Some of my recordings of FBI. Emails in /d/, audio/video on YouTube and in /d/F.B.I./. You have to wonder why you could have contact with the Supreme Law Enforcement Agency in the United States and not receive help...

Right to record: FBI guys should know that the public has the right to record them in duty at all times. The constitution has been determined to trump state and federal laws that ban it or restrict recording in most circumstances to which you are a party of if the primary target is public officials. The FBI agent Jacobs seemed to have an innate paranoia exposing inside him an agenda; perhaps he felt a recording would expose him, giving what he was actually doing, which is when he asked me if I was recording the conversation or not. After answering he claimed it was illegal despite common knowledge to the contrary..

I was worried a bit about the FBI committing crime against me, and then me not having the proof later of the crime. The logic I use here is that this man and several other agents have seen my website and had been reported a crime against me to, yet nothing had been done, and the focus seems to be on framing me. If on day one, they don't help you, you know you're experiencing something else; entrapment, deliberate indifferent, corruption, wanton abuse of sorts because they don't think anyone will catch them. The crime I allege involved me getting assaulted and controlled by the US Military and government officials, to hide surveillance and weapons use, to hide their subversion of the constitution and years of fraud, waste, and abuse, including murder attempts and rapes of myself and others. Even the US Department of Justice says at mininum the 1st amendment protects a citizens right to record officers. Officers include FBI agents, and even Governors and Congressman, and perhaps city and county employees.

There may be other rights codified in the US Constitution including a right to record in interest of liberty and justice, to ensure that, if a crime is occurring against me, I have this evidence in court. A government perpetrator, or even another type of perpetrator, would love it if they had the ability to even wipe a memory from my brain of their crime, to get away with obstruction of justice, for example through covert administration of a drug or shock therapy, or by giving a person a lobotomy with a radar weapon like they did me. In this case the only proof I had that this type of behavior went on might be my taped recordings and evidence of interactions that weren't handled right by responsible officials. I am thoroughly lobotomized now and cannot even remember each interaction as I could before they did this to me; now I seek to record every minute of crime against me.

More info on the laws in general regarding recording here:

Since I first contacted Modesto, CA FBI two months ago I have not received any help. I also have contacted other FBI offices, starting in 2008, recently and throughout this time, to receive no help at all. I heard some of the people after me, hurting me and orchestrating this involved the FBI, and US Department of Justice officials including an "FBI Agent Roberts," "US Attorney Amanda Marshall," "US Attorney David Deutsche," "US Attorney Robert Koch," and many others who were part of the original surveillance operation in Oregon, where I was targeted and set up after catching them in the act..