Where to find more information about this technology (that really exists; transcript below of USIS employee confirming it's existence)?

NEW! Audio snippet for validation (the actual full conversation is only available in the transcript):



find 4+ patents there, 23+ videos, including NSA whistleblower Russell Tice saying the NSA uses space capability to target us during black operations..

Downloadable torture report : http://oregonstatehospital.net/d/torture_complaint_final-01-03-2014.pdf

Video of me talking ... sending you the latest pirated signal, from the remote locations of desolation:


Who is US Investigative Services (USIS)?


USIS (company)

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USIS is a private company that conducts background checks. Its corporate headquarters are in Idylwood, Virginia, near Falls Church, in Greater Washington DC.[1][2] It conducts background checks through contracts with the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM). As of June 2013 it had 100 federal contracts, and it does background checks for over 95 federal agencies.[3] The company was originally known as U.S. Investigations Services Inc.[4] As of 2013 the company is the largest background check provider of the US government. USIS is a part of Altegrity Inc., a company headquartered in the Falls Church area that is owned by Providence Equity Partners.[4]

USIS was founded in 1996 after the investigative branch of the OPM was privatized.[3] Its creation was due to an effort of Vice President of the United States Al Gore's effort to reduce the size of the civil service. The company was originally known as U.S. Investigations Services Inc.[4] It was at first an employee-owned company. Around 2000 the Carlyle Group invested in USIS and in 2003 Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe committed capital to them. In 2007 Carlyle announced that it would sell USIS to Providence Equity Partners, a private equity firm, for US$1.5 billion.[5]

In 2008 the company had about 7,000 employees with 2,000 in the Greater Washington DC area.[5] In the fiscal year 2012 the company received $253 million for the contract work of the OPM, 67% of the OPM's contract spending for the fiscal year.[4]

*Edward Snowden background check and investigations[edit]
In 2011 the firm conducted a background check on Edward Snowden, who leaked classified documents in June 2013.[3] On Thursday June 18, 2013, a joint hearing of the Subcommittee on Efficiency and Effectiveness of Federal Programs and the Federal Workforce and the Subcommittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight, both of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, held a joint hearing.[6] During that hearing, Michelle B. Schmitz, the assistant inspector general for investigations, testified that USIS had been under a federal investigation since late 2011, stating that it involves a "complicated contract fraud case."[6] Patrick McFarland, the OPM inspector general, did not reveal the reason for the investigation of USIS, and stated that USIS's security clearance check for Snowden may have had faults.[3]

The office of Senator Claire McCaskill stated that USIS was "under active criminal investigation".[6] A statement from USIS stated that it was unaware that it was under criminal investigation.[6] It added that "USIS complied with that subpoena and has cooperated fully with the government's civil investigative efforts".[7] USIS, as the government’s No. 1 provider of background checks for the United States, earned $253 million in awards this year alone.[8]

*Aaron Alexis background check and investigations[edit]
In 2007, the firm also conducted a background check[9] on Aaron Alexis, who has been accused of killing twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, September 16, 2013.[10] According to media reports, Alexis was given "secret" clearance after being vetted by USIS.

Who is Providence Equity Partners? (Owner of USIS)



Something funny to say about Aaron Alexis here. Government is now suing USIS for the background check they performed on him, and it seems to be a frivolous suit aimed at propagating their message that they had no involvement in torturing Aaron Alexis or using the ELF weapons system (that I document on my website) on him. Amongst the governments ranks this technology is well known and wide-spread; and I know the US Department of Justice knows about it, and the FBI uses it along with other military technologies regularly. This recording further confirms that USIS knows it exists too, because this employee, a young person who saw information there in 2005, proves that USIS has also aided the government is lying about this technology because they've said nothing publically about it other than to go along with the governments statements. Neither government nor insiders have said anything about it and there has been no forensic investigation proving it was not used on him. Aaron Alexis has been framed to look delusional by these entities, and now USIS is going to get "sued" over it.

<Todd> telling story about staff abuse at OSH, Bonita Tucker scandal, staffers smuggling in drugs and abusing patients, covering it up, talking about protest at OSH, misc things between us.
<USIS_familiar_person> agreeing, listening, telling misc story.
<Todd> forgot about the part about the US DOJ coming in. so they came in in 2006 and they're investigating the place and... this is when they brought with them.. a lot of warrantless surveillance technology... NSA style technology... and the whole facility was being monitored. everything going in and out.
<USIS_familiar_person> right. for the liability issues. or perceived liability issues I'm sure. of having that kind of scandal go on there.
<Todd> well it would be related to that scandal possibly or it could just be the US DOJ uses it all the time routinely to spy on people.
<USIS_familiar_person> mm-hmm. acknowledge/agreement. cause they feel like they have a right to because it's the Department of Justice. probably.
<Todd> yes. that's the way it seems to be, I mean.. uh if you look at the NSA scandal in the newspaper, recently.. the more you look at it. like NSA whistleblower Russell Tice, Edward Snowden, they .. they think.. they have a right to look at your emails and your phone calls and they got space satellites that they think that they can use to spy on everybody. judges, judge alito of the Supreme Court was a target, Barack Obama before he was elected, Senators and stuff. anyway they actually .. their capabilities are amazing and while I was at the hospital I think they were working very closely with the staff, the state lacked liability insurance and tried to cover up the Bonita Tucker scandal, and..
<USIS_familiar_person> wooowww.. that's huge.
<Todd> yea..
<USIS_familiar_person> how could they get away with not having liability insurance? even small businesses, even we have liability insurance.
<Todd> yeah.. and the state is supposed to be, I heard from an attorney that they're supposed to be self-insured, and if they get sued they just eat their own coffers. and they collapse.
<USIS_familiar_person> right.
<Todd> that's why the states are being, or going, or why they don't got like some dedicated malpractice insurance and other liability insurance.
<USIS_familiar_person> acknowledges.
<Todd> so anyway. I was up at the hospital, and this technology and.. it was crazy .. and uh, I became, apparently it's outside of the building. like it's electromagnetic uh imaging, see and hear through the walls, tap phones, listen to conversations that are in private even if you're in the shower where there's no cameras or microphones they're able to see you. and the things that I witnessed were back in May 2008, staff members talking on a recorded unit with cameras and microphones saying that they have the technology outside of the building, talking about the states lack of liability insurance, and why they covered up the Bonita Tucker scandal.. uh, talking about me being spied on and targeted with it.. uh, me being .. I got assaulted on camera, there's union violence, there's them talking about being caught and doing things in secret, and they covered a lot of it up. and it results in the craziest thing about my story is ... and it's why I have trouble today.. was, I guess in 2008, it led up to kind of .. messing with me, the intelligence community targeting me with a weapon from outside of the building. and they could direct energy at my body and stuff. and they tried to kill me directing energy into my body causing convulsions, high heart rate. um, beaming sound and all that stuff at me so that I was the only one that could hear, it's called uh, there's a technology behind it called Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link and voice to skull .. US Air Force has patents for it, there's patents for virtually every part of it. and so I got hurt and they kind of set me up to look psychotic and I get out in the community in 2010 and just numerous abuses from that point on in 2008 and onwards that kept on going and spiralling out of control. and I've kind of been alleging that they covered this up. and built the new hospital on my blood, like totally. like they had to hide everything that was happening in the facility with staff misconduct and abuse going on. I was not the only target either .. I mean all the patients were. they were .. daily abuses going on with the patients, I mean I'm not the only target. they had to hide a lot of that to get away with building the new hospital. they had to sell it like it was a good place, selling it to the community like it was a good investment and everything. $400 million dollars they had to try to get. so... to build the place. um, so anyway. a lot of that is on my site, and what I've tried to document since then. is um.. the surveillance scandal, and I found a lot of information about the NSA having like 30 satellites that they can just point at a place like the hospital or a stadium and basically capture every signal, everything...
<USIS_familiar_person> right..
<Todd> they can see and hear everything through the walls. they have radar systems that help them with that, they can see the radiation irradiating from your body .. they can see everything. they can tap keyboard signals, monitor signals , see what's on your screen. ... it's called Signals Intelligence. it's just a lot of craziness. that's what happened at the State Hospital and that's the truth. I got the articles on the Bonita Tucker scandal and what they did to me with this weapon. hurting me and .. they seriously abused me. like, like, I got a lot of brain injury. but I don't have mental illness at all. if anyone bothered to look at the proof and the evidence that they'd see that, this stuff actually happened. and so I've been recently been getting the opportunity to try to do some of this stuff with my attorney. I'm mixed up in the legal system because of it..
<USIS_familiar_person> have you tried contacting <P_ORGANIZATION> at all? or are they just hands off on it?
<Todd> uh well.. I talked to <P_ATTORNEY> in November or October .. he said .. I didn't tell him all the details like, I gave him a brief version, like I said what my psychologists says, that I'm a victim of whistleblower retaliation. her names Cathy Meadows. she says I have no psychosis or delusion, and I focus mostly on what I saw up at the state hospital. I saw, confirmed abuses, and I'm really worried also a lot about the medication stuff, and I'm focused on the 14th Amendment and 8th Amendment violations .. focused on that with him, and he said well.. he's very interested in that actually. and he said ... but I have an issue with the IRS right now, and to call back in like February.
<USIS_familiar_person> Yeah I know he's been kind of shrugging off people. that we've been referring to, but I understand, we're dealing with the same thing here. not an issue, we're just having to deal with taxes, it's not fun. so..
<Todd> Ok.
<USIS_familiar_person> but yeah, um.. maybe he will call you back in February. but yeah, he's, we've referred people to him. he's like our only legal resource. and most of them call back saying, 'oh he just didn't want to take the case right now.' *chuckles* But I thought that .. it was more than just <P_ATTORNEY>, I thought there was like a group of lawyers, I thought that there were others involved in it.
<Todd> hmm.. I haven't seen the other ones. I know it's a group up there. I know I talked to <P_ATTORNEY> specifically though.
<USIS_familiar_person> Yeah he's .. you might check out <P_ORG_SITE> and see if they have someone listed other than <P_ATTORNEY>. I haven't gone on there in too much detail other than to get the phone number to referral people. we only work part time here so like we basically scrambling every day just to get the basics done..
<Todd> Ok.
<USIS_familiar_person> But it might be worth checking out to see if there's .. cause I in the literature that we have it says that they're a group um so maybe there's somebody besides <P_ATTORNEY> to work with. .
<Todd> yeah, so if you get on my site and you have anything you wanna say about it, wanna look at it. Click on the Russell Tice or Remote Neural Monitoring. There's 17 videos, I got what I say happened. They brought in awesome militarized technology, to do the spying there. I became a target, I got an article I found from 2006 that I found about the technology. Then I got 4 patents, and actual military patents, various patents. One of them says using remote firing devices to uh control the brain or treat things, like depression, alzheimers effects, uh using it for communication, like a spy could be..
<USIS_familiar_person> Unwilling communication.
<Todd> Uh, yeah..
<USIS_familiar_person> Like using people that haven't given consent basically ..
<Todd> Yeah, absolutely, because they'd be monitoring your brain waves, and you'd have no clue or control over what they're going to get out of you. So it says using brainwaves as a method of communication, ... "so like if I was a spy in afghanistan, the Pentagon could receive the communications just based on my thought alone .. it's called synthetic telepathy, the patents really complex .. and it's like , you read over it, it's communication and also stimulating the brain with remote firing devices ..
<USIS_familiar_person> I'm vaguely aware of it. I interned with USIS ... in college. US Investigative Services. And saw a few things .. related to that.
<Todd> You did..
<USIS_familiar_person> Yep. Not things I'm supposed to talk about. I am aware of some of those things. so... *chuckles*.
<Todd> So.. what is your .. so you know about it. That's very.. what do you know? About it? What's your opinion of it. Because.
<USIS_familiar_person> From what I know, .. from what I know of, and that, and this is, I interned with them in .... <MULTI_YEARS_EMPLOYMENT>, um.. at that time, it wasn't ... it was just a theory. it wasn't use. they didn't have, they had the concept developed, but they didn't have the method of employment developed yet at that point.
<Todd> Now who is this place.
<USIS_familiar_person> US Investigative Services. Is a, a contractor, kind of like, but not at all like... but kind of like, it's kind of like on the intelligence side, of like um, uh, they're military contractors. but they do more intelligence then they do combat type stuff.
<Todd> (excited) so you worked for these guys? and they helped the government, they work with the military and stuff.
<USIS_familiar_person> They basically get paid tons and tons of money .. by the government .... I mean, my particular job was just doing background checks on people who were going into the military. Um.. but different areas of the office I worked for did different things.
<Todd> Well I'm actually really happy that you have some background .. because, most people I go around and talk to about this, they start off come from a position of not really knowing too much.
<USIS_familiar_person> Right.
<Todd> And they're like .. some of them know, like <J_BLANK> knows some stuff about this. He knows a lot of history of the older conspiracy theory type stuff like HARRP, and going back, he knows a lot. He knows about the research. Brain-computer interfaces type stuff, so.
<USIS_familiar_person> Right.
<Todd> I don't always run into that, so I feel.. I'm just that you know something about it.
<USIS_familiar_person> Yeah, it's kind of fringe sciency type stuff, but it's real .. a lot of people don't believe in it.
<Todd> Yeah.
<USIS_familiar_person> I know it exists because I've seen it on paper. But um.
<Todd> Great. Ok. So the patents from 1998, and there's various other patents from 1975. That one mentions using radar systems to analyze brainwaves and another example, provided right in the patent. It says, a doctor could .. without having access to the patient, could get access to their thoughts, and do remote diagnosis, and other things that they can do with this technology. Yeah, so it's amazing. And I'll mention the other patent voice to skull, it uses pulse modulated microwaves which once absorbed into your skin or your bones create little vibrations which travel to the cochlea of the ear which makes it so only you can hear whatever's directed at you. You know, it's kind of like, uh, have you.. the effect that I think it works with, because of vibrations are so tiny, you know... um, the thermal energy, once absorbed, it's only effecting you, kind of like you know those tin can telephones, and you have a string between them for you to hear, kind of long range...
<USIS_familiar_person> It's like invisible string.
<Todd> Yeah, so, the string would be basically your connective tissue, that's unless you're connected to the person you wouldn't necessarily hear it. So there's a lot of. It's just amazing though, it's called voice the skull and the military is talking about . it's from 1996, it's when the patent was filed. Their idea was using it on like people, to make them hear the voice of god. Trick them into doing things, going onto the battlefield, and making them surrender.
<USIS_familiar_person> Right.
<Todd> But I think because the military doesn't get a lot of chance to use all this, they just end up using it on society. And there's.. I mean there's like police messing with it, and hurting people. .. They've got.. They've got it developed, and they've been using it for at least the past 10 to 20 years. And it's the ultimate surveillance gathering and messing with people they want to set up.
<USIS_familiar_person> Right. I do know, and it's literally the stuff I can't ever say on the record. Because I've signed stuff that says I will be convicted of treason if I ever repeat anything that I saw. But um, I do know that, and this is something that in this particular um context that is very relevant is don't ever do like the psych experiments, or if they're like having experimental studies and stuff like that, because it's one of the methods they use to test these technologies.
<Todd> acknowledgement, yea..
<USIS_familiar_person> On people who don't realize ...
<Todd> Yeah, and I have the idea they could be doing experiments up there, and they're spying on the patients, using them as experimentation subjects.
<USIS_familiar_person> mm-hmmm... and a lot of, .. and it's through Universities on these experimental..
<Todd> Universities, too? And this goes back to like MKULTRA style stuff back in the 50s, and 60s.. where the CIA was paying a lot of people, like doctors and other people to uh, conduct research experiments of both medications like LSD and radio wave weapons and other things.
<USIS_familiar_person> There's a guy who came in back in October .. but I'll see if he can come in, um, his name is <JJ_BLANK>, his dad was a part of those experiments. Not as like a patient, but as a doctor. Um, and he did stay long to tell me most of his story, but his dad was involved as a doctor in those experiments in the 70s.
<Todd> Have you spoken with <R_BLANK> about any of this?
<USIS_familiar_person> Um, just in brief. I have a hard time catching him.
<Todd> Cause I'm working with him, and I don't now. But it's just amazing that you guys would have some background personally with it, and he might be interested in hearing what you had to know about it.
<USIS_familiar_person> Well, possibly, but I can't really.. talk about it.. too much... I can't tell.
<Todd> You can't really say too much.
<USIS_familiar_person> I don't want to put myself in front of my family ...
<Todd> Yeah.
<USIS_familiar_person> ... ...but I have a child and a husband, um but.. I will say that I could confirm that this stuff exists.
<Todd> Alright, ... well.. I don't have much more.
<USIS_familiar_person> Ok. Well, thanks for stopping by, and please come tomorrow night. We'd be more than willing to have you here and hopefully we'll get some other people to be able to come.
<Todd> Is the doctor going to be able to be there... cause he could..
<USIS_familiar_person> Um, it's not the doctor, it's the son of the doctor. I have his email address and I'll contact him to see if he wants to show up. He actually reached out to me a few days ago to see if he could help out or volunteer.
<Todd> Thank you.
<USIS_familiar_person> Yeah, thanks for dropping by.

<Todd> Discussing multiple hours of stuff ... nice convos, covering society, and other shit at a big meeting with a half dozens peeps there.
<Todd> I got one question. The info you had said about the place, you worked at.
<USIS_familiar_person> mm..hmmm.
<Todd> That would be very helpful. And I just wondered if there's any.. what is the issue that prevents you from.. Is it NDA, or classified government stuff.
<USIS_familiar_person> well.. 5 security clearance. and multiple documents I signed saying that I would not release any information.
<Todd> ok, yeah.
<USIS_familiar_person> under penalty of being treated like a traitor. so...... pretty severe to the point where I formally.. like, other than like, you, the only person that I've that even knew that I worked with them, was my husband. that obviously, um...
<Todd> Well I appreciate it that you came forward with anything to say.
<USIS_familiar_person> I just thought it was interesting that you brought it up because I've never heard anyone else mention it before outside of that organization. so...
<Todd> Alright, thanks.
<USIS_familiar_person> Sorry <J_BLANK>...
<J_BLANK> It's all good.. I got off easy, they just threatened me with $500,000 and 5 years in prison. I was low level. I was nothing.
<USIS_familiar_person> The census bureau.
<J_BLANK> Yeah, haha..
<Todd> Oh, k..
<USIS_familiar_person> Well, yeah, otherwise I would help you. But I can't.
<Todd> Yeah I would have to, uh... um, be something, I'm going to look into it some more, maybe talk to you another time or something.
<USIS_familiar_person> Maybe you could find somebody else who's willing to talk from the organization.
<Todd> Yeah.
<USIS_familiar_person> But I have a family. So.
<Todd> Well that's interesting none the less.
<USIS_familiar_person> Yeah. But at least you have the name of them now. They're not very well known. If you say USIS, nobody knows who that is. For the most part.
<Todd> What's the name of them again.
<USIS_familiar_person> USIS, US Investigative Services.
<Todd> Ok. Alright. I'm going to head out.

Want names? Want proof? I got it, but only for those who want to expose all the rape and murder of the US government. They literally using energy weapons and mind reading technology on everybody. The FBI, US DOJ, NSA, local police and state governments. Judges who authorize the programs and work with the intelligence community, they're all in on it. They've been using it illicitly on the public, in the courts, and everywhere. They're all in on it.

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