs life with these drugs. Makes me want to kill myself, knowing they did this to me. Also data supports the issue that school shooters & mass shooters did freaking attack people because of these drugs, when no other reason was present especially..
Scientists from the University of Utah say they have discovered a new way of doing mice experiments that more sensitively and quickly reveals negative side effects from drugs being tested. In their proof-of-concept, their experiment much more pronouncedly and rapidly revealed the negative effects of the antidepressant Paxil (paroxetine) on pregnant mothers and offspring, even at relatively low doses.

The study, appearing in Neurotoxicology and Teratology, involved putting the lab mice in extremely competitive environments rather than in isolated, protected cages, the way lab mice normally live. When the mice had to battle more aggressively for territory, food, and mating opportunities, the negative effects of the Paxil appeared much more rapidly and tangibly and at much lower doses than in the original experiments with protected mice.

"Paroxetine-exposed males weighed 13% less, had 44% fewer offspring, dominated 53% fewer territories and experienced a 2.5-fold increased trend in mortality, when compared with controls," wrote the researchers. "Paroxetine-exposed females had 65% fewer offspring early in the study, but rebounded at later time points, presumably, because they were no longer exposed to paroxetine. In cages, paroxetine-exposed breeders took 2.3 times longer to produce their first litter and pups of both sexes experienced reduced weight when compared with controls."

These effects of Paxil were not as apparent in early trials of the drug, the researchers wrote. Low-dose paroxetine-induced health declines detected in their study "were undetected in preclinical trials with doses 2.5–8 times higher than human therapeutic doses."

Wikipedia Page Gone, But RxISK Presses On to Educate about Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction, The English-language page on Wikipedia about Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) was removed earlier this year, re-posted, and removed again in July, but according to RxISK, their organization is pressing on with efforts to learn more and educate the public about antidepressants and PSSD. RxISK is soliciting participants for an fMRI study, and recently published two studies in the International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine. August 25th 2014.

RxISK Research on PSSD, RxISK info on PSSD plus links to pages about the take down of info from Wikipedia about the condition (more Wikipedia censorship of legit issues). July 14th 2015.

More Evidence Antidepressants Might Induce Sexual Dysfunction Even After Stopping Them, A retrospective study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry identified 183 possible cases of people who suffered sexual dysfunction that endured even after stopping taking SSRI antidepressants. Of these, the Israeli researchers identified "23 high-probability cases" of "Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction" (PSSD). April 14th 2015.

Depression: It's not your serotonin, by Dr. Kelly Brogan "Mad In America" December 30th, 2014.

Response to “The Marketing of Serotonin” on BMJ, David Healy, M.D. Mad In America April 27th 2015.

Psychiatrist Rails Against Antidepressants' Marketing Myth, Big Think April 27th 2015.

Antidepressants Actually Reduce Serotonin Levels, Common scientific beliefs about serotonin levels in depression and how antidepressants act on the brain appear to be completely backwards, according to a paper from Canadian and American researchers in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews. February 28th 2015.

Antidepressant Caused Six-fold Artery Plaque Build-up in Monkeys, The commonly used antidepressant sertraline hydrochloride (Zoloft) caused up to six-fold increases in build-up of atherosclerosis plaque in the coronary arteries of monkeys, according to a study in Psychosomatic Medicine. April 21 2015.

Evidence Lacking for Antidepressant Safety in Nursing Mothers, Sertraline and paroxetine may be somewhat safer for the infants of nursing mothers than other SSRI antidepressants, but generally there is far too little information to go on, reported two Italian medical researchers in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental. January 23th 2015.

A Story About NMDA Receptor Subunits, and Why SSRIs Impair Cognitive Capacity, Jill Littrell, Ph.D. April 20th 2015.
Neuroscientists have long been focused on the mystery of how learning (the formation of memories) is encoded in the brain. Following the maxim of Donald Hebb, that neurons that fire together wire together, neuroscientists have focused on the relationship between two types of receptors for glutamate: AMPA receptors and NMDA receptors. The story on long term potentiation (the term for memory formation) has pretty much been worked out. It involves coordinated activity of the AMPA and NMDA receptors.

A Lot of “Spin” in Studies of Using Antidepressants for Treating Anxiety, There are a lot of publication and reporting biases in studies of the efficacy of second-generation antidepressants for the treatment of anxiety, according to a study in JAMA Psychiatry. April 11th 2015.

Mindfulness therapy as good as medication for chronic depression - study, April 20th 2015. Meanwhile exercise is 80% effective, beating medication and mindfulness therapy by a large quantity. Hmm, genius thought: combine mindfulness therapy+exercise? :)

Stopping SSRI Antidepressants Can Cause Long, Intense Withdrawal Problems, In the first systematic review of withdrawal problems that patients experience when trying to get off SSRI antidepressant medications, a team of American and Italian researchers found that withdrawing from SSRIs was in many ways comparable to trying to quit addictive benzodiazepine sedatives and barbiturates. Publishing in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, they also found that withdrawal symptoms can last months or even years, and entirely new, persistent psychiatric disorders can emerge from discontinuing SSRIs. February 23rd 2015.

More Discussion of Antidepressant Withdrawal Effects, On The Mental Elf, forensic psychiatrist Andrew Shepherd reviews in detail a recent study and journal editorial on withdrawal effects from coming off antidepressant drugs. April 30th 2015.

Strong Placebo Response to Antidepressants Forms Even Before Drug Trials Start, A strong placebo response is apparently more often caused by people's expectations coming into a randomized, blinded clinical trial, than it is caused by the supportive care that surrounds all the trial participants, according to a study in the British Journal of Psychiatry. December 11th 2014.

The Chemical Imbalance Theory: Still Being Promoted, Philip Hickey, PhD Mad In America, December 9th 2014.

The Spurious Chemical Imbalance Theory is Still Alive and Well, Philip Hickey, PhD Mad In America. April 27th 2015.

Paying Doctors to Diagnose More Depression is Unethical, It is "unethical" for the British government to establish expected rates of depression and to pay doctors per diagnosis to increase the diagnosing of depression, writes a UK physician in the British Medical Journal. December 27th 2014. Getting kick backs for each prescription drug and diagnosis made? Profitable. Just bought a new car profitable.

Spearheading Doctors and the Re-introduction of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Children, Chrys Muirhead Mad In America, December 8th 2014.

A Challenge to Dr. Lieberman, Robert Whitaker Mad In America April 26th 2015. This article is good because this Dr., Dr. Lieberman, is calling out Robert Whitaker without any proof to back himself up. Dr. Lieberman is also effectively making the argument that people should be on their drugs for life, to prevent the withdraw effects, and damage, which he compared to "people going off their antidepressants and getting sick again." A question exists, were people ever sick, or did the drugs make them sick, and cause them to deteriorate, keeping them down and causing their worsening state that lingers for what seems like forever, sometimes made significantly worse by withdraw effects? (my thoughts, based on the studies and articles I've compiled)

Want to Be Drug Free? It’s Time to Live More Simply, James Schroeder, PhD Mad In America, April 26 2015.

Reforming Prisons, Housing, Medication & Community-Based Support: Part I of a Common-Sense, Common Ground Agenda, Justin Brown Mad In America, November 20th 2014.

The Use of Neuroleptic Drugs As Chemical Restraints, Dr. Philip Hickey, PhD "Mad In America" July 24th, 2014.

Like A Useless Drug Calling Psychotherapy Ineffective, Prominent child psychiatrist Stanley Kutcher recently made headlines in Canada with his study that found two "widely marketed" suicide-prevention strategies apparently don't work. On her blog, Patricia Ivan critically evaluates Kutcher's analytical techniques, and also wonders if the man might have an axe to grind against non-drug psychotherapeutic approaches. Kutcher, she writes, co-authored one of the most infamously corrupt and misleading antidepressant studies of all time. April 28th 2015.

Some Common Psychiatric Medications Associated With Pneumonia, Pneumonia cases in the elderly are strongly associated with use of anticholinergic medications, according to research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Some anticholinergics are used for treating psychiatric conditions, including benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants. March 16th 2015. They just won't stop hurting people.

Prescription Privileges for Psychologists: Is Our Consent Fully Informed?, Dr. James Schroeder, PhD "Mad In America" July 23rd, 2014.

Common Air Pollutant Linked to Cognitive and Behavioral Impairments, Researchers at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Columbia University found a "powerful" dose-response relationship between young children's exposures to a common air pollutant, measurable brain disturbances, and cognitive and behavioral problems. The study appeared in JAMA Psychiatry. April 26 2015.

Researchers Discover How Plastic Contaminants Cause Brain Changes and Hyperactivity, University of Calgary children's hospital medical genetics researchers stated in a press release that they believe they have found "the smoking gun" that links common contaminants leaching from plastics to "adverse brain development and hyperactivity." In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they describe the mechanisms by which Bisphenol A and its allegedly healthier replacement Bisphenol S both contributed to brain and behavior changes in zebrafish, even at extremely low doses. January 27st 2015.

Third Study Links Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy to Autism, The closer women live to areas of heavy agricultural pesticide use during pregnancy, the more likely that their children will have autism spectrum disorders, according to a study in Environmental Health Perspectives. The University of California researchers stated that this is the third study to find strong links between autism and proximity exposures to agricultural pesticides, particularly organophosphates, during pregnancy. October 14th 2014.

How Can Anyone Possibly Not Be Taking Abilify Anymore?, After she researched the drugs on her own, in RxISK Johanna Ryan writes about her long, complex, creative and persistent efforts to avoid following psychiatrists' pressures to take antipsychotics for her depression. April 26 2015.

“How Our Compulsion for Diagnosis May Be Harming Children”, A team of American pediatric physicians has published an article in the journal Pediatrics examining the many ways in which medical overdiagnosis may be harming children. "Overdiagnosis is defined as the identification of an abnormality where detection will not benefit the patient," they write. They specifically discuss ADHD as one of many problematic and questionable diagnoses. October 20th 2014.

US Children Diagnosed With Bipolar 72 Times More Often than Kids in UK, Children and youth in the United States are leaving hospitals with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder 72.1 times more often than children and youth in the UK, according to a study led by University of Oxford researchers published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. US children receive a diagnosis of bipolar at a rate of 100.9 per 100,000 population compared to 1.4 per 100,000 in the UK. October 2nd 2014.

One-third of Youth Treated for Bipolar Developed Schizophrenia Symptoms, Over one-third of young people who were treated for bipolar disorder developed schizophrenia within eight years, according to a study in Schizophrenia Research. In addition, treatment with antipsychotics was "significantly associated" with poor psychosocial adaptation. September 23rd 2014.

It Gets Better: Neuropsych Doctor Confirms Psych Drug Iatrogenesis, PTSD, Brain Injury, Monica Cassani Mad In America, September 28th 2014.

Most Cases of Tardive Dyskinesia are Permanent, Only one out eight patients, out of 108 with tardive dyskinesia, recovered from the disorder in an Emory University Movement Disorders Clinic study. The finding was lower than has previously been reported, said Deepti Zutshi, MD, of Emory, who presented results of the single-center study at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting. April 28th 2012.

An Insider's Perspective on the "Debacle" of the APA's Support for Torture, Mad In America January 5th, 2015.

“Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad”, In The Atlantic, Meghan O'Rourke reviews a number of recent books authored by physicians and finds they're all talking about "a corrosive doctor-patient relationship at the heart of our health-care crisis." October 26th 2014.

Antipsychotics Linked to Cognitive & Memory Impairments, Finnish researchers "Mad In America" July 23rd, 2014.
"The use of high doses of antipsychotics may be associated with a decrease in verbal learning and memory in schizophrenia years after illness onset," the researchers concluded. "The results do not support the view that antipsychotics in general prevent cognitive decline or promote cognitive recovery in schizophrenia."

More Evidence Antipsychotics Reduce Brain Volume, PLOS One "Mad In America" July 21st, 2014.
"Symptom severity, functioning level, and decline in cognition were not associated with brain volume reduction in schizophrenia," stated the researchers. "The amount of antipsychotic medication... over the follow-up period predicted brain volume loss."

Exercise is an Effective Intervention for Schizophrenia, Separately, two intervention trials and a meta-analysis of the scientific literature found that aerobic exercise significantly helps people struggling with schizophrenia. April 9th 2015.

Do Psychological Therapies for Schizophrenia and Psychosis Work? – A Debate, The journal Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry hosts a debate between Peter Kinderman, one of the co-authors of the British Psychological Society's recent Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia report, and two authors whose meta-analysis of cognitive behavioral therapy was cited in that report. February 21st 2015.
"The British Psychological Society’s report has been widely welcomed as helpful and possibly even revolutionary," writes Kinderman. "It contains much more than just a statement of the benefits of psychological therapies – although those benefits are clear."

Different Antipsychotics Have Different Effects on Brain Volume, First generation antipsychotics seem to cause general brain volume loss, while second generation antipsychotics seem to both increase and decrease the thickness of different parts of the brain, according to a study led by University of Melbourne researchers published in Psychological Medicine. And the effects on the brain, they found, are noticeable within a matter of months of beginning to take the medications. January 17th 2015.

Do Those Electrodes On Your Brain Really Help You?, In a guest post for the British Psychological Society's Research Digest, Neuroskeptic reviews a recent meta-analysis that found that Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation doesn't actually produce many of the cognitive benefits that have been claimed. February 20th 2015.

The DSM is Hindering the Development of a True Science of the Human Mind, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is an "obstacle" that is preventing "a fruitful synthesis" between our neuro-biological and sociocultural understandings of the human mind and of psychological problems, according to a study in Frontiers in Psychology. The researchers examined the "bereavement exclusion" as a case study. February 15th 2015.

Are Psychologists Behaving Unethically By Using the DSM?, Many psychologists do not believe the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is scientifically valid, reliable or even helpful, according to a study in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. So when those same psychologists admit that they nevertheless continue to use the DSM for financial reasons, asked the researchers, is that not a violation of their most basic ethics? April 6th 2015.

Los Angeles Increases Outpatient Involuntary Treatment in Spite of UN Declaring Force "Torture", Monica Cassani "Mad In America" July 19th, 2014.

It's illegal to torture prisoners and animals, but not disabled people, Washington Post July 22nd, 2014.

Sleeping Pills Risks: Study Finds Increased Death Risk From Taking Hypnotics, Huffington Post (findings by BMJ Open), 27 February 2012. Essentially, increase your chance of death in your sleep by 17.5% by ingesting sleep aids on a regular basis (risk of cancer also increases).

Anti-Anxiety and Sleeping Pills Increase Risk of Death, New Study Reports The Daily Beast (published by BMJ Open), February 18th 2014. Backs up the previous study, finding anti-anxiety drugs and sleep aids both increase risk for instantaneous death, and cause other serious non-reversible injuries.

Benzodiazepine Use and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Mad In America/British Medical Journal, October 17 2014/September 9 2014.

More on Benzos and Cognitive Damage, Mad In American, October 28 2014.

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Doctors Rarely Warn about Benzo Withdrawal, The Boston Globe interviews people who became ever more severely dependent on sedating benzodiazepines without realizing it, because as they tried to stop taking the drugs they thought their withdrawal symptoms were actually symptoms of underlying anxiety problems. “My anxiety was getting worse; I was getting dizzy spells; I was getting sick more often, and my capacity to deal with stress was less,” Alison Page told the Globe. “I thought I had a worsening anxiety disorder.” September 11th 2014.

Evidence Tentative for Links Between Cat Parasite and Schizophrenia, The balance of evidence "suggests" some kind of association between T. gondii, a common parasite found in cats, and schizophrenia, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction, according to a meta-analysis in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. However, the relationship does not seem to be as strong as has been argued by other researchers such as E. Fuller Torrey, the authors wrote. April 29th 2015.

32 School shooters/school related violence committed by those under the influence of psychiatric drugs, by CCHR International. Come to think of it most mass shootings in America can be traced back to people who just started or were experiencing withdrawal from psychiatric drugs, including Aaron Alexis the Navy Yard Shooter whom the government targeted and tortured with their microwave weapons system. Sample video:

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Could an Intensified Version of Normality Be the Real Cause of Mass Shootings?, In Aeon, Joseph Pierre explores how research has dispelled many of the common beliefs about the causes of mass murders, such as "bad parenting, mental illness, guns, video games, the media, heavy metal music, or just plain evil." So what are we left with, he asks, except to look inward for the real roots? February 15th 2015. This article forgets the issue that antidepressants prevent one's inhibitions from working, and it's a leading theory to why mass shooters go on rampages. This is addressed in the comments section of this article.

Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, Wikipedia page compiling info on this great book by author Robert Whitaker. He investigates the cause in the doubling of the amount of people receiving disability checks since the 1980s, linking it to the increased prescribing of disabling pharmaceutical drugs.

Quitting Smoking More Effective than Antidepressants, Quitting smoking is in some ways more strongly associated with improvements in people's mental health than is the use of antidepressant medications, according to research in BMJ Open. March 10th 2015. Doing things for wellness and physically seem to be waaay more effective than any drug ever was. :)

Growing Interest in Inflammation and Immune Responses as Causes of Mental Disorders, There is mounting evidence that inflammation and altered immune system responses may be playing important roles in the pathogenesis of psychological distress, including in the etiology of schizophrenia, according to a research review and editorial in The Lancet Psychiatry. March 6th 2015. Hmm. Other causes for symptoms BESIDES the brain?? Could've fooled all state psychiatrists who claim it's all in your head.

Government Accountability Office Finds Widespread Overdrugging of Elderly, The US Government Accountability Office has found evidence of "widespread overuse of psychiatric drugs" in elderly Americans staying in nursing homes, reported the New York Times. The federal report was released a day later. March 4th 2015. Some people say they got a standard practice in nursing care facility for old people, "5 at 5" means 5mg of Zyprexa at 5pm. This tranqs your grandpa/grandma into a coma so he isn't alive to need taking care of. Psychiatrists are cool with this because they don't think people's brains or bodies are important enough, while the profit motive ensures the practice will be allowed. Other treatments and activities are usually omitted in place of the drugging.

The Medical System Kills: FDA Approved Drugs Kill Over 100,000 People Annually, article from August 1st, 2013. Study by Dr. Barbara Starfield in 2000, published in American Medical Association journal, finds correctly prescribed FDA approved drugs killing over 100,000 annually.
Greed, fraud, and corruption within Big Pharma and the FDA are the constructs of deception, with the mantle of authority leading to over 100,000 American deaths each year from correctly prescribed FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs.

That's an earlier conservative figure based on Dr. Barbara Starfield's study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association July 26, 2000, "Is US health really the best in the world?"

And that doesn't include those who are sickened, needing more medications from side effects, hospitalization, or years of rehab for crippling adverse "side effects." Nor does it include the effects from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that lead to an almost equivalent number of casualties as their prescribed counterparts.

Poor mental health can affect longevity as much or more than heavy smoking, study finds, WebMD May 23th, 2014. Wait till they finally add 2+2 to figure out that the lifelong misuse of pharmaceuticals are one of the major cause of injuries, mental health symptoms, and resulting death in mental health patients..

Medical Nemesis Revisited: Physician-Caused Anger, Despair & Death, Bruce Levine, Ph.D. April 12th 2015.

People with Mental Disorders Die Ten Years Younger, according to a new study published in JAMA psychiatry April 19th 2015. The study points out that for two thirds of the cases studied, they seemed have an increased risk of dying young when institutionalized, while attributing the increased risk to illnesses and medical conditions but failing to trace down the cause of those illnesses and medical conditions. People have hypothesized that the drugging and damaging treatments forced or offered to such patients result in the early deaths.

Researcher: 60,000 Americans Now Taking Antipsychotics Will Die Prematurely, A former British Columbia government health economist who was fired under controversial circumstances says that his research was showing that 60,000 Americans now taking antipsychotic medications will die prematurely, reports The Tyee. April 8th 2015.

Taking acetaminophen during pregnancy is found to have a link later to ADHD in children, Washington Post March 3rd, 2014. When will people learn that all chemical use is unsafe? For all life.. By the way, is it even safe to damage your own brain/nervous system just so you feel less pain?

Psychotropics During Pregnancy Raise Risk of Babies with Low Birth Weight, Hospitalizations, The use by mothers of any of four major classes of psychiatric medications during pregnancy significantly raises the risk that their babies will be born with low birth weights and will need to be hospitalized, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. April 13th 2015.

Pfizer Accused of Knowing Zoloft Antidepressant Caused Birth Defects, "Pfizer Inc. researchers concluded last year that pregnant women taking Zoloft risked having babies with heart defects, according to evidence made public by a lawyer at the first trial of more than 1,000 lawsuits over the drug," reported Bloomberg. April 19th 2015.

Children on Antipsychotics 50% More Likely to Develop Diabetes, according to a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics April 19th 2015.

One in Five Children Treated with ADHD Stimulants Also Getting Antipsychotics, About one in five children on Medicaid who are being given long-acting stimulants for ADHD are also being given antipsychotics, often for unapproved conditions, according to a study in Psychiatric Services. April 18th 2015.

The Science and Pseudoscience of Children’s Mental Health, Sharna Olfman, PhD April 17th 2015.

Thousands of US Preschoolers Taking Psychiatric Drugs, Over 1% of preschoolers on Medicaid in 36 US states studied, including hundreds of infants and thousands of children aged four or younger, are being given antipsychotics, antidepressants, amphetamine stimulants and other psychiatric drugs, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. April 17th 2015. Preschoolers, before their brains are even given a chance to develop and they learn self management? Really?

Towards a Ban on Psychiatrically Diagnosing and Drugging Children, Dr. Peter Breggin March 6th 2015. Several videos of wisdom provided in the article by Breggin. :)

ADHD Medication Risks Outweigh Benefits in Most Cases, A systematic review of studies of stimulant medications for ADHD has concluded that the drugs should be used as a last resort, in rare cases, and for short durations only. Publishing in the Revista de la Asociación Española de Neuropsiquiatría (The Journal of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry), a Navarra Hospital psychiatrist and a director of the San Juan Mental Health Center in Spain note in their English-language abstract that, "These drugs are the same stimulant substances whose harmful consequences are well known in other uses in adults." In their 74-page review, the authors assess the evidence about the effectiveness and risks of ADHD medications. "The result is disappointing," the authors conclude, "and should lead to a modification of the [Clinical Practice Guidelines] to the use of drugs as tools of last resort, in a small number of cases and limited and short periods of time." August 4th 2014.

No Proven Treatments of Any Kind for Psychosis or Schizophrenia in Children or Youth, There are no proven treatments of any kind for children or adolescents experiencing psychosis or schizophrenia, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized comparison trials published in PLOS One. February 24th 2015.

How Problematic Assumptions Have Slowed Depression Research, In Frontiers in Psychology, Belgian psychologist Eiko Fried argues for a different approach to understanding depression -- not as a discrete disease, but as a cluster of otherwise independent symptoms that trigger and reinforce each other. April 17th 2015.

“My Road to Hell was Paved with Xanax”, In Salon, Ashley Zlatopolsky writes about how receiving a common benzodiazepine from a doctor for anxiety led to a severe, problematic addiction. April 17th 2015.

One in Five Australian Families Tranquilize their Kids for Long Journeys, Nearly one in five families in New South Wales, Australia admitted that they give tranquilizing drugs to their children during long road trips by car, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. April 16th 2015. Holy fuck what bad parents.

Alaska Government “Warehousing” Foster Children in Psychiatric Hospital, The Alaska Office of Children's Services has been found guilty of warehousing foster children in a locked psychiatric hospital without justifiable reasons, according to the Alaska Dispatch News. The judge ruled that the state could not hold children in such conditions indefinitely. March 2nd 2015.
“This is not to say North Star (psychiatric hospital) is ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ but a mental hospital is not a good place for kids," the judge stated. “It can disempower and otherwise undermine a kid’s sense of self if they don’t really have a mental illness requiring them to be there.”

The Meds Became My Moods: A Woman’s Story of Dignity, Grace & Love, Joanne Cacciatore, Ph.D. April 15th 2015.

Psychiatrists Still Promoting Low-Serotonin Theory of Depression, On Slate Star Codex, psychiatrist Scott Alexander asserts that the now widely discredited notion that depression is caused by a serotonin deficiency "was never taken seriously by mainstream psychiatry" and was never promoted by psychiatrists or pharmaceutical companies. He further suggests that no one at Mad in America has evidence that they did promote it. April 15th 2015.

Polypharmacy Poisoning, Dependence and Recovery from the Psychiatric Paradigm, Amy Upham April 14th 2015.

Monday Morning Correction: Okay, Some Psychiatrists Do Say Schizophrenia is a Brain Disease, On Critical Psychiatry, Ronald Pies and Duncan Double discuss Pies' recent claim in Psychiatric Times that no psychiatrists believe or assert the unproven notion that schizophrenia is a biological brain disease. While trying to distinguish his own perspective in a lengthy exchange in Critical Psychiatry's comments section, Pies recants in part and concedes that "some of my colleagues do indeed argue that schizophrenia is a brain disease." April 13th 2015.

What are the Dangers of Using Drugs for “Cognitive Enhancement”?, Two University of Cambridge neuroscientists writing in The Lancet Psychiatry are calling for "immediate action" by governments, the pharmaceutical industry, and medical organizations to better understand the risks of people increasingly using drugs like Ritalin and Provigil to "enhance" their cognitive functions. April 19th 2015.

“Cop Stalks Woman, Has Her Committed When She Rejects Him”, AlterNet reports on a court lawsuit in which a woman alleges that a Miami-Dade County police officer delivered her to a psychiatric hospital when she spurned his sexual advances. January 27th 2015.

EXCLUSIVE: L.I. woman says psych ward doctors believed she was delusional for insisting Obama follows her on Twitter, New York Daily News, March 23rd 2015. The police had sent her to the hospital after they impounded her car and she went to retrieve it, they retaliated against her, assaulted her, and had her committed. At the hospital, the doctor drugged her unconscious, and framed her to look psychotic, delusional, and bipolar, forcing injections of drugs, requiring her to admit that Obama didn't follow her on twitter when he did. They also wrote down she was delusional about being employed at a bank, when she in fact was. She was mysteriously released during the torture episode after 8 days, with no explanation, and is now suing. Typical police brutality and typical psychiatry/ER room behavior. They do this routinely, there is no medicine/science involved even for "sick patients."

“Biomarker Porn” and the “Hotness” of Telomeres, On PLOS Blogs' Mind the Brain, James Coyne critically examines the growing plethora of psychiatric studies looking at the lengths of telomeres on chromosomes and claiming to find damages caused by traumas of different kinds. Along the way, he blames flawed studies, misleading press releases, gullible journalists, and an obession with "biomarker porn" on the part of National Institute of Mental Health Director Thomas Insel. February 2nd 2015.

Olanzapine-induced mania in bipolar disorders, Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, May 2002. Damn the drugs they're giving people cause bipolar mania!

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law, PLoS Med, September 12th, 2006. Increased violence in individuals taking antidepressants.

Olanzapine Paradoxical effects. Olanzapine is linked to causing peoples first time psychotic episodes, showing how toxic and dangerous it is. Also prevents recovery from psychosis.

Olanzapine controversy and lawsuits. Maker of Olanzapine, Eli Lilly, covered up and hid, and downplayed side effects of Olanzapine to get it's approval by the FDA. Just like they did with Prozac, apparently.

The Astonishing Zyprexa Cover-Up, Dick Russell February 12th 2015.

Prescriber of Huge Amounts of Antipsychotic Drug Was Taking Kickbacks, ProPublica has provided an update on their investigation of Dr. Michael Reinstein. "A former Chicago psychiatrist who was the nation's top prescriber of the most powerful and riskiest antipsychotic drug intends to plead guilty to a federal felony charge of taking kickbacks from its manufacturer in exchange for prescriptions," stated ProPublica. February 11th 2015.

Microwave Electromagnetic Fields Act by Activating Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels: Why the Current International Safety Standards Do Not Predict Biological Hazard, by Dr. Martin Pall (2013). Electromagnetic frequencies or radio frequency (ie, from 4G cellular service and WiFi and power lines) exposure causes mental illness, autism, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, developmental conditions, bipolar disorder, sleep disturbances, tumers, cancer, and DNA/cellular damage.

BIOLOGICAL AND HEALTH EFFECTS OF MICROWAVE RADIO FREQUENCY TRANSMISSIONS A REVIEW OF THE RESEARCH LITERATURE, by Dr. Paul Dart (2013). We're literally killing ourselves and ignoring the side effects of EMF/RF exposure. xD

World Health Organization calls treatment provided in today's mental health system a hidden human rights emergency, from 2012...

Contacts and links for help

Websites and links:

MindFreedom International, "DOES YOUR MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM NEED A TRUTH INJECTION?" educational and protection materials. Patients get brain damage, die 25 years sooner, and get chronically sick from medications, and everyone is told lies about the medications being safe and effective when they're not:
Mad in America has tons of professionals blogging new research information dedicated to debunking the myths and abuses of the mental health system while working to enlighten people:
International Coalition for Drug Awareness: A group of physicians, researchers, journalists and concerned citizens dedicated to educating the dangers posed by many Rx medicines.
Help with drug injuries and information. From They wanted to be listed and the site covers the legal aspects of it including the injuries and lawsuits.

Contacts: is available to take and document complaints via the website by phone and email. We definitely accept submitted content and records about the Oregon State Hospital or victims of the mental health system around Oregon, and we can also help point you in the right direction if you contact us. Patients, family, and friends of those may contact us (the hotline is also toll-free for patients at the Salem Oregon State Hosptial).

405 W Centennial BLVD
Springfield, OR 97477 USA
Phone: (503) 967-5202

MindFreedom International is a human rights group that fights against coercive mental health treatment (they also have United Nations Consultive Roster Status) with many resources to aid you in fighting the abusive treatment practices at the Oregon State Hospital.

Address: MindFreedom International
454 Willamette, Suite 216
Eugene, OR 97401-2643 USA
Phone: (541) 345-9106 or toll-free (877) MAD-PRID[e] ((877) 623-7743)

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a mental health human rights watchdog, that has had dozens of hospitals exposed and shutdown for abuse in the past. Doctors and staffers responsible for abusive and coercive treatment have also been stripped of their licenses, and many were criminally prosecuted.

Address: Citizens Commission on Human Rights
6616 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA
Phone: (323) 467-4242 or toll-free (800) 869-2247

Address: CCHR Oregon
P.O. Box 8842
Portland, OR 97207 USA
Phone: (503) 228-3279

The Law Project For Psychiatric Rights is run by Attorney Jim Gottstein who has successfully challenged laws in Alaska to have forced-treatment laws found unconstitutional, and makes himself available to collaborate with attorney's and people around the United States on similar efforts. The group is also behind the leak of documents from Elly Lilly, showing that they the drug company knew about the damaging side effects of their Zyprexa drug before it was ever approved by the FDA and lied about it and kept the information secret.

Address: Law Project For Psychiatric Rights
406 G Street, Suite 206
Anchorage, AK 99501 USA
Email: (use subject "[WebQuery]")
Phone: (907) 274-7686
Fax: (907) 274-9493

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oregon defender of American freedom and civil liberties, with chapters nationally.

Address: ACLU of Oregon
P.O. Box 40585
Portland, OR 97240-0585 USA
Phone: (503) 227-3186 or toll-free (888) 527-2258

Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) is the Abuse and Protection Agency for Oregon, and they are federally mandated and funded to provide support to people at the Oregon State Hospital under the PAIMI program, as well as to people in the community under similar programs. You have a legal right to have DRO help you if you suffer from a disability in Oregon (if they won't help you for some reason, or they neglect you, let me know, because they have been pretty protective of the system even recently and I'm tracking the issue).

Address: Disability Rights Oregon
610 SW Broadway #200
Portland, OR 97205 USA
Phone: (503) 243-2081 or toll-free (800) 452-1694
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