Although the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, some CIA observers say there is little reason to believe it does not continue today under a different set of acronyms.[*] Victor Marchetti, author and 14-year CIA veteran, stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducted disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MKUltra was abandoned a "cover story."[*][*] Dr. Robert Duncan, a modern former scientist for the CIA, DOD, and US DOJ confirms it continues on today under new program names, together with former CIA operative Mark Phillips.[*][*][*][*] The Oregon State Hospital uses mind control on it's patients in conjunction with the CIA, and I am one such victim of their program. #cia #mkultra

The scarecrows lair of the Oregon State Hospital. The employees are ready to make you sick. Hospital of Genocide - Click for info MKULTRA psychotronic weapons - click for CIA info SEIU 503 state employees union at OSH (also known as local 392, presence removed from the web soon after my page launched) Dr. Jonathan Crane induced psychosis on people to set them up keep them at Arkam Insane Asylum, much like OSH's doctors.
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Call the abuse reporting and info hotline about my case, the website, your problems, and the hospital at 503-967-5202 (toll-free from OSH) - currently seeking telephone complaints and depositions from patients and friends and family of patients about the hospital, especially when abuse or civil rights violations are involved. there's a chance I may post your messages on my site or use them in a lawsuit against the hospital, when the time comes.

some cities of my torture:
Salem, Oregon. Portland, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon. Springfield, Oregon. Modesto, California. Lodi, California. San Francisco, California. Los Angeles, California. Sacramento, California. Newport, Oregon. Lincoln City, Oregon. Florence, Oregon. Washington, DC. Arlington, Virginia. Virginia Beach, Virginia. Norfolk, Virginia. Wheaton, Maryland. Others as I travel. It's a global electronic warfare weapon, hitting us everywhere we go. Targeting capabilities for directed energy, worldwide.
Just on the radio 2/11/2015 with Dr. Seth Farber, Ph.D., we expose the American government. Click to listen.

Dr. Purna C Datta Ph.D., ICPP, QME, Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Medicine diagnosis: no thought disorder, TBI/CTE/PTSD from torture&traumas at OSH/afterward

A few documents worth checking out: Jed Peterson attorney at law argues that my rights have been violated, that I was tortured, spied on, and targeted in this brief. Harvard lawyer Jim Gottstein of PsychRights agrees to team up for the truth. Attorney Andrew Ross indicates state scared to let me testify at trial, as they dismiss a criminal case against me in 2014. I won the case, but the case was dismissed solely to prevent me from getting help or going forward with my claims. * Medical injuries: Dr. Purna C. Datta, Ph.D., ICPP, QME, Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Medicine diagnosis: no thought disorder, TBI/CTE/PTSD from torture&traumas at OSH/afterward =-= Attempted to get care but was denied at UCSF, dx TBI =-= Dr. Stefan Harold, neurologist, confirms brain injury from OSH from torture/repetitive injury =-= Various doctors at the Washington DC Unity Health clinic confirmed my injuries and victimization Some reality is offered: * Dr. Colin Ross M.D., Psychiatrist & Expert in Military Mind Control offers assistance =-= Dr. Peter Breggin M.D., Expert Witness, Psychiatrist & Huge background in Mind Control and Expert on it and Psychiatric Abuse Responds =-= Private Investigator Roger Tolces can test for electronic warfare hitting my body and irradiating me * Psych evals: Dr. Seth Farber, Ph.D. Newest Letter =-= Dr. Seth Farber Ph.D. First Letter =-= Cathy Meadows M.A. Expert Whistleblower Retaliation and Covert Harassment and Surveillance =-= Misty Getrich, Psy.D. =-= Dr. Jessica Arenella, Ph.D. =-= Ron Unger L.C.S.W. =-= Cheryl Haun, M.A. + Tracy Wise =-= Dr. George Suckow (Harvard trained, dx pg. 6 ADHD/depression; accuses Dr. Steven Fritz of malpractice at OSH.)
* Links: Dr. Robert Duncan B.A., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA whistleblower says I'm being tortured, targeted by ruthless computer/software * Dr. Robert Duncan describes victims bodies being impinged with signals intelligence * Dr. Judy Wood B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Interferometry Degrees from Virginia Tech Might Help - she backs up there's an air, sea and space based energy weapon around the USA * Cathy O'Brien White House/Pentagon level Mind Control Victim and Case Law Creator * CIA/DOD Operative Mark Phillips confirms Remote Mind Control weaponry is in use, but he cannot testify w/o protections - he saved & married Cathy O'Brien * Affidavit by 30 year FBI veteran Ted Gunderson (FBI Los Angeles head, nominated FBI Director 1979), confirming USA funded stalking/surveillance abuses * Derrick Robinson, Executive Director of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, asks for help * John St. Clair Akwei wishes us luck fighting electronic warfare harassment * Torture complaint to United Nations * Latest lawsuit for full review * N.S.A. Covert Black Ops -- If any lawyers help I have a list of 50+ PhD's, MDs, psychologists, psychiatrists, private investigators, whistleblowers, authors, scientists, engineers, and former military employees who have came out about this and/or interested in testifying and getting the abuses stopped after decades of cover ups.

*Dr. Robert Duncan's Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No Touch Torture Report


*DIRECTED-ENERGY ASSAULTS AREN'T REAL? PSYCHIATRIST SAYS: "It’s not sensible to reach that conclusion"*

A previous military contractor employee at USIS came to me, and told me, they know they were never to do this to me or anyone else, in the context, 'don't ever do the psych/weapons experimentation... it's one of the methods they use to test these technologies.' I knew in my mind, what they had on paper at USIS she told me, details of this weapons/surveillance system and it's capabilities.

*Sample evidence of targeting/torturing tactics: Dr. Robert Duncan B.A., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. & CIA Operative Mark Phillips confirming Americans are being spied on, mind controlled and targeted with directed energy
*Air Force: non-lethal weapons approved for use on Americans (electromagnetic/acoustic projectors+holograms)

COINTELPRO: military, law enforcement, FBI, prosecutor, state tactics used for 70+ years.
Corruption, framing, spying, killing of innocent citizens.

Free eBook The Matrix Deciphered - learn why the puke police/military murder/torture and cannot be stopped, what they will go to all length to cover up. | CIA Operation Pique/etc | Firewall-less atoms and minds | Project Soul Catcher

Status update: I'm being assaulted now still. Weapon info: Globally deployed Electronic Warfare/Surveillance system operated by the Military, NSA, NRO, Air Force, Navy, CIA, US DOJ, FBI, DHS. Used for stealth injuries/assassinations, 24/7 rape, remote body, home and brain imaging, and assault of US citizens on American soil w/ signals intelligence & electromagnetic waves from interferometers/satellites. All police & governments agencies in America have access. "Space capability" is what NSA whistleblower Russell Tice calls it, hidden in Special Access Programs and Black World: russelltice-nsarnmebl.html (updated 7/5/2014) + #nsabrainlink

Links to internet sites, news paper articles, some evidence: story.html (updated 4/19/2015, newest files in /d). Links about targeting/technology here.

NSA Abuses section.

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Read about the NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice and the full remote human sabotage capabilites of the United States. Including full details about the neuro weapons system called Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link that is in place and is being used by police nationwide:

Please view the story.html for additional evidence and information, including pictures of my face after the police assault, and video testimonies from my family that support my claim (evidence also available on the website homepage):

The media, photographs of my body after the police assaulted me, and video testimony here, including a video from Russell Tice about the illegal nationwide warrantless spying that is going on (they log all telephone conversations, Internet data, and spy with remote mind reading/electromagnetic imaging satellites and remote sensors (EBL/RNM)) - this same system includes remote human sabotage capability, which is what my lawsuit is going to be about:

What other proof do I have? Security video/audio of the attacks by the Oregon State Hospital staff originally in 2008, including recorded discussions about the technology they possessed outside of the building, and them coordinating abuse and discussing the spying with it. The states motive was the states lack of liability insurance. The scandal was also documented in the newspaper. Finally, I have this psychologists letter here, backing me up that I was a victim of remote sabotage, and whistleblower retaliation for trying to expose the scandal at the state hospital. She details how I don't have psychosis, and was set up by the state/CIA. I am the victim here, and it's also available below at the very end of this text:

Summary: I was brutally beat and slaughtered, and set up by the State of Oregon and CIA with an electromagnetic weapon, which police have access to nationwide, and now have unaffordable and special legal and medical needs.
Purpose: To raise money to hire a lawyer, and to pay medical and legal bills.
Goal: Cost of things I need are at least $150,000.00 but could cost up to $1,000,000.00. $150,000.00 will get me started (view details below). You can view the details about my case at

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For nearly 50-60 years, the US government has had in it's development neuro and mind control weapons. These weapons have came in all shapes and sizes, from earlier models the CIA and military developed in the 70s, which uses microwave radio energy to flood the mind with acetyl choline and drown off nerve activity (technique is called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory), to voice to skull which the US Air Force developed in the 90s, which allows them to do, among other things, beam voices into humans and animals minds to simulate psychosis, scare and remotely control. Since the 90s, there's also been rumors running about the NSA developing Remote Neural Monitoring technologies, and synthetic telepathy. These are technology which have very high resolution sensors and can read the electromagnetic energy produced by the brain and body, which are fields of energy created by neurons as they pass signals to other neurons and parts of the brain. This energy is given off by the neurons and brain as radiowaves, and it can be read using similar technologies to EEG - CMOS or microcopy sensors read this energy, or an array of antennas much like that found in a WiFi router MIMO), and a computer decodes these signals for interpretation. The most advanced version of this technology monitors all signals in a persons brain and body, pain signals, what you see, hear, think, feel, remember, dream, and they can extract any memory, and watch you in real time. They can also do full remote nerve stimulation, including using microwaves to stimulate individual neurons, sending signals into your brain to make you see, hear, feel, or dream something, and they can make you move or talk, and pretty much activate any function in your brain or body remotely. They developed this technology for remotely spying, and so officers and state employees could link minds together, and secretly communicate. These devices are also used as weapons against people, to simulate psychosis, torture, and set people up, especially government enemies or citizens they wish to bully and experiment on. Russell Tice, an NSA whistleblower, has leaked some information about this, and the article about it is on my website. The article discusses how the NSAs Signals Intelligence monitors all radiation and radiowave signals, including those produced by the brain and body of animals and humans, and they keep track of this "radiation" - they use computer to interpret and monitor it, they developed this system called Electronic Brain Link, which using Remote Neural Monitoring to spy on everyone, in every square inch of America, and they use microwave emitters to do Remote Brain Stimulation.

How or why am I interested in this? Well, I'm a victim of it's use. In 2007 I was a patient at the Oregon State Hospital, and ignoring the fact that places like this are often used for sites of mind control experimentation, I was caught up in a major scandal with the state which involved a staff member sexually abusing me, lying about it, sabotaging my release, and the state covering it up. This women who abused me was named Bonita Tucker, and she ended up eventually trying to help two patients who she was criminally involved with escape, and she was caught smuggling in large quantities of marijuana and other illicit drugs. When she did these things, the state tired to cover it up, they were in the midst of being investigated by the US Department of Justice for abuse and patient civil rights violations, and apparently they wanted to keep their image tidy. So, they brought in this weapon to control the patients with, and I was one of their main targets. As am abuse victim, I tried to get assistance, and I failed. Bonita Tucker was never arrested or fired directly after these incidents, the state protected her and David Anderson, her patient boyfriend, and they let these two assault and torment me. State employees use this technology to spy on me, they could see and hear me through the walls, and apparently were using the technology to listen to all my calls, monitor my legal business, and to harass me. They talked about watching me and having recording of me in the shower masturbating, and this information was spread to everyone at the hospital, staff was. They ramsacked and stole my legal paperwork, and I would get called names by staff, like "faggot and rapo" and they would make comments about me of derogatory nature everywhere I went. In May 2008, I was on Unit 48B, where many of these events were recorded on camera - I was beat up by David Anderson, the state protected and hid this, and Bonita Tucker had gotten caught this month again, this time she had married David by phone, and sent him morphine and amphetamine through the mail - staff stole some legal notes of mine about this, and were going crazy on the unit. I overheard many conversations, including "why did they hide his case? they think the state lacks liability insurance," and "we have to hide his notes, they're too incriminating, he'll get us all in trouble" and they also talked about how the judge "already made his decision" I guess in response to how they were dealing with Bonita Tucker. Because my case had been hidden by the state and DA, she was able to go into court and play the victim, like she didn't have a history of constant boundary issues and drug use, and constant patient abuse. The state also got to hide the fact that they hid all this, and she was let off with only 4 months jail sentence. They hid the details about her drug smuggling ring at the hospital, as well. At this point staff tried to cover this all up, they were told to "get me into restraints" at all cost, abused me, put me into restraint beds for no cause, I got assaulted and beat up by a staff member named Jeff Hodson, and they tried to bypass my outside doctor named Dr. Suckow, who had been protecting me. His diagnosis was that I had no severe mental illness, only ADHD and depression, and this was similar to what doctors outside of OSH said. But OSH doctors tried to frame me to look psychotic to hide the abuse and cover up the spying that was going on. They discussed having to use this technology to "violate my rights and try to disprove that I had ADHD" . In an instance of assault by staff, I was medicated multiple times, drugged without my consent, and without following the law on involuntary medication - they were doing it to assault me. In one case, I was given shots, stabbing and injected with poisonous mind damaging drugs for over 20 days, as they refused to observe the law, and were hoping no one would help me. They said to me once, when I was on the phone trying to get help, reporting this as a crime, Tim a staff rips me off the phone and says "no one cares about your rights," and "no ones going to help you". The hospital was working closely with the CIA, US DOJ, state police, Disability Rights Oregon, Governors Office, and Office of Investigation and Training to try to cover this up. The deliberate assaults by staff, the spying, and the fact that all OSH staff were linked up with this technology, consistent with the description of Electronic Brain Link. The spying, at the time, I thought was being done with the on unit cameras and microphones, although these weren't in the shower or rooms, but maybe they could pick up conversations I thought - I had no idea the state had these kinds of technologies or that they could see and hear me, and read my brainwaves wherever I went. I didn't believe the comments that the staff had technology outside of the building, I suspected hidden cameras at best. But, when I complained to DeAnn Major from Disability Rights Oregon about this, how I had sent her an email with all sorts of dates and times on the security footage to check and verify abuse, she told me "the technology exists" but refused to elaborate. I had no idea that technology was responsible for this, or what I was dealing with.

After incidents escalated, I tried to hire an attorney, and speak to the newspaper about the abuse - the staff and CIA decided to neutralize me and try to kill me. In my cell, they used this weapon to attack me. I felt microwaves penetrate my body, I began to convulse and go into shock, and I nearly died. I heard the sound of staffs voices talking to me, "like you spy for the Statesman journal, DeAnn Major spys for the CIA" and "you're being set up to look psychotic". I felt computerized sound and forces all over my body, they could tickle my cheek, testicles, and eye lids with pinpoint accuracy through the walls - the photons (microwaves) were flooding my body, and causing intense swelling, I had a 170 pulse for months, they kept on manipulating me, and blasting me with radiation. I'd hear comments, which they referred to as abusive rhetoric, I'd feel microwaves tickle my balls and they'd say "why do your balls swell todd?" any time I got around a female, it was sexual abuse and harassment. I'd hear comments about how they were "getting tired of staring at my anus" and on the toilet, where I now had dry bowels due to dehydration and damage from the microwaves, they'd say when I had difficulty going "he just likes to smell his own farts" - it was crazy abuse. I'd hear the staff laughing about it, "he's not going to get anything, let him die" "he's in a coma he's never going to come out of, for sure". Everyone knew, no one helped. They were worried about criminal liability at this point, and no one wanted to incriminate themselves. For the next year, I endured painful experimentation, they used this weapon on me 24/7, they can heat, chill, and do things to your body, move tissue around and simulate massage. Since my muscles had clamped down from the shock I was in, and medication abuse, I had bad dystonia. For the dystonia, convulsions, and muscles that were pulsating rapidly, they used this microwave machine to simulate massage and heat to try and slow the convulsions, I'd literally feel tiny and precise waves drilling my insides and esophagus and heart, and this eventually had no positive effect. Every part of my body they targeted got more and more damaged, from my ears, to my eyes, and stomach and brain - I was turned into a hard, swollen up and stiff mess, that couldn't hardly move or think. I was denied medical care, which would have helped me recover. I had no mental illness, this was purely a physical and neurological thing, but OSH psychiatrists did only one thing, medicate me with drugs that are contraindications for someone who's suffering a delirium or physical condition which is in the process of healing. The drugs messed my body up more, and my body healed improperly, I now suffer permanent antidepressant withdraw and damaged orgasms from medication abuse, and my body burns and is messed up everywhere.

I was discharged from OSH in 2010, heavily mutilated from microwave and psychotronic weapon exposure, and the abuse with medications. I didn't really ever get free, they followed me into the community, where I was in the control of undercover state and federal agents, who followed me everywhere. I believe these agents were FBI, CIA, and or military. They followed me everywhere I went, and they kept control of me, involving all local authorities and local hospitals, and other staff throughout Eugene and Springfield. I couldn't escape, and they continued to use this weapon on me. I believe their goal was to prevent any MDs from making proper diagnosis or providing care, and they intended for me to never get help, and eventually die from chronic abuse and neglect. Without medical care, I would die, and they involved all my doctors to pretty much keep me in their control. They refused medical care, and pretended I was mentally ill, even though they were involved. I rejected their program and tried to get help, which angered them - these people who followed me were increasingly violent and abusive to me, harassing me, and they made me the scapegoat. I was getting set up, they were trying to frame me to get me locked up in prison, where they knew I'd never get help or aid. When I'd tell them in my apartment that they were responsible for my injury, and that they should have gotten me help, they would say "if you don't remember, it didn't happen" - a gang stalker, one of their agents on the street, followed me to the bus station, and had a very angry face, he walked by and zipped his lips closed, just so I would see, so he knew I'd understand that no one was going to help me, no one was going to come forward or disclose what they had done. When I tried to contact the FBI about this abuse in 2010, I was suddenly given dreams with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, they were treating me like I was the unwelcomed boy with muscles problems in the white house. I had another dream, where they told me "you lied, so you're going to prison". Local Springfield Police had access to all the information about what was going on, what messages were being beamed to me with synthetic telepathy, and what I was saying and doing. They were tracking everything, this computer doesn't forget, and has AI and logs of everything I do - recordings from my mind, what I do on the Internet, things I see, hear, etc. So they knew my friend had heard about and spoke to me about psychotronic weapons on Facebook, and they knew quotes from my friend - the police during a call to my apartment, stopped by and illegally entered, then I asked them, "ever hear of psychotronics?" and the officer said "psychotronics? only in sci-fi" "hahaha" their demeanor got real nasty once I brought it up. This was exactly what my friend said on Facebook, "psychotronics? only in sci-fi" - just the fact that the officer knew the term psychotronics, when I had just learned about it, never before knew how I was being controlled, and besides my friend, never used the word (not like I knew this officer or previously told him about it), but to actually quote my friend, tells me Springfield Police were there in the house watching and helping to conduct my abuse personally. The officer went on to threaten me, then left the house, he was upset that I was finally learning about and directly bringing up my abuse.

A few months go by, and I complain to my grandpa about the abuse, that I'm being set up, tortured, and dying - my grandpa goes to Springfield Police, and they come over, and in a violent incident that my grandpa witnessed, the police jumped me, falsely arrested me, and badly assaulted me. They had come over, knowing I was being abused, and I refused to talk to them. They eventually grab my wrist, begin to twist it, and jump and shove me onto the bed, one officer named Bazates jumps on me and punches me in the head and face 20+ times, and I eventually fall off the bed into the side between the wall. He had been so aggressive, that while on top of me, he was pushing and driving into me, which pushed me over the edge into the floor. I was trying to cooperate the whole time, but they kept beating me, the other officer Grice comes over and tries to tase me, shouting to back his partner up, "stop resisting" but I said "I'm not, you're assaulting me" . Grice held my hands bound above my head, confirming I was not resisting, and punched me 5+ times himself, then he still tried to tase me. My grandpa Clyde Giffen witnessed the whole thing, and they falsified their police report to make the arrest and hide what happened. My nose and teeth were broken, and I was taken to a McKenzie Willamette hospital for care, where I witnessed and overheard Grice discussing and repeating things I had only heard over synthetic telepathy. An FBI Agent Roberts was mentioned, chewing Grice out. "FBI Agent Roberts is pissed" he said, I believe Roberts was communicating directly to Grice in his head, over synthetic telepathy. I overheard the few officers there talking to each other, "oh, he's never going to stop it, and he's permanently diseased" - these words, "stop it" and "diseased" - in 2008 they used them in messages, they use them to this day. "toddddd, stop it right now" a little girl says. and "you can't have your own group home because you have too many diseases" it was just themes in the abusive rhetoric, messages they were passing to me. I thought they were supposed to make me better with this weapon, that they were trying to cure my dystonia, they told me that it would be my "right of way" if I ever "stopped it" ie got cured and no longer needed this, I was told I would get my own group home as part of a "unstructured" settlement, and $16.4 million pay off in 2008. Instead I never got help, they never stopped.. After this assault, I observed Grice responding to my thoughts, like he knew I was thinking about telling him about synthetic telepathy and these weapons, but I decided to wait to speak till I saw my attorney. He kept coming into the room like he was told I was thinking about saying something. In the car ride to Lane County Jail, I thought about just doing it, and like he knew, he turned up the radio to make it so I couldn't talk. I didn't want to, anyway, he was corrupt, and now I realize they just wanted something more to put in the report to help frame me and look crazy. In the police report, Grice and Bazates framed me, reported I had assaulted them, and that I had tried to get Bazates gun and had latched onto Bazates holster to prevent him from getting off me; that he had not brutally assaulted me, but I held onto him and tried to attack him. This whole report was fabricated to keep me in jail and to cover up the assault, which was always their goal. Like I said, my grandpa witnessed it, he was upset and knew it all to be false. But I couldn't do anything. In Jail, the whole Jail was in the control of the CIA, the Lane County Sheriffs were linked up with Electronic Brain Link, and they helped cover up my torture. They started a program of raping me with this technology, forcing orgasms, and mutilating my body. They were using the weapon to simulate psychosis, keep me incapacitated, near death, and extremely sick in jail.

So why do I need $1,000,000? I intend to prove this all happened to me. I was forced to do a false plea deal just to get out of jail after 2 years, not that I was guilty, but I couldn't testify and I couldn't get health care, and I was being kept sick and viciously assaulted in my cell. The jail was deliberately withholding medical care, refusing to do tests to prove serious injury. Even with this, I had a high CK level which is a blood test in July 2011, consistent with serious brain and bodily break down, and microwave torture. I had no other injury to account for it, and it's usually only caused by heart attacks and strokes. I endured over 300 forced orgasms, which are very damaging to me, because after being jacked up from high doses of antidepressants in 2008/2010, I developed a treatment resistive from of antidepressant withdrawal syndrome, which is permanent, and includes hypersensitivity to orgasm and caffeine and simulants. Since, orgasms have had the effect of causing an episode of dystonia, including my muscles clamping down, drying out, which damages my heart and brain, and causes intense squeezing all over. My eyes, ears, and all organs are effected, and now I'm suffering severe cataracts, glaucoma, or traumatic injury to the nerves and tissue in my eye. I have episodes of blocky, blurry, and extremely fuzzy vision, intense dry eyes, and more. My ears are so swollen, I think I have lost 25-50% of my original hearing capacity, I cannot hardly hear anymore. My brain is the most traumatized part of me, it hurts to think, my memory is damaged, and I know my brain has just spent 2 years getting squeezed and swollen, and repeatedly injured in jail. Each orgasm caused blood flow cut off to my brain, intense delirium, aggravation, and concussion like symptoms. Although jail and OSH staff refused to provide treatment, because any sign of injury would go against them, I was able to see my own doctor in April 2013. He has diagnosed me with anxiety disorder, and that he was able to finds clues in my blood; my potassium level was consistent with long term stress and anxiety disorder, possibly secondary to torture. He also said I had muscles of that of a 60 years old, which cannot be explained by normal 28 year old male inactivity, or inactivity which was related to my incarceration. Pretty much, the repeated injuries, and microwave exposure must have worn away my muscles, and made activation difficult. He also diagnosed likely brain stem damage, but I still need an MRI to prove it. I have had no injuries in my lifetime that would explain what is wrong with my body, is one of my main pieces of evidence. The only thing that would cause this kind of damage is microwave exposure and psychotronic weapon abuse, all my injuries are consistent with that and couldn't be explained any other way. I still need a full exam to be done.

To break down my donation needs, I need at least $50,000 dollars to pay for medical exams and basic health care. I need another $50,000 to get started with legal issues, including to pay an attorney's hourly rate for them to investigate and to gather evidence. I need another $50,000 to pay for expert witnessed to be hired, and perhaps a private investigator. I would really like to earn enough to hire mind control and technological weapons expert Dr. Carole Smith, who is a London based psychologist who has written many whitepapers on these weapons, the abuses, and worked with torture victims from similar incidents. She's the only doctor in the world who I know is familiar, and she's even got new diagnostic details on how to avoid false diagnoses of psychosis for victims of these weapons. The way the diagnostic criteria works now, is it doesn't take into account weapons or provide any insight into the types of attacks which can simulate psychosis, which results in false diagnoses and easy cover ups by government agents.

The $150,000 total gets me started, $1,000,000 should help me get a full lawsuit going.

-Interesting to note I am not the first or only victim of an attack like this. The CIA/and US military-industrial complex has been hard at work on developing remote control and neuro weapons for over 50 years, and so have foreign governments., run by Cheryl Welsh (a victim of mind control experimentation), is a website and human rights group that advocates for regulation and provides information about electromagnetic mind control weapons. They have a collection of documents, articles, books, and newspaper editorials about the problem. The link is:

I believe these weapons are all over the USA- and the police, FBI, CIA, and military personnel use them to illegally spy on, and monitor nearly everyone, they use them to gather intelligence, communicate in secret to one another, and to harass and target people. Many other links and articles, plus my story, are available on my website listed above. Be sure to check out russelltice-nsarnmebl.html/nsa.pdf, it discusses NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice's details on the program.

I promise to give thanks to everyone that helped me with a donation by reinvesting double what I receive back into GoFundMe, or a project, charity, or cause that my supporters can all vote on, once I win my case against the government and the police who assaulted me. I intend to hire a civil rights attorney for a "1983" federal civil rights lawsuit and injunction against the state and federal government over these intrusions and violations and to stop military, police, and government officials from using these weapons on people in the future. Possible suit involves claims of false conviction, false arrest, false imprisonment, excessive use of force, slander and defamation of character, assault/battery, rape/sodomy, torture, terrorism, privacy violations, human rights violations, medical malpractice, racketeering, 8th amendment Prisoners Rights Violations, etc. Hundreds of counts, one for every minute I was tortured and abused!

Cathy Meadows psychological examination dated 8/22/2013 below, and for download here:


Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology
Consultant/Advocate for Victims of Whistle-blower Retaliation
and of Retaliatory Harassment and Surveillance

RE: Todd Giffen
  Springfield, Oregon

Covert harassment and surveillance usually happen for reasons that include: Whistle-blower retaliation, setting up and controlling victims in order to steal personal or intellectual property, jealousy and competition, retaliation because of domestic break-ups, revenge, because of differing political/religious beliefs, bigotry, being a witness to a crime or to some event that the perpetrator would like to cover up, and for several other similar reasons. The methods of harassment are intense, unusual, and severe, and the reason for the harassment is to neutralize the victims by driving them into an unbalanced emotional state, or by making it appear that they are mentally ill.

The majority of victims experience civil rights abuses that include: Group-stalking (also known as gang-stalking, stalking by proxy, and 2nd-hand stalking), hacking/tampering of computers and phones, Illegal entry into the homes and vehicles and businesses of the victims, theft, vandalism of personal property, 24/7 surveillance in and outside of the residence, noise harassment, character assassinations, biological/chemical attacks, remote weapons' attacks, gas-lighting (moving personal belongings around, or taking things and then putting them later, or in a different place), street theater (unusual public behaviors by stalkers including lots of overt rudeness, overt pointing/laughing at the victim, unusual hand signals, mocking behaviors, etc.), and staged accidents.

I spoke with Todd Giffen for 5 hours on August 18, 2013 to assess his claims of being targeted with covert harassment and surveillance, of being a targeted individual, and about his status as a whistle-blower. We spoke for an extended period of time on that day to expedite this document. Todd is 28 years old and is currently living independently. He admits to having had a difficult childhood. He was raised by his parents in his early childhood and describes them as "not very good parents." During his late childhood and on Todd was raised by his grandparents. He is currently unemployed due to the questionable amount of time that he was incarcerated in Oregon State Hospital (5 years).

While he hasn't yet gone on to any type of higher education, Todd scored on the 99th percentile in science, and on the 88th percentile over-all, on his GED tests. He is very, very intelligent and, therefore, had successfully learned to deal with any and all abuses he endured as a child. He learned to manipulate his environment then and he has carried this skill over into his adult life.

I find Todd Giffen to be out-going, open and direct. He answered all questions that I put to him without reservation. He does not appear to have any weird delusions beyond what is expected of victims who have experienced covert harassment and surveillance. There were never any reports during his formative years that he was paranoid or had delusions of any kind and, likewise, none that that he was psychotic. Most psychotic episodes begin in the teen-age years so this is an important point of interest.

When Todd Giffen was 18-19 years old he was experiencing depression that caused him to act out. He had a disagreement with his grandparents and brandished a knife, which he says was a mock suicidal attempt and a cry for help. His grandparents called the police who arrested him on the charges of "Menacing Harassment." The police put Todd in jail where he awaited sentencing and upon sentencing it was decided that he would be put into a group home. Todd had never learned how to deal successfully with others due to the poor interactive parenting he got as a child. He became depressed and after several attempts at living in different group homes he was placed in, The Oregon State Hospital, for what was suppose to be a minimal amount of time. Todd ended up being in the State Hospital for 5 years.

Todd had many problems with the staff at the State Hospital that began when, according to his story, he was sexually harassed by one of the female staff members who Todd said was "touching him inappropriately." Todd reported the staffer in question to a psychologist at the hospital, which set him up for whistle-blower retaliation, and that's when the harassment began. Todd reports that when he first arrived at the hospital he was diagnosed with depression, but that after he made his verbal report to the psychologist he was diagnosed as psychotic (bi-polar/psychotic disorder not otherwise specified) and his release from the hospital was refused.

At this time Todd Giffen wrote a letters to the Office of Investigation and to the Oregon Advocacy Center, and to several other parties, to complain about what was happening to him at the hospital. Of course, this intensified his status as a whistle-blower. At this time, the State Police showed up and accused Todd of sexually harassing the staffer in question. Todd then called the Office of Investigation and Training and reported the problem to them and they put out a warrant for her investigation and reported back to Todd that she had a history of getting too close to the patients.

At this point, Todd Giffen was transferred to a different section of the hospital where they began to administer anti-psychotic medication to him. The medication made him very ill, however, and they had to pull him off the meds. They administered other meds to him and after an extended time period, they pulled him off of those meds as well, due to bad reactions. Todd went through withdrawals from the meds and ended up having involuntary movements and tics. After doing the research, Todd believes that the medications have caused chronic damage to his nervous system.

Todd became more and more depressed because he wasn't being released in the timely manner that he was promised. Because of Todd's depression, the psychologist whom Todd Giffen was working with put Todd on a "one-to-one" watch for an entire week-end because of the depression he was experiencing. This means that a hospital staffer had to follow Todd around constantly 24/7, regardless of where he went or what he did for the duration. This agitated Todd, as might be expected, but was probably a safety precaution taken by the psychologist.

Things got progressively worse and at one point a disagreement ensued between staffers. One staffer said that Todd could order a pizza but after the pizza arrived another staffer said that Todd couldn't have the pizza. Todd became agitated and ended up telling the staffer in question that he at least wanted his money back. At this point, this particular staffer started beating on Todd "for no reason." Todd was bleeding from his mouth and nose and they put him in restraints for 12 hours. A nurse who attended him afterwards said he suffered blunt trauma from the attacks. Shortly at that, however, another doctor was called in and reported that the bleeding Todd had experienced was caused by a "sinus infection."

The staff continued to harass Todd and would openly call him a "sexual predator" because of his accusation against the female staffer who he accused of sexual harassment. However, the staff began to let up on Todd after the female staffer in question resigned in 2007 amidst an investigation into her behavior regarding: Delivering controlled substances to the inmates, supplying contraband, and helping another patient to escape (2nd degree escape).

In time, the hospital psychologist called in an outside doctor who did an evaluation on Todd and advised the hospital staff that Todd didn't have any type of psychosis. The doctor diagnosed Todd with A. D. H. D. and with depression and told the hospital doctors that they couldn't medicate Todd any more and said that what the hospital was doing was "medical malpractice."

At this point, the hospital doctor sent Todd to maximum security "out of revenge" for 2 months, where he was physically assaulted by another inmate, whom Todd believes was intimately involved with the female staffer that sexually harassed Todd early on. According to Todd, the staff allowed the attack and did nothing to stop it. Todd was physically attacked again before he left maximum security, both physically and verbally, and was taken to medium security.

As soon as Todd arrived at medium security the harassment began again and a staff member there called him a "borderline bitch" on the assumption that Todd had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Once again, Todd complained about the treatment he was receiving in medium security and, as expected, the staff in medium security didn't like him.

Todd Giffen entered a new phase of whistle-blower retaliation, at this point. The staff went through all of his confidential paperwork and correspondence that he'd been having with his attorney and took it away from him. They eventually gave it back to him after he put up a verbal protest. The staff continued the harassment and started to "call him a masturbator, a faggot, a pedophile, and a rapist (it's very common for whistle-blowers' sexuality to be attacked in this manner). Once again, Todd was sent to maximum security "for no reason" and the defamation and character assassinations against him with respect to his sexuality continued along the same lines, and they called him "anti-social," "child pornographer," and "pedophile." The hospital confiscated Todd's computer in order to find evidence of sexual misconduct and found nothing.

Todd was boomeranged back and forth a few more times between medium and maximum security and soon found himself to be under covert, 24/7 surveillance. The staff knew about everything that Todd was doing on a minute-to-minute basis, including things that they shouldn't know, and they would taunt him with this knowledge, and flaunt it in his face by working it into conversations that they were having with each other. This is another common tactic that is used against whistle-blowers in order to try to discredit them and hang an unfounded diagnoses on them that's associated with paranoid delusions.

He tried to get help and wrote a letter to his attorney but the same inmate that beat him up before stole the letter and never gave it back. He contacted Human Services who told him it was going to be investigated and that he would get help but it never panned out. Todd told me that, at this point, the staff forced medication on him illegally, without a doctor's approval. He was told by staffers that "no one cares about your rights and no one is going to help you." A staffer then slammed him onto his bed and injected him. He threatened to report it all and they put him in restraints and forced meds on him.

The Office of Investigation and Training took pictures and the illegal drugging stopped for awhile. A worker for the Disability Rights of Oregon couldn't help him and told him that, even though he was continuing to be abused, that he shouldn't do anymore tort claims and grievances.

In 2008, Todd Giffen reports that, at this time in his incarceration, he began to experience an attack by at least one remote weapon, which is also a common complaint amongst whistle-blowers. He said that his heart rate sped up, according to doctor's reports. Also, at this point, he began to hear voices that he says sound computer generated and not like human voices. This is known as "voice to skull" technology amongst victims of covert harassment and surveillance.



"Voice to Skull" is a military term for a weapons technology that many claim is being used on certain individuals, worldwide, and is in an experimental phase. There are claims that it is being experimented with on whistle-blowers, prisoners, and minorities in the civilian population, amongst others. If you do research on the psychological status of the prison population, you will find that there is a much, much higher percentage of prisoners who develop "psychosis" while in prison now then there was 10 years ago.

There is no doubt that this technology exists and scientists who developed the technology are quick to say that it's being used on the general population (Robert Duncan). It has become one of the leading "conspiracy theories" of our time and has been featured on the hit T. V. show "Conspiracy Theory" with Jessie Ventura. The name of the episode that it's featured on is entitled, Brain Invaders.


Todd was released from the Oregon State Hospital in 2010. He continues to suffer the effects of the traumatic harassment and abuse that he experienced while he was there and he continues to feel the effects of the remote weapon's attacks. He went into the hospital with a diagnoses of "depression" and he came out with a diagnoses of "psychotic." Furthermore, he wasn't hearing voices when he entered the hospital however he was hearing voices when he left and continues to do so.

In conclusion, I found Todd Giffen to be a very out-going, unguarded, intelligent and friendly young man. He doesn't appear to have any type of psychosis. He told his story sequentially and chronologically and he was non-tangential and was easily understood. He doesn't appear to have a lot of anxiety at this point in his recovery. Further, I believe that Todd Giffen is being honest with regards to the abuses that he suffered while at the Oregon State Hospital. I believe him when he confides that he continues to suffer with abuses because of his previous attempts to find justice. He was labeled as a "trouble-maker" (most whistle-blowers are) and punished for it, however, he has helped to change the system for the better and has instigated investigations into allegations of these types of abuses.

I believe that Todd's allegations should be taken seriously and that he should get any and all help that can be given to him in order to protect his civil and human rights.

Thank you for your interest in this matter and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at any time.

Cathy Meadows

Thank you,

Todd Giffen
405 W. Centennial Blvd.
Springfield, OR 97477

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