Although the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, some CIA observers say there is little reason to believe it does not continue today under a different set of acronyms.[*] Victor Marchetti, author and 14-year CIA veteran, stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducted disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MKUltra was abandoned a "cover story."[*][*] Dr. Robert Duncan, a modern former scientist for the CIA, DOD, and US DOJ confirms it continues on today under new program names, together with former CIA operative Mark Phillips.[*][*][*][*] The Oregon State Hospital uses mind control on it's patients in conjunction with the CIA, and I am one such victim of their program. #cia #mkultra

The scarecrows lair of the Oregon State Hospital. The employees are ready to make you sick. Hospital of Genocide - Click for info MKULTRA psychotronic weapons - click for CIA info SEIU 503 state employees union at OSH (also known as local 392, presence removed from the web soon after my page launched) Dr. Jonathan Crane induced psychosis on people to set them up keep them at Arkam Insane Asylum, much like OSH's doctors.
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Call the abuse reporting and info hotline about my case, the website, your problems, and the hospital at 503-967-5202 (toll-free from OSH) - currently seeking telephone complaints and depositions from patients and friends and family of patients about the hospital, especially when abuse or civil rights violations are involved. there's a chance I may post your messages on my site or use them in a lawsuit against the hospital, when the time comes.

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Current location:
Modesto, California. Getting brutalized by the US military.
This website was launched July 2012. It documents my history and legal case. After getting into the custody of the State of Oregon, I was abused, set up, targeted with illegal surveillance at the Oregon State Hospital, where I faced union violence, murder attempts, and had the US military and US Department of Justice target me with directed energy & mind control (they helped the state cover up the scandals that went on during the US Department of Justice CRIPA investigation, which launched in 2006). A replacement hospital was built on my blood in 2010, after the cover up. Despite all parties being fully informed, and events being caught on security video/audio at OSH (documented in emails w/ dates and times of events in 2008), nothing has been done to bring justice & I remain a target of government wide abuse.

A few documents worth checking out: Psych evals: Dr. Seth Farber Ph.D., Cathy Meadows M.A., Ron Unger L.C.S.W. | Dr. Robert Duncan B.A., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA whistleblower confirms his belief of my targeting with a weapons system he helped invent | Affidavit by 30 year FBI veteran Ted Gunderson (FBI Los Angeles head, nominated FBI Director 1979), confirming gangstalking/surveillance abuses against American citizens across the country by USA funded forces | Derrick Robinson, Executive Director of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance tracks nationwide torture/abuse by government, asks for help | Dr. Colin Ross M.D., Psychiatrist & Expert in Military Mind Control offers to assist | Torture complaint to United Nations | Dr. Stefan Harold, neurologist, confirms brain injury from OSH | Latest lawsuit for full review | N.S.A. Covert Black Ops

Weapons system details (used for stealth injuries/assassinations, 24/7 rape, surveillance & bombardment of US citizens on American soil w/ signals intelligence & radiation from US military satellite/ground based interferometers. All police & governments agencies in America have access.): russelltice-nsarnmebl.html (updated 7/5/2014)
Links to internet sites, news paper articles, documents: story.html (updated 8/29/2014, newest files in /d).

Video of the moment (site updates below):

Update 9/12/2014 It's illegal to torture or murder people in America under the War Crimes Act of 1996 during military operation. Doesn't matter if it's an American, civilian, or government agent doing the torture. Essentially all the people who tortured me, and they've done the same torture to countless others, got the death penalty coming because I'm aware of many reported deaths and suicides stemming from government torture and mind control today (typically perpetuated by the US military, intelligence, law enforcement and state agencies). The government seeks to make victims commit suicide/kill others, or they murder people directly or hurt them enough to kill them. Treason against the constitution is another crime they are all guilty of for building and using a global scale weapon system, in the form of satellites, radar, and directed energy (this is their system for secretly and invisibly doing it). Because they go against the constitution and refuse to uphold it, and hurt the people they were supposed to protect, as if they turned against our nation and began their own within ours, treason charges seem just. Treason, like the War Crimes Act of 1996, carries the death penalty. You will all be expelled from the American government and executed for your crime against me and the American people. You are not Americans anymore, and don't deserve to profit or benefit from the fruits of others labor any more. Die.

Executive Orders known to be violated:

Executive Order by President's Gerald Ford, Carter, and Reagan also limit the powers of the intelligence community and agencies are not in compliance as illegal experimentation continued after the 1970s (including experimentation by the CIA), and agencies have together targeted individuals or assassinated them or caused other serious harm. My unique case started at the Oregon State Hospital, continuing during the US Department of Justice investigation. While the US Department of Justice was at the hospital to allegedly investigate civil rights violations, they did not represent the patients needs and helped the state cover up all the crime and violations they were guilty of. They permitted and engaged in the crime during the investigation including warrantless surveillance using military electronic/warfare systems, ultimately helping to protect the state, ending up attempting to murder me in 2008 and putting me into a system to control, slow-kill, and deny justice, all without due process, after I left the facility, acting above the law.

One of the main areas of experimentation has been using directed energy to control weather, human brains, and other environmental effects and attributes, on our way to become a type 1 society with full control of the planetary systems. This has resulted in new technologies allowing holographic surveillance of citizens, full remote and building penetrating surveillance, and ability to tap and alter thoughts for surveillance. A weapons system was built to ultimately control people, and target select individuals and objects for the sick bastards who run this country, the ultimate power being designated to the Executive Branch and Congress. Become aware of this, and they will try to kill you, or mangle your body with their weapon. My concern is that the environmental experiments I have seen, such as shaping clouds, heating the sky, creating tornado's, making earthquakes, the mind control, the surveillance and tracking methods, is ultimately a form of human experimentation banned by executive order because these systems effect human beings, their environment and behavior. The control of directed energy, is a force human beings rely on and are effected by, and it has many untold and undocumented effects, and many told and documented ones, so does the use of energy to tap and monitor peoples brains from remote distances. Many sicknesses and inability to trace sicknesses is guaranteed, and you cannot tell nefarious use or induced illness from nature, without a countering and monitoring system controlled by the people in place.

Anything done in a non-conventional method without consent, can also be considered to be experimental, therefore non-consensual human experimentation banned by executive order/other means. This would include long range military radar, satellite, and other devices using directed (focused) energy (photons, ions, electrons, phonons, particles, atoms, molecules) to remotely perform surgeries, mutilations, stimulations, and injuries, damaging a person neurologically, psychologically, physically, quantumly, atomically, subatomically, molecularly, cellularly, metaphysically, or by any other effect whatsoever.

Executive Order 11905 limits intelligence community power to assassinate or experiment with drugs without informed consent as they did in MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, and other programs.
(d) Restrictions on Experimentation. Foreign intelligence agencies shall not engage in experimentation with drugs on human subjects, except with the informed consent, in writing and witnessed by a disinterested third party, of each such human subject and in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects for Biomedical and Behavioral Research.


(g) Prohibition of Assassination. No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.

Executive Order 12036 limits intelligence community power further such as eliminating all types of human experimentation without proper informed consent "in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare."
2-3. Additional Restrictions and Limitations.

2-301. Tax Information. No agency within the Intelligence Community shall examine tax returns or tax information except as permitted by applicable law.

2-302. Restrictions on Experimentation. No agency within the Intelligence Community shall sponsor, contract for, or conduct research on human subjects except in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The subject's informed consent shall be documented as required by those guidelines.

2-303. Restrictions on Contracting. No agency within the Intelligence Community shall enter into a contract or arrangement for the provision of goods or services with private companies or institutions in the United States unless the agency sponsorship is known to the appropriate officials of the company or institution. In the case of any company or institution other than an academic institution, intelligence agency sponsorship may be concealed where it is determined, pursuant to procedures approved by the Attorney General, that such concealment is necessary to maintain essential cover or proprietary arrangements for authorized intelligence purposes.

2-304. Restrictions on Personnel Assigned to Other Agencies. An employee detailed to another agency within the federal government shall be responsible to the host agency and shall not report to the parent agency on the affairs of the host agency unless so directed by the host agency. The head of the host agency, and any successor, shall be informed of the employee's relationship with the parent agency.

2-305. Prohibition on Assassination. No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.

2-306. Restrictions on Special Activities. No component of the United States Government except an agency within the Intelligence Community may conduct any special activity. No such agency except the CIA (or the military services in wartime) may conduct any special activity unless the President determines, with the SCC's advice, that another agency is more likely to achieve a particular objective.

2-307. Restrictions on Indirect Participation in Prohibited Activities. No agency of the Intelligence Community shall request or otherwise encourage, directly or indirectly, any person, organization, or government agency to undertake activities forbidden by this Order or by applicable law.

2-308. Restrictions on Assistance to Law Enforcement Authorities. Agencies within the Intelligence Community other than the FBI shall not, except as expressly authorized by law:

(a) Provide services, equipment, personnel or facilities to the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (or its successor agencies) or to state or local police organizations of the United States; or

(b) Participate in or fund any law enforcement activity within the United States.

2-309. Permissible Assistance to Law Enforcement Authorities. The restrictions in Section 2-308 shall not preclude:

(a) Cooperation with appropriate law enforcement agencies for the purpose of protecting the personnel and facilities of any agency within the Intelligence Community;

(b) Participation in law enforcement activities, in accordance with law and this Order, to investigate or prevent clandestine intelligence activities by foreign powers, international narcotics production and trafficking, or international terrorist activities; or

(c) Provision of specialized equipment, technical knowledge, or assistance of expert personnel for use by any department or agency or, when lives are endangered, to support local law enforcement agencies. Provision of assistance by expert personnel shall be governed by procedures approved by the Attorney General.

Executive Order 12333, one of the orders authorizing illegal domestic surveillance in the name of National Security, explicitly bans human experimentation and assassination and covert actions against citizens. Yet there are reporters all over of it happening, the so called witnesses who the government has slandered... :)

2.8 Consistency With Other Laws. Nothing in this Order shall be construed to authorize any activity in violation of the Constitution or statutes of the United States.

2.9 Undisclosed Participation in Organizations Within the United States. No one acting on behalf of elements of the Intelligence Community may join or otherwise participate in any organization in the United States on behalf of any element of the Intelligence Community without disclosing such person’s intelligence affiliation to appropriate officials of the organization, except in accordance with procedures established by the head of the Intelligence Community element concerned or the head of a department containing such element and approved by the Attorney General, after consultation with the Director. Such participation shall be authorized only if it is essential to achieving lawful purposes as determined by the Intelligence Community element head or designee. No such participation may be undertaken for the purpose of influencing the activity of the organization or its members except in cases where:

(a) The participation is undertaken on behalf of the FBI in the course of a lawful investigation; or
(b) The organization concerned is composed primarily of individuals who are not United States persons and is reasonably believed to be acting on behalf of a foreign power.

2.10 Human Experimentation. No element of the Intelligence Community shall sponsor, contract for, or conduct research on human subjects except in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services. The subject's informed consent shall be documented as required by those guidelines.

2.11 Prohibition on Assassination. No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in or conspire to engage in assassination.

2.12 Indirect Participation. No element of the Intelligence Community shall participate in or request any person to undertake activities forbidden by this Order.

2.13 Limitation on Covert Action. No covert action may be conducted which is intended to influence United States political processes, public opinion, policies, or media.

The rights embedded in the constitution also protect each individual American citizen but somehow are completely abandoned and ignored by our government, putting us all at risk. Once the target is hit, it cannot be stopped and there is nothing protecting any one from targeting, you find you don't truly have any rights and will live with the destruction they deliberately cause to you. No one will help you, you cannot count on anything, and most everyone around you will be in on it or aiding and a bedding each other... It's you or them, lets say they don't plan on going to prison any time soon or getting any type of sentence to death.

-Todd Giffen

Update 9/2/2014 25 ground based surveillance/mind control/weather manipulation devices + space capability. Any time you see an orb in the sky, or a UFO, it's a government fucking around with an interferometer/satellite. Hear a sound that shouldn't be there, see something, or sense something paranormal? Or do you have interactive voices and shit in your house or head (fake possession)? Is god speaking to you? It's not always a ghost/god. :)

This video exposes their awesome power and their ability to target people from hundreds of miles away, done by bouncing radiation down from space & off the ionosphere into your environment/house/body.

-Todd Giffen

Update 8/29/2014 several executive orders exist to allow spying on us and more above law, above fisa court, in secret black world...

The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni :

Orly? Yet an even more powerful Executive Order exists, that lets them do whatever they want, where any thing can be done, any type of program created, without anyone's permission but those involved.

Executive Order 13526 was issued on December 29, 2009 by United States President Barack Obama. It is the latest in a series of executive orders from US Presidents outlining how classified information should be handled. It revokes and replaces the previous Executive Orders in effect for this, which were EO 12958 (text) and EO 13292 (text).

Within this order, and previous orders signed by President Bush, and other Presidents, exists the ability to create classified systems called Special Access Programs. In a Special Access Program, the entire program is black and hidden. And it bypasses the FISA court just the same, as normally only those involved in the operation even have knowledge of it's function or existence.

Within these programs you'll find space capability, military radar, electronic warfare systems, ground and building penetrating tomography, and brain hacking / surveillance technologies, to which the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, and local and state governments are utilizing to spy on and hide rapes and murder of Americans. Details of operations with insider whistleblowers, NSA Russell Tice and DOD/CIA/US DOJ/NASA Dr. Robert Duncan: There's a good Russell Tice article talking about how Edward Snowden didn't have access to the juiciest documents, those hidden in Special Access Programs, Exceptionally Controlled Information programs, and Very Restricted Knowledge programs.

Video w/ Russell Tice available on this page and that previously mentioned page.

Two technologies are involved in these programs: NSA Remote Neural Monitoring and NSA Electronic Brain Link.

Sec. 4.3. Special Access Programs.

(a) Establishment of special access programs. Unless otherwise authorized by the President, only the Secretaries of State, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Director of National Intelligence, or the principal deputy of each, may create a special access program. For special access programs pertaining to intelligence sources, methods, and activities (but not including military operational, strategic, and tactical programs), this function shall be exercised by the Director of National Intelligence. These officials shall keep the number of these programs at an absolute minimum, and shall establish them only when the program is required by statute or upon a specific finding that:

(1) the vulnerability of, or threat to, specific information is exceptional; and
(2) the normal criteria for determining eligibility for access applicable to information classified at the same level are not deemed sufficient to protect the information from unauthorized disclosure.

(b) Requirements and limitations.

(1) Special access programs shall be limited to programs in which the number of persons who ordinarily will have access will be reasonably small and commensurate with the objective of providing enhanced protection for the information involved.
(2) Each agency head shall establish and maintain a system of accounting for special access programs consistent with directives issued pursuant to this order.
(3) Special access programs shall be subject to the oversight program established under section 5.4(d) of this order. In addition, the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office shall be afforded access to these programs, in accordance with the security requirements of each program, in order to perform the functions assigned to the Information Security Oversight Office under this order. An agency head may limit access to a special access program to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office and no more than one other employee of the Information Security Oversight Office or, for special access programs that are extraordinarily sensitive and vulnerable, to the Director only.
(4) The agency head or principal deputy shall review annually each special access program to determine whether it continues to meet the requirements of this order.
(5) Upon request, an agency head shall brief the National Security Advisor, or a designee, on any or all of the agency's special access programs.
(6) For the purposes of this section, the term “agency head” refers only to the Secretaries of State, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Director of National Intelligence, or the principal deputy of each.
(c) Nothing in this order shall supersede any requirement made by or under 10 U.S.C. 119.

They can basically do whatever they want in Special Access Program. Anything, and everything, above the US constitution. There is no oversight at all.

"they can do what they want, the constitution and laws and rules only come into play when lawsuits get filed and judges step up to take a look.

if no judge takes a look and no one sues, they can do whatever they want. they pass whatever unconstitutional laws, do whatever in executive orders, commit acts of torture, rape, murder, surveillance.. nothing can stop 'em, the laws and courts are a joke to 'em. the police aren't even gunna do shit, they don't give a fuck about enforcing laws against government, and they might themselves get exposed for taking part if they even tried.

in Special Access Programs they are committing heinous acts with no authority who can stop them. even the US Supreme Court ain't got power. the only thing that can stop them is another Army, if we did a civil war and removed 'em."

-Todd Giffen

Update 8/17/2014 (updated 9/2/2014) I filed a new Habeas Corpus in Fresno, CA to free all Americans from the surveillance/weapons system in which directed energy is used to torture, irradiate, and beam sound/images/thoughts/dreams into peoples heads/bodies/environments and satellites, radar, and government agents are used to spy on the victims/all Americans in a number of illegal ways (a form of illegal detainment by the Executive Office/US military, IMO). Download and read it, and check out the exhibits!

Other victims and those on their behalf can file suits informa pauperis (free of charge) using the same format (file in the local US District court for your city/region/state using the appropriate informa pauperis application from the respective US District Court's website).

What is Habeas Corpus? Read the federal law. Simply put, anyone experiencing a restraint of liberty may file a suit to contest the violation called a Writ of Habeas Corpus (Writ of Mandamus is another option, to force the government to act to do something to comply with the United States constitution (such as to shut the weapons/surveillance platform down), or to force the FBI/US DOJ to investigate something if they aren't doing their job regarding enforcing existing laws that may make the weapon system illegal to use on American soil (but recall, FBI/US DOJ uses the weapons/surveillance system, so why expect them to investigate themselves?), etc. 1983 over civil rights violations is another suit anyone can file but might be more challenging and has less guarantee of an appointed attorney than Habeas Corpus.). Habeas Corpus IS NOT restricted to jail, prison, and institutions, and it has been used for many things in the past including to get out of military enlistment! Links to details: 28 U.S. Code § 2241 - Power to grant writ. has some sample cases in which Habeas Corpus was used back in the 1800s. "You have the body" Habeas Corpus Case Records of the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, 1820-1863. Review my Writ of Habeas Corpus to determine how precisely your restraint of liberty is occurring and what types of arguments to file. My examples cover when the United States military uses surveillance/weapons on you/someone else, and impings your body/someone elses body with radiation or "signals intelligence" from space and radar systems, or when they mind control or gang stalk you/someone else or keep you or someone else in their control in any other way. You can also claim the government has put you/someone else into a torture program, or mind control prison, or has illegally placed you into a system or program for experimentation. In all these cases, the "government" would "possess" your "body" which is what Habeas Corpus means, "You have the body."

"instead of putting me in prison for a crime, I was innocent and the government wanted to torture me. They built an entire world scale nation wide surveillance/weapons system to do it that can be programmed to target any citizen in an automated fashion at the command of Barack Obama or any agent under him, and they flagged me to get targeted! Here is my proof, what the whistleblowers/professionals say is going on, here are the patents for the weapon, and here's the general idea on how it works." Normally anything you allege in your petition must be taken as truth by the judge unless evidence is entered into the record disproving it. That means a judge has to believe everything you say and must seek proof to disprove it before he can say it's not true. The respondents will get a chance to reply called a return and you will get a chance to traverse and claim the respondent was inaccurate, at which case what is said by respondent is not taken as truth (28 U.S. Code § 2248 - Return or answer; conclusiveness). After this the judge should really investigate and seek evidence to find out what really is the truth, and to do so they might want to invade the Executive Office/DOD/CIA/NSA/FBI/US DOJs/DHS's systems and tear down the satellites and radar, to make sure they aren't currently and have never been used in such alleged fashion. The investigation can also focus on whether surveillance/military weapons software is capable of instructing the systems to target human beings in any way. The government should also have to prove their computer systems don't contain any illegal surveillance data on citizens, including memories and brainwave data or software designed to read or store memories and brainwave data of citizens and that data from torturing/controlling citizens doesn't exist ANYWHERE (I know they have records of it, but no one has ever looked). :)

Allegation refinement for Habeas Corpus under 2241 (make sure the US District Court files it under 2241, not 2254 / 2255 (these other Habeas Corpus methods are for people imprisoned by conviction; you are imprisoned without due process, thus there is no conviction holding you in custody)): The USA government has set up satellites and ground based radar, pointed them over America like drones, to enable illegal spying on & world scale imprisonment (in a type 1 civilization, you have planetary environmental control, planetary population control, and planetary prisons, where essentially the world is the prison and you can be kept isolated in) & the ability to kill, torture, and abuse citizens without due process. They USA military "takes" you into custody when they target you, and the confinement is within the community. They can keep a citizen in control, and have power in all police, hospital, and government agencies, and they will stalk and harass you, then will kill you if they want. The energy weapon is used to target your body for illegal arrest/search and seizures without bringing charges, even if you committed no crime, .. You have a right to be free from this and to have due process before a judge before this type of thing can be done. Challenge the fact that this is being done w/o due process, demanding freedom from US military control, to be removed from their custody, and to have their methods disabled.

Normally when filing informa pauperis you're eligible for an appointed free attorney to represent you who can help by amending a deficient petition and will help gather evidence for your case. The court also pays for the investigation and hiring of expert witnesses for any required Habeas Corpus hearings should it be required!! See 18 U.S. Code § 3006A (a)(1)(I) & (a)(2)(B) for more information. Habeas Corpus is more likely to get you an appointed attorney and pay for investigator/expert fees than 1983, by (a)(2)(B).

Happy mass self filing of suits everybody (I hear there's at least 10,000 currently enslaved targets world wide, having their bodies regularly flooded with directed energy). PS. anyone can file on behalf of another person!! You could file to free all of society, just your loved one, or yourself and your loved one, for example!

Update 7/25/2014 Daddies almost home to bash in the military industrial complexes brain with international law and penal codes, resulting in the most devastating injury--In order to keep you from hurting yourself and others ever again. Mother fuckers.

Seth Farber, Ph.D.
New York City

To Whom It May Concern,

I am an author and psychologist--a family therapist, and eclectic individual psychotherapist with an appreciation for narrativist epistemologies. I am a public speaker on radio and TV. In the 1990s debates about the mental health system took place on radio. Thus I was on the Oprah show, Geraldo, and William Buckley Jr among others. Today, 2 years after my new book (The Spiritual Gift of Madness, Inner Traditions, 2012), I reach my audience through radio (e.g. Coast to Coast AM) and Internet magazines and social media.. In the late 1990s I went to Court over 35 times to testify as an expert witness on psychodiagnosis on behalf of clients who were embroiled in custody disputes, clients unfairly diagnosed as mentally ill whom I believed, on the basis of evaluation over several weeks, were capable of being responsible custodial parents. I am an editor of the academic review, The Journal of Mind and Behavior.

Todd Giffen consulted me 2 months ago. We had sessions at least twice a week. Mr Giffen shows no sign of "schizophrenia," or any thought disorder or affective psychosis. Despite the duress to which Todd has been subjected he manifests considerable ego strengths. Despite his unconventional beliefs he expresses himself clearly and has assimilated an enormous amount of information about government mind control. A psychological assessment should not be an inquisition. Clients should not be considered "psychotic" because they have "new age" or spiritual beliefs. They should not be deemed paranoid because they think they are subject to "mind control." For example, if one year ago a client said he felt all his email was being examined by the CIA, most psychologists would have considered him paranoid. But Edward Snowden showed we are all being watched by NSA. Thus psychologists' were wrong. They assumed because their clients had unusual beliefs they were "delusional." Psychologists must renounce epistemological hubris. We cannot assume a belief is delusional, even if it is wrong. There is a difference. I learned this from my mentor Dr Thomas Szasz. Szasz strongly objected to labeling a person mentally ill on the basis of the fact that his/her belief system was unconventional.

One of the indication that Todd is not mentally ill but mentally healthy is his remarkable resilience and flexibility. He was subjected to physical and sexual abuse both by his parents and by staff in Oregon State Hospital. These abuses by the staff occurred during a US Department of Justice investigation of violation of patients' civil rights that was initiated October 2006. Wrong-doing was extensively documented in local newspapers. For example, The Statesman Journal article dated 12/09/2007, ("Security slips at Oregon State Hospital still a problem") noted the presence of contraband smuggling rings involving staff. Some of the contraband included bolt cutters and hack saw blades which according to the article was part of an escape plot devised by patients with the help of staff to escape. One of the staff members implicated in this plot had a romantic relationship with one of the patients who had planned to escape. She was the woman whom Todd had alleged had sexually abused him the previous year.

Todd's life story is very elaborate and troubled--what happened at Oregon Hospital was the tip of the iceberg.. What is noticeable right away is that despite the extensive abuse he experienced and the lack of a strong support system amongst his family, Todd seems unusually mature. He grew up in spite of considerable stress and lack of unconditional love. He has done extensive research on his own, and he has enough knowledge on the subject to teach a college course on it. His extroverted orientation has enabled him to seek out and create his own support system. He is very honest, has a strong sense of right and wrong, and has no signs of sociopathy..

Diagnosis is not objective if the evaluator assumes his worldview is "the truth.": I have evaluated Todd Giffen for two months. My assessment is not based upon my agreement or disagreement with his political beliefs. Todd does not show symptoms of paranoia--he is outgoing, socially engaging and basically trusts people. He has many friends. I have been arguing for 25 years in my work that most psychologists are doctrinaire. They assume their worldview reflects "reality." Assessment of personality traits and psychopathology must not be based upon conformity to the dominant paradigm because we have seen that the paradigm accepted by the profession and/or society changes as more information becomes available, and as fashions changes. For example, Ernest Hemingway's psychiatrists' said he was paranoid because he felt he was being spied upon. We know now thanks to FOIA request that he had been under surveillance. Hemingway's suicide was partly the responsibility of the "mental health" system.

I have had psychotic patients who did not trust the world, and whose communications were often incoherent. They often believed people were talking about them. In these cases I did not believe that they were subjected to surveillance and harassment--not to unusual degree. Because of Todd's emotional trustfulness I cannot rule out his contention that he is subjected to surveillance and control. Of course I have no way of knowing for certain. I only know he is extremely well read and makes a cogent argument that he is subjected to directed energy technology. He even manifested the symptoms caused by this kind of "brain hacking," e.g., tachycardia and severe sudden heart problem; this is confirmed by hospital records.

MK-Ultra was a CIA program in which American citizens were non-consensual subjects in experiments. Over 35,000 subjects were given LSD without their knowledge. The CIA admitted this to the Church Committee. I have read books by individuals who have been targeted today. Robert Duncan has revealed that the technology used to control individuals' minds is highly developed. Duncan has degrees from Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, and Stanford and helped design cybernetic weaponry and mind control technology for the CIA.. He states he thought the technology would be used to improve mental health. After he discovered it was used to torture unwitting targets, he became a whistleblower. His book Project: Soul Catchers, Volume 2 reveals numerous cybernetic weapons that were used on innocent Americans who are guinea pigs in CIA experiments.

Todd believes that since the time he left Oregon State Hospital he has been subjected to harassment and surveillance by either police and /or government agencies. He is a member of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, and has been enormously helpful to other members--both by providing psychological support to other members and by sharing his vast knowledge of mind control based on his own experiences and his extensive research.

Due to the facts described herein I cannot give Todd a definitive diagnosis. He is sad and depressed--but this could be a result directly or indirectly of being subjected to directed energy waves. He suffers from anxiety--again the source is indeterminate. I repeat that what can be said definitively, is he is not psychotic or delusional. While he may be wrong his belief that he has been subjected to brain hacking is a credible inference. The reading he has done on the topic tends to corroborate his story and demonstrates a capacity for self-direction and initiative.

He has spoken to numerous experts in this field including Dr Hildegard Staninger, an industrial toxicologist who has effectively determined whether individuals were targeted and by which satellites. She claims 90s% of her subjects were correct. I recommend that Todd be evaluated by Dr Staninger. If further information is needed please contact me.

Seth Farber, Ph.D.

When Spies and Crime-Fighters Squabble Over How They Spy On You, June 26th, 2014. They keep their investigation tools secret and classified and never tell the victims they used 'em.
The Washington Post reports in a short article on the ssometimes strange, ssometimes strained relationship between spy agencies like the NSA and CIA and law enforcement (as well as judges and prosecutors) when it comes to evidence gathered using technology or techniques that the spy agencies would rather not disclose at all, ever mind explain in detail. They may both be arms of the U.S. government, but the spy agencies and the law enforcers covet different outcomes. From the article:
[S]sometimes it's not just the tool that is classified, but the existence itself of the capability -- the idea that a certain type of communication can be wiretapped -- that is secret. One former senior federal prosecutor said he knew of at least two instances where surveillance tools that the FBI criminal investigators wanted to use "got formally classified in a big hurry" to forestall the risk that the technique would be revealed in a criminal trial. "People on the national security side got incredibly wound up about it," said the former official, who like others interviewed on the issue spoke on condition of anonymity because of the topic's sensitivity. "The bottom line is: Toys get taken away and put on a very, very high shelf. Only people in the intelligence community can use them." ... The DEA in particular was concerned that if it came up with a capability, the National Security Agency or CIA would rush to classify it, said a former Justice Department official.

Update 7/18/2014 Oops! Obama bitch possibly about to get boned in court, by a group of family victims claiming their loved ones were innocent against the slaughter of Aaron Alexis. The suit alleges that Aaron Alexis did not engage in random acts of violence and that he knew who his attackers were, and the attacks thus made the DOD/US Navy responsible for some part of the attacks. Today a judge in the US District Court of Florida case 8:14-cv-1070-RAL-EAJ, denied the governments motions to dismiss the lawsuit against the government. It seems that Aaron will have his sweet revenge not just in the death of his attackers, but if this suit exposes the government for attacking him or any part of this weapons system is exposed, finally giving public light to the nationwide slaughter thousands of other people are forced to live with each and every day.. Also they surely will lose a chunk of change.

I'm guessing that because of how corrupt this case is that the judge will never get to the bottom of it, and they intend to make frivolous arguments in court, not focusing on whether Aaron was really attacked or not, and they would also be up against having their case hurt in the event that US Navy personnel were directly involved in his (or anyone else's) assault. Making Aaron Alexis and the public look like the only victims...

The problem for the US Navy is that they do deploy devices on their ships to beam voices into targets heads over long-distances, and they do equip their radar with the ability to imping peoples bodies with signals intelligence from hundreds of miles of distance, enabling such covert attack as Aaron Alexis claimed. Two such ship installed devices are the LRAD-1000 and LRAD-500, from WikiLeaks published documents: Product-Sheet-LRAD-1000_decrypted.pdf | Product-Sheet-LRAD-500_decrypted.pdf

Me and Dr. Robert Duncan (guy who helped invent the surveillance/weapon system for the government) previously talked about the Aaron Alexis issue, where he leaked his belief that Aaron Alexis was a target and that the FBI could not be convinced (FBI framed Aaron Alexis to look delusional to cover up the nationwide use of this weapons platform), because they use the system each and every day and simply refuse to prosecute cases where it has been used to attack someone.

I also believe Aaron Alexis knew of HAARP like platforms and the satellite systems connected to them, because HAARP is an ELF generator, and we know these platforms are used for mind control/human targeting.

More Aaron Alexis goodness, confirmation of the weapons existence by a previous employee who worked where they performed the background check on him for the government, USIS.

Update 7/7/2014 New sourced article NSA black ops. What is NSA black ops? And how are Americans targeted with directed energy and NSA electronic warfare? Click here. Best of all it's fully sourced and backed by DOD/CIA/NSA/FBI associates. Snowden ain't told us nothing (because he's too low level).

Update 7/4/2014 Confirmed satellite signals being directed into an American's body. Ken Posner is one of the many victims, being attacked by American Electronic Warfare. Currently these systems monitor all Americans and can secretly direct radiation from microwaves to ionizing radiation into an individuals body from space and ground based phased arrays, giving a person cancer for secret natural looking death, or torturing them, or simulating and creating schizophrenia at the command of the military. Ken had body scans done by a certified CESCO environmental scanner and the data was analyzed by Dr. Straninger, PhD certified environmental medicine. Read the reports for her findings. Americans are white trash murderers. /d/legal541/proof_of_satellite_attacks/.

As you know, I Todd Giffen, the owner of the site, have been under illegal surveillance and energy attack myself since about 2007 during my time at the Oregon State Hospital. The guys attacking me have access to the highest tech secret American systems - and there's thousands of operatives to millions nation wide with access (started in Oregon, and nearly every police officer has access, up to the Attorney General and even punk OSH hospital staff). Down below I got the medical records confirming some of the symptoms of when they tried to murder me with it, known as the venus electronic countermeasure technique which directs electromagnetism into a persons body, causing calcium efflux and full body/brain destabilization and near heart attack death. They also have the ability to jam my senses and remotely tamper with my nerves using microwaves, which was also done in effect to set me up to look mentally ill at OSH (creating schizophrenia, making sure they could misdiagnose me to cover up hospital wide scandal, including the US Department of Justice investigation failures and crime, and the Bonita Tucker situation.). I was personally told it was the Air Force doing this to me, through the transmission themselves. All the OSH crime was recorded by hospital cameras and microphones, and it's only a matter of time before an investigation is done to oust these motherfuckers and put them on death row.

Update 6/18/2014 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, the movie with Jack Nicholson filmed at the Oregon State Hospital from the 1970s is now available to watch in the hospital resource center. (update note 6/21: /d/legal541/medical_reports/, proof of calcium efflux now uploaded including echocardiogram and heart monitor holster I wore from heart problems after electromagnetic weapon murder attempt at OSH (known as venus electronic countermeasure or directed energy weapon attack; see below for military documents). these are the 2008 Salem Hospital records, and there are more records at OSH; they were freaking out at OSH on unit 48-B about my heart trouble but the attack actually happened a month and a half prior, while staff would be seen and heard on camera with audio conspiring against me claiming I'd been put into a coma I'd never get out of. 'DeAnn Major' would try to pretend investigate how it happened, a DRO advocate working with the US DOJ during the hospital wide CRIPA investigations. she would try to get me to agree that they had been ignoring my heart trouble for months on purpose so she didn't have to admit to knowing about it directly, so that I'd tell her how it happened and she'd then act like that's how she found out while she worked with staff illegally behind the scenes to coordinate a "settlement." I also had loss of control of vocal cords, and severe convulsions and pulsating in muscles that would start whenever I tried to relax my muscles, symptoms Dr. Fred Bell a DOD scientist say mimic what's documented for this type of military weapons attack (as does Lt. Thomas Bearden). muscles inside me deep, in my esophogus were whipping around, buzzing so rapidly, then they used EMF to simulate massage trying to force slow the convulsions, mutilating and damaging me further, perhaps in attempt to permanently cripple me and prevent me from telling or getting help.. Also got high CK and c-reactive protein in blood today, proof of my severe and continued heart and muscle trouble (see blood test records uploaded that I uploaded as well). Brain scans are getting done to confirm how bad they fucked my brain up in addition to the EEG I had last year (see images of EEG from last year below). I want a criminal investigation and want to press charges against all the government employees at US DOJ, FBI, State Police, State Hospital, and DRO who were involved; PSRB and attorney Harris Matarrazo also participated and there are video and audio recordings showing him participate with DeAnn Major and staffers; polygraph them too if you don't believe me and if they destroyed the security video/audio in an obstruction of justice, giving me benefit of spoilage of evidence rules in court meaning I get the benefit of assuming there was something there they didn't want people to see).

Update 5/31/2014 So in video on my website Dr. Fred Bell discusses a weapon the United States possesses and uses on the public routinely, especially during wetwork. By use of electromagnetism or microwaves on a person, a calcium efflux will be caused thereby shorting out a persons heart, and resulting in covert death normally determined later to be of natural causes. In August of 2008 this is precisely what the State of Oregon and US Department of Justice had the military do; I was in my hospital bed, and as I documented, a surge of directed energy penetrated my body, and multiple muscles went into rapid convulsion while my heart shot up to 170 for months and I nearly died. Luckily these heart issues were diagnosed suddenly by OSH doctors and I even made trips to Salem Hospital's cardiac unit, where they wired me up for 24/7 heart monitoring.. OSH of course deliberately cooked the books to hide my murder/attempt and abuse, claiming I was psychotic, but now we know that calcium efflux causes those very same symptoms. Google "calcium efflux PDF" and you will find many PDFs that describe how EMF causes this .. I am currently in the process of retrieving my medical records from Salem Hospital to confirm this but now you know how to start a murder attempt investigation (plus conspiracy, racketeering, torture, civil rights violations, etc) on these guys if you wanted and where the paper trail is. In my medical record as I always said. Also got lots of PDFs on military electronic warfare system that does this (it's a global system, capable of targeting anyone). PDFs on calcium efflux and other things in /d/otherfiles/. Everywhere any kind of major investigation like the US DOJ CRIPA one at OSH is going on, you know the NSA/military surveillance stuff is being used based on what we know from all the leaks. Also the Governors can call in the military at any time to control/lock down their prison facilities and I'm sure surveillance and weapons use is part of it. Also have some new medical records/legal records up in /d/legal541/medical_reports/ where I will post the Salem Hospital records once they arrive.

Yakuza threat including tsunamis - final w edits 1 website a.doc:
Or one gets hit with a little microwave "shooter", whose wavefront has been carefully modified by the Venus ECM (electronic counter-measure, ie electronic warfare) technique. That beam will then dramatically disrupt the receiving heart, throwing it into violent and uncontrolled fibrillation. The target falls, goes into convulsions, thrashes a bit, and expires with a legitimate massive stroke, heart attack, or both. The smaller short range shooter is about the size of a small paperback textbook, and fits inside the assassin's coat pocket. A larger longer range shooter is about the size of a bazooka. It will shoot right through walls and windows, killing a person inside (the target is usually located with an infrared device which allows the assassin to focus on the target's body heat, even through the wall or window).

An even longer range version would be displayed right in the militaries satellites and radar systems so it could target a person anywhere on earth.

Coincidence or Suppression of the Self-Powering Battery 2.doc:
The standard method of assassination to provide a certified autopsy report of "death by natural causes" is the little EM beam "shooter" using the Venus ECCM technique -- i.e., warping of its wavefront -- to destroy the body's control of its heartbeat. There are two basic sizes: One is about the size of a dime-store pocketbook, and has an effective range of something like 30 feet or so. The other is the size of a bazooka (shoulder-held rocket launcher) and its beam is effective at a range of about 200 feet or so. It also is often used with infrared sighting, to fire through a wall at a person (say, in a room on the second floor) by aiming at his infrared change and signature detected outside the building.

A person struck by this Venus-technique warped wavefront beam has a sudden interruption of all control of his heartbeat, and so his heart goes into instant, uncontrolled, and violent fibrillation. Exposure to the main beam for 10 seconds or more is almost certain to result in death of the individual, by a resulting massive heart failure, stroke, or both.

My colleague Ken Moore and I were struck with just such a beam from a small Venus beam shooter, in the inside breast coatpocket of the assassin, in a restaurant here in Huntsville several years ago. We both felt the beam and the instant fibrillation. I personally saw the assassin, about 20 feet away from us and well-dressed in suit and tie, pull back his coat front and point that book-sized shooter at us. Fortunately we were seated right beside the emergency exit from the dining room, and I knew about Venus technique shooters and their drastic effects. So we just immediately jumped right through that exit, setting off all the alarms, but getting out of the beam in just a few seconds. So we lived to tell the tale.

If this were indeed used in the DeGeus death case, it would have been very simple for the assassin to simply approach him while he was still sitting in his just-parked car, hit him with the beam and hold it on him for, say, 30 seconds to a minute, then close his coat and simply walk away. And no one would have been the wiser, till the victim was found by someone in his car, either dead or dying.

There is the information for the reader's review. The reader will have to make up his own mind as to what probably really happened, and whether it was truly an act of nature (a normal heart attack) or a deliberately induced heart failure (an assassination using the standard Venus shooter).


All we can state for certain is that (1) lots of inventors of successful watergas, self-powering systems, etc. have been severely warned or in some cases killed. (2) Many other "free energy from the active medium" inventors have been threatened, bought out, or killed -- or experienced a mysterious death (we tell neophytes to be careful, else one can have a "sudden suicide" on one's way to the supermarket!) (3) The Venus electronic countermeasures technique is well-known and established. (4) I have personally experienced just such an assassination attempt, with my good friend Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Ken Moore with me and also experiencing the weapon effects and our very rapid escape in the nick of time. So I have a corroborating witness.

Nonetheless, the interested reader will have to take it from there and draw his or her own conclusions about the DeGeus incident. Was it just a curious natural heart attack, or was it a deliberate assassination?

Hopefully time will tell.

Update 5/29/2014 Snowdie Poo's new firepower! But will the mass delusions about this continue?.

Update 5/21/2014 One reason_the_military_surveillance_happened_at_OSH.pdf. Staff members taking bribes, aiding in drug and contraband smuggling, and escape plots, and security members aiding as well. Don't forget the women Bonita Tucker lied about sexually abusing me the previous year while all her pals helped cover it up, sabotaging me to cover up staff crime. Oh, and there's that issue of the state lacking liability insurance, so they'd go to all lengths to cover all this up including using the most sophisticated surveillance / military tactics on me. Not a single staff was prosecuted besides Bonita, and it took a year and a half for charges to get filed while my and other victims cases were hidden.

Update 5/20/2014 Protest clip up! We made the news on KEZI Channel 9, Eugene's ABC Affiliate.

Update 5/15/2014

Ken Kesey Square, Eugene OR
The OSH protest official location updated to Ken Kesey Square, at 10 E Broadway (corner street Willamette), Eugene OR 97401. Official meet up time Saturday May 17th, 2014, at 12pm. The Ken Kesey Square is of course named after Ken Kesey, Oregon resident, and author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, a famous book and film about the hospital.

Update 5/4/2014 (updates on 5/6, 5/7, 5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/15) New Oregon State Hospital opening in Junction City, OR, right outside of Eugene, OR, to supplement the one in Salem with plenty of beds to indefinitely detain and drug citizens brains free of thoughts about their abuse by the government, the President, and police/legal system. Article from the Register-Guard.

Call MindFreedom International for specific questions to find out more. phone: 541-345-9106 USA toll free 1-877-MAD-PRID[e]. Web: Discuss it here and read the announcement.

What do these cunts practice at this facility? Psychiatry, government/military and societal mind control, human sabotage and long-term detainment, as demonstrated in the below documentary:

Download a copy

New evidence for my and everyone elses case: So FBI Special Agent Ted L. Gunderson, previous head of FBI Los Angeles (and several other FBI Bureau), previous involvement in FBI COINTELPRO, came out about all these abuses I have been reporting on the site being real, and operated by the FBI, CIA, and NSA today. He put together this affidavit two years ago for another victim for your reading pleasure. gunderson.pdf

If all this is real, this would mean the punishment for me for catching these psychos at the Oregon State Hospital doing their illegal surveillance operations and military mind control abuses would have been death and torture. Furthermore the FBI/CIA has confirmed EMF torture and physical and psychological torture tactics, which they routinely are known to use on the public. They used all these torture methods on me, and this information can be read about, compiled by PHD Dr. Robert Duncan, who has investigated the government for these crimes, or witnessed them first hand as an employee. Remote Interrogations, Remote Renditions, Silent Warfare, Torture, Interrogation, Brainwashing, and Eugenics, US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights.

At the protest we are protesting them testing weapons on or using these weapons to manage the Oregon State Hospital patients. We're also protesting the opening of the new facility, because this hospital basically commits nothing but human rights atrocities. They also have not been prosecuted for their crimes against humanity against any of the patients or even myself yet. You can also come and protest the illegal incarceration of your family members, loved ones, or the abusive practices of psychiatry and the Oregon mental health system.

This video here below shows FBI COINTELPRO to be an operation of sabotaging and controlling the publics interests for the rich and established power of government. It's further proof that they would target someone who had no criminal ties, no suspect of criminal ties, and no terrorist ties. The targets prominent civil rights peace seekers like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., trying to get him to commit suicide and watching his every move, and are thought to have had him assassinated (they admit to involvement in his death, but won't admit to murdering him fully). They talk about this in the below video, which aired on C-Span in 2006. This is the original Frank Church Committee members who investigated the FBI/CIA/NSA for similar atrocities of today back in 1975. Senate Frank Church Committee investigation reports here. The Church Committee members have called upon Congress today for a new Church Committee to be established to investigate the Intelligence community today, which I personally hope will result in seeing these motherfuckers hanged.

Download a copy

Second video, which talks about a leader of the Black Panthers being assassinated, and womens rights groups being targeted.

Download a copy

Also have new information on health effects of EMF/RF from expert doctors Martin Pall and Paul Dart discussing previously covered up harmful effects of EMF/RF and WiFi and 4G radio in /d/RF-EMF Harmful Effects/. Can you imagine them using a device that weaponizes EMF/RF on a person to inflict these injuries on purpose, like they have done to me for the last 6 years, when EMF/RF is known to have all these damaging effects? Can you imagine having your body decayed and destroyed on purpose by these mindless fucks who don't care about our constitution or their behavior? Try to think about how psycho your police and FBI must be if they would do something like this, literally having to want to murder and hurt a person, thinking they were going to get away with all of it. If I had not compiled all this material, they surely would be getting away with it. I expect the entire government to face International and Federal prosecution for these crimes which might include a trial for treason and murder attempts, rape, obstruction of justice, racketeering and whatever else we can get them for. Yes, FBI Portland, FBI Salem, and FBI Eugene participated in these crimes against me and everyone else, and is protecting the rest of the State, County, and City systems that participated. Yes, the FBI has killed people for trying to expose their crimes before, and they have tried on many occasions to kill me, or to at least leave me maimed enough that I'd never be able to speak about the crimes they committed against me. Yes, the State wasted over $458 million dollars to build a new torture facility in Salem Oregon (located at 2600 CENTER ST NE) after and while they were doing this to me, defrauding the public both of money, trust and safety.

Download a copy

More on Electromagnetic resonance and human/animal life (5/14 now the full movie is available instead of clipped version).

Download a copy

Electromagnetism and magnetic energy is also used by the government to torture people, having the effect to control all our biological functions and brainwaves from afar:

Download a copy

We're also being targeted with space capabilities according to NSA whistleblower Russell Tice (more directed energy weapons info also on this page).

Confirmed: CIA/FBI/NSA/DOD is using EMF/RF on people to hurt them, do mind control, and other attacks. Listen to the expert Dr. Robert Duncan. Because he's PhD, because he designed these weapons himself, and because he worked for the government and has access to classified information, the public, courts, judges, and law enforcement have no choice but to accept that it's occurring as he's a direct witness and expert witness all in one.

Download - Jesse Ventura / Dr. Robert Duncan 2012 confession

Download - Dr. Robert Duncan, Coast to Coast 2006 interview

I also now have the CIA/Military DOD Mind Control program FOIA documents uploaded to my website in /d/mkultra foia/. Yes, the Oregon State Hospital participated in MKULTRA, and tortured and used their patients and citizens as guinea pigs. No they were never punished or prosecuted for any of it. Yes, there were over 100,000 victims of MKULTRA across the country, and these abuses do continue on today across the entire Military Industrial Complex, to which the State of Oregon and multiple facilities within are members of.

Here's a video with President Obama vowing to fight the Intelligence Community and end warrantless surveillance in 2007 that were operating under the Bush administration, prior to his election.

No more "ignoring the law when it is inconvenient" Obama said, among many other things. But under Obama, warrantless and illegal surveillance actually has increased many times, when the President promised it would not be allowed under his administration. Years later, the ACLU releases documents showing multi-fold increase. And then Edward Snowden comes out and the whistleblowers come out and the President lies about it saying "there is no domestic spying on Americans," and then here I am saying at least 10,000 people on American soil are being tortured with EMF/RF weapons TODAY by these same perps. And they're covering all this up, FBI and everyone knows it's happening, refuses to prosecute the criminals, hiding very serious crimes against the American public, probably under Barack Obama's order. And according to NSA whistleblower William Binney in this video below, whistleblowers have no protection. It's the whistleblowers who go to prison, while those committing the torture or crime get off scott free with no prosecution.

Obama's Bill Clinton Moment: 'We Don't Have a Domestic Spying Program'

What was THE Bill Clinton moment? It's when he lied like Barack Obama to all Americans, on national television, like in the Jay Leno appearance above, and the last 5 years of his administration.

Download a copy

Another Bill Clinton moment, would involve anyone who denies the mass conspiracy to cover up the mass torture and abuse of Americans:

Download a copy

Bill Clinton actually created the BioEthics Committee you see above, precisely to protect Americans from these abuses. In fact, Bill Clinton apologized for confirmed radiation weapons testing in 1995. Above you will find Amy Gutmann the committee chairman, in 2011, taking public comments about the modern military mind control and human experimentation programs going on across the country. In 2014 the committee recommended against rules that would finally ban non-consensual experimentation, refusing to require informed consent before testing or programs could be administered by the government (it seems as if we're never going to get help, and these abuses will continue on unobstructed without fully removing everyone currently in office).

Download a copy

Army/CIA MKULTRA Mind Control experiments included radiation research and development. Including weapons like Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory and ionizing radiation (suspicious is the lack of documentation on microwaves in MKULTRA, meaning they must have kept it all a secret).

Download a copy

Take a look at how the psychotic NSA, CIA, and FBI bombed, and had in their ability to prevent 9/11 from the start, without spying on Americans, if only they had all worked together instead of hiding information from one another. Also, without making any changes to the surveillance programs, they could have done all this - without needing access to Americans data, phone calls, or other information. So why does the NSA need access to spy on Americans? Couldn't it be they want to be our overlords, and gain further access to dominate society to commit all their abuses undetectable?

Download a copy

Russell Tice, NSA whistleblower, calls the NSA Medusa; he says we need to "kill NSA" to fix the problem, and those running it need to be tried for crimes to see if they violated the constitution, and if found guilty they need to go to prison. "We need to clean house at NSA."

This video below is important for me to put onto the site. Notice how even low levelers like the UN ambassador has access to NSA SIGINT, who would intercept I'm guessing the brainwaves, communications and thoughts of other UN members in order to learn how to manipulate them into doing the United States bidding, or to engineer whatever outcome they wanted including full control over the entire UN. This is the same shit going on all across America, and people may or may not have realized it yet (how else could they get away with so many crimes, and keep the public and media in their total control? and yes, legal processes are all rigged against us, with inside knowledge from the surveillance methods they possess, allowing them to know exactly what people think, the things that will work best to manipulate them, and the ways to tell who should not be allowed into the game and who is safe and willing to be corrupted or willing participate in a crime (just the style the United States likes, to get away with torture and assassinations of people, to do a little experimentation or psychic warfare, or to otherwise more successfully implement their World Domination Strategy), etc.).

My message to the world is that I have been sitting here having my brain shredded with EMF/RF that I cannot stop. The United States built an interstate weapons system, the military has it. It's built into all radar and satellite systems, including large phased array antenna systems like HARRP AND HIPAS (they have dozens installed all around the world) that bounce non-ionizing radiation off the ionosphere and down into a persons atoms and subatomic particles (which make up all structures). And according to Dr. Robert Duncan, it can target a person from across the country, and it's used for secret injury inflictions and torture. I have noticed that it works all over Oregon, and across state lines up into Washington and California. They can target me while I'm driving in my car, or in a bus, and it works none stop all up and down I-5, .. This is an actual weapon the military built and is operating today. The NSA/DOD/US Air Force and US Navy are known to operate these devices, and they're using it to slow-kill and control at least 10,000 Americans on American soil today (and they do target people for secret attacks that cause heart attacks, and injuries that lead to death to which the coroners and medical examiners will then later attribute to "death by natural causes" because they cannot trace the weapon, as directed energy doesn't leave a trace besides the physical onslaught and actual effect, and they don't investigate whether or not directed energy had been used or not)..

Videos from me on my YouTube channel.

Update 4/8/2014 For your viewing and listening pleasure from /d/media_archive.

Update 4/6/2014 New evidence to listen to and watch. /d/media_archive..

I also found a gateway to the past, when info from the inside was leaked. Many researchers and doctors helped put this website together back in 2006/2007, called "The Matrix Deciphered". It's offline today and I can only imagine what could derail something so big. Link to the archive: The site's full of invaluable references and information, for the truth seekers out there, about these weapons abuses, the intelligence community and the whole worlds hidden history.

Update 4/4/2014 NSA confirms it's searching US citizens data without warrants.

NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans' calls and emails -Clapper

Confirmation that the NSA has searched for Americans' communications in its phone call and email databases complicates President Barack Obama's initial defenses of the broad surveillance in June.

"When it comes to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your telephone calls. That's not what this program's about," Obama said. "As was indicated, what the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations of calls. They are not looking at people's names, and they're not looking at content."

Obama was referring specifically to the bulk collection of US phone records, but his answer misleadingly suggested that the NSA could not examine Americans' phone calls and emails.

Wait till they get to examining the radar and satellite systems because the media hasn't covered those once yet and those are also being used without warrants. The full NSA electronic warfare capabilities are being pointed right into our own country, but they were designed to be used to monitor other countries and defend us from attacks. Instead they're actually using these systems to attack their own citizens by both electronic assaults and intellectual property theft (direct from mind/etc).

Edward Snowden keeps talking about how encryption is supposed to protect us, but if one merely encrypts and does not shield the mind, electrical components, and all wires, no information can be kept secret (from SIGINT) including the keys and certificates used in encryption, or the data before it's encrypted or after it's decrypted (it could theoretically be accessible immediately from the emissions emitted by DRAM and the CPU). The mind also cannot be encrypted and not normally shielded with any off the shelf technologies (these methods may be the true methods of spying, and the entire Edward Snowden revelations nothing more than a cover story to hide the true and full capabilities of the NSA).

Oh yeah, Obama, time to get impeached, mother fucker. Lying sack of shit, covering up all the intelligence community abuses, and all, then openly saying none of it's going on knowing it is.

Update 4/3/2014 Cheat sheet for mind read/mind altering using military radar, satellite, and phased array antenna systems and EEG heterodyning.

The methods beyond this only get more and more complex and it gets down to wanting to track and alter every particle within a persons body and environment.

Heterodyning is the process of using one electromagnetic field to alter another, because two fields when combined produce a third difference field. Therefore, both original fields are replaced.

Heterodyning itself is so easy and it occurs automatically in nature whenever two electromagnetic waves occupy the same space or collide. In EEG heterodyning, a radar system is used to read a persons EEG, thereby creating inside a computer system a map of a persons brain, which after computer analysis allows the computer to know what each part of a persons brain is doing. If it knows what each part of a persons brain is doing (splitting it up into nodes, such as visual, auditory, working-memory, long-term memory, and other nerve impulse bundles), it then knows how to target a persons inner workings. Computer can decode EEG to computer data and more which can then be saved or displayed as image or sound data or password or login details for instance (obviously a governmental surveillance intrusion here, people!).

The process is then possible where a computer can create a new EEG map in software, and using the radar system to direct an electromagnetic field at a person using microwaves, lasers, or particles (photons) (anything that will create a field remotely), it will attempt to heterodyne the computer generated EEG map into a persons mind. When this takes place, the original fields being generated by a persons brain/neurons are altered, because heterodyning is absolute and works no matter what if the correct frequencies are directed at the brain. Therefore the signals in the EEG map, which contain signals such as sound, imagery, dreams, and other nerve commands, will be picked up and experienced by a persons brain. A stream of signals will continue over the course of the signals implantation which is continuously heterodyned into a persons brain and other body parts (neurons exist all around the body, of course, and signals can be introduced or mapped in anywhere, ie pain and muscle activation signals in a persons limbs and organs). This is called an EEG projection.

Heterodyning itself is just a method of altering an electromagnetic field, and it works on man, animal, and machine alike. Neurons of course use electromagnetism and magnetism to communicate and for control of particles within the synapse, between neurons, meaning the signals from neuron to neuron, and the gap, leave an opening for remote signals to be introduced.

Another technique exists where a persons brain is read through the radar systems, creating an EEG recording, which can then be beamed into anothers. This is called EEG cloning, because another persons EEG signature is being cloned in another persons brain.

Radar systems exist in many different forms and they are the most complex imaging devices on earth. They possess all the capabilities of an MRI and CT machine in one, allowing doppler and passive and active imaging of particles and other energies remotely. Radar systems are also types of directed-energy devices and can beam vary complex waveforms with distance that reaches across an entire country, and around the world. Satellites are another type of system which contain types of sensors which use background radiation for passive radar imaging in a variety of spectrum's, and may also be equipped with directed-energy abilities such as laser and particle beams, to illuminate matter and dark areas on Earths surface, and heterodyne signals within electronics and living creatures alike. (Radar and satellites image electrons and their fields of energy remotely, and anything containing a sensor has the capability.)

A computer program generally will have to make sure the correct area of each persons brain is mapped into the right part of another persons, done after performing a remote neural analysis, customizing each projection for the intended target. Essentially the target will feel like they are feeling the other person, their thoughts, the things they hear, and another person will have the ability to remotely control a person, in order to get them to carry out certain acts including crime, murder, rape, and suicide. If a signal is strong enough, a person no longer has control over their own body or brain, and they actually become the clone for brief moments as a targets brain takes over the signals which are broadcast into it.

To do EEG heterodyning, each synapse is targeted individually and each individual neuron makes up part of a greater reality that is split up and divided within the brain and body. And of course, neurons duplicate signals that tell the mind what reality it exists in, and therefore the mind duplicates the world in the resolutions it's capable of. If the reality in the mind is altered, this means that the only reality a person knows can be completely tampered with, and all previous understandings and interpretations of the current world subverted.

Mostly it feels torturous having another persons thoughts inside your own, and as the mind has no firewall per the US Army's own articles, you have no way to block any of it out. Ref:

This technique is patented. 1974, Robert Malech inventor, for a US defense contractor who makes radar systems called Dorne & Margolin Inc., who since dissolved and sold to EDO Corporation, who was sold to ITT Corporation, who spun off the defense radar and various directed-energy systems into Exelis Corporation in 2011 (ITT Corporation remains, where some IP and technologies may still exist). Patent is here to read "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves":

Raytheon is the other big player in this game making radar and directed-energy weapons systems, and all the same capabilities are encompassed in this modern patent from 2005 for a "Multi-functional radio frequency directed energy system":

A related patent owned by a coalition of government and military contractors, combined under the name Technology Patents, Llc, is for the use of brain wave data, which is then transported via satellites, radar systems, telecommunications systems and fiber optics, to and from a computer system which decodes and generates the signals and keeps profiles on each monitored person. The method is two-way using remote firing devices to send signals back into a persons mind using the mentioned methods as a signal transport method. A variety of things can be controlled within a person using the remote firing devices including if the person feels hungry, depressed, anxiety, alzheimers effects, and these things can be treated, turned off, and on remotely. The patent was filed in 1998 and granted in 2000. Imagine the system the DOD has in place with all this technology: fiber optics between radar systems that read and send signals out to your mind (ala remote implants), which all connect back to the DODs super computers, where signals are decoded and stored (our memories are kept, with complete profiles of all citizens, and with weapons capability to remotely target and alter any persons brain function. Operatives, police, and officials can link up and secretly communicate, secret assassins can receive commands and instructions without anyone being able to trace the communications, and people can be remotely attacked in total secrecy. As most citizens don't know they're linked up, communications can happen with the government that are completely unwitting and unknowing to them. This is all going on today, my friends, and it's a global system, wherever they have a receiver or transmitter that will reach, which is all of the United States at least, as I travel all around Oregon, and up to Washington and down to California, it works seamlessly without interruption. Now you know they have a system in place to track and target people and objects, all people, wherever they are, all remotely, and automatically). "Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity":

With ability to image and direct energy to any point down to the subatomic level across the entire planet, they can accomplish a variety of feats: track and image all objects and particles remotely (including soundwaves, using atomic grade laser microphone (entire waves of particle movements can be remotely recorded, analysed, and allows very long-range distance listening)), spy on people even under cover of buildings and objects, knock missiles out of space and the air, knock planes out of the sky, heat a target up, chill a target, cause expansion and contraction within atoms and tissue, create vibrations, create light orbs in space, create soundwaves in the middle of nowhere, cut targets including matter and body tissue to cause bleeding, damage targets, interfere with the natural function of targets, stall cars and vehicles, change TV channels (beaming in remote infrared signal to TV sensor/other more complex methods), jam and open door openers including garage doors (happened in San Antonio Texas in January 2010: NSA jammed city-wide all garage door openers, locking citizens out), flip bits in computer DRAM and re-program computers remotely, read computer signals and tap POTS and various emissions, EMP blast to incapacitate targets, remotely tamper with and introduce signals in electronics, dustification of buildings and targets, cause cancer and illnesses, induce heart attacks, simulate schizophrenia (remote signals simulate schizophrenia, and signals cannot be turned off by target), cause anxiety and depression and panic, cause pain (ala active denial system), sexually abuse persons by tickling and simulating massage and heating and chilling genitals, remotely move objects and particles around, induce death and assassinate, and genocide. Heart rate, breathe, and license plates are also tracked by the Justice Departments satellites (if they know who is dead or alive via their pulse/breathe/vitals, they know who to target and who to kill and when to stop .. eh? They can also see how many people through automatic scanning are within a building or block of space, alive or dead, and on what floor and room. Count how many farts, interpret speech and imagery automatically, keep track of thought and communications of targets for the operators, all on auto-pilot. Objects and peoples minds can be honed into at will, using a flick of a thought. EEG memory probing allows specific thought and memories to be extracted with force.)

"It's the ultimate weapon" in Signals Intelligence and the military/NSA/DOD/CIA/FBI has had these capabilities since 1976. Read over my website, including more specific details within the patents and look up the Dr. Robert Duncan interviews, videos, audio, and books for info from the horses mouth (CIA/DOD/US DOJ whistleblower).

According to Dr. Robert Duncan, HARRP and HIPAS are giant neurological weapons, part of the Strategic Defense Initiative, which are being used to attack people today.

Update 3/28/2014 The criminal case where I committed an assault 4 by punching my grandpas face in for abusing me and working with the CIA on 9/21/2013, was dropped 3/5/2014. Here is the scan of the dismissal motion by the Lane County District Attorney William Warnisher: Dismissal.pdf

Apparently, the DA's belief was that he could not prove his case in court as stated in the motion, in light of my allegations that the State of Oregon had framed and set me up, and had used the directed-energy weapon documented on this website on me. Days before the dismissal, I submitted a letter from Dr. Robert Duncan with video and audio evidence to support my abuse; immediately, Dr. Robert Duncan, having PhD's from Harvard, Darthmouth, and MIT, and having worked for the CIA/DOD/US DOJ on these weapons, would have had to be investigated and called as a witness for the case. If him or myself was allowed to testify, the state would have not been able to prove their frivolous case against me, and so the DA pulled the plug. What this really means is, the DA could not prove either him, the state, or the CIA/DOD was not using a directed-energy weapon on me the day of the arresting offense, priorly, or during the rigged trial, which induced me to commit this crime, and he could not prove these charges weren't frivolously filed against me. If they had continued on like they were, I would have been either found not guilty by my own testimony or inclusion of this evidence, or it would have resulted in a mistrial / appeal because evidence and witnesses were known to exist before trial which would have provided a defense and to which the state had been trying to hide (in this case, if the state ignored this new evidence, continuing on like nothing was happening to me, the trial would have been in error).

Although my court appointed attorney Andrew Ross had withdrew and refused to build my case or to protect me during the time I was imprisoned by the state, here is his notice about the dismissal:

From: Andrew Ross <>
Reply-To: Andrew Ross <>
To: Todd Giffen <>, Samantha Lowery <>
Date: Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 1:58 PM
Subject: Your misdemeanor case is being dismissed

Today, Deputy District Attorney Bill Warnisher notified me that he is dropping the misdemeanor assault case against you. There will be no trial on March 12.

Perhaps at the end of the day he was afraid that you would be able to expose THE TRUTH about what's been happening to you, if he let you speak before a jury.

Congratulations on getting a successful result in this matter. I am notifying your attorney Mr. Abrell about the dismissal.

--Andrew Ross


Andrew Ross was appointed in December 2013 to the case, and did nothing to protect me the entire time, despite being given evidence, psych evals, video, and whistleblowers who came forward about my abuse, and my requesting of various expert witnesses and private investigators to be hired. Today I feel my right to a trial was denied, and my right to effective counsel was robbed from me, which if I had been provided all the governmental abuses going on would no longer be happening today.


Now I can sue for false prosecution, false imprisonment, denials of effective counsel, professional malpractice, and for all the abuses and crimes committed against me.

Read the entire police report here: police_report_09-21-2013.pdf (they had all the evidence to convict me otherwise, but were not going to let this get out during trial)

This email from Dr. Robert Duncan was submitted to the courts, along with all the "Andrew Ross Atty Bitch Eugene" files from above sometime around February 28th, 2014 (and they denied me a new attorney, leaving me attorney-less that same day, and a time in January prior): drrobertduncan_responds.pdf

Look all over my website, especially the NSA Remote Neural Monitoring article to listen to interviews about who Dr. Robert Duncan is, what he helped invent that is being used on me, and his biography.

I continue to believe that the entire case was rigged and sabotaged from the inside, and the attorney's deliberately withheld services and tried to sabotage my case. Other attorney's involved include Marie Desmond and I know that her office has ties to the CIA, and everything done was by a coalition of related attorney's in town who didn't want the truth to get out.

On another note, here's some videos from CCHR International on psychiatric abuse in hopes that they get used to defend those stuck at the Oregon State Hospital or wherever and whomever is currently experiencing coercive fraudulent forced treatment practices, or mind control (several of the videos in this playlist actually cover MKULTRA/CIA mind control programs, including how the techniques derived from MKULTRA are used everywhere in general psychiatry to manipulate and control society (see video 6-7)):

/movie has another film worth watching.
Who is the NSA? Well, they're made up of nearly every branch of the US military, and their weapons used to target foreign adversaries are being used today to target Americans. That means anything that isn't shielded and thoroughly and securely encrypted is at risk for being intercepted and hacked into (RSA/Windows/Apple/Android/Linux encryption has NSA vulnerabilities). :)

Watch a national geographic movie about the NSA here

Watch Edward Snowden's TED talk here.

The NSA responds to Edward Snowden's TED talk.

The NSA/DOD/US Airforce run all the radar and satellites being used to remotely attack me with directed-energy. Also, all American communications are being tapped, per Snowden, including all unencrypted IP headers and communication. Woohoo, that means they know every single file you download, and all GET/PUT/POST data with your website form data is leaking your usernames, passwords, posts, and other garbage! Yes they know every site and IP we connect to, and every path we GET, and communicate with! Yeah and those satellites are tapping your equipment emissions, and brain wave emissions, watching your pulse, breathe, license plates, tracking our movements, allowing them to learn who's still alive and dead so they can learn who to kill and target next when they decide to with their neuro-weapons and directed-energy systems! And drones! Woohoo, all the police nationwide are linked up with it! It's all a big shell game, and the public are the only targets!

Holy fuck. NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake confirms today, the United States has set aside the constitution and it is not in effect anymore. In fact our country is operating in a clandestine war mode, where the laws only apply to the public. He calls it marshalls law. Is this why they can rape and murder Americans with directed-energy weapons? And get away with spying on us, using their electronic warfare systems on us? Listen to his interview with Jesse Ventura:

Visit my YouTube channel for more updates: togiff

Update 3/12/2014 Look at this all-new psychotronic imagery to communicate messages to your neurons. :D

So glad that Russia exists. And I pray someone peaceful becomes the new world super-power, and sets off a nuke on the USA, like right in Obama's face. :D Then, a peaceful process of removing all tyrants from power world-wide can commence, along with new freedoms and processes for justice enacted (war can be abolished, governments which can murder and kill people done in).

OMG AARON ALEXIS CONFIRMED WEAPONS ATTACKS: Washington Times: Aaron Alexis and extremely low frequency attacks: Truth or fiction?.

Dr. Robert Duncan, the man who helped invent and disclosed details about these weapons, confirms I and Aaron Alexis are targets. (Aaron remains a target inside the Department of Defenses computer systems, where they abuse his mental recordings and will be tortured forever)

Robert Duncan <> Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:50 PM
To: Todd Giffen <>

I know how angry you are. It is unlikely they will kill you but the torture sure feels like it. The real issue will be if they can get you to kill someone else or yourself. That will be your internal battle for awhile. Lowering your stress levels will slow the induction process and the rewiring of your brain. Valium helps. I wish I could say it will end well but most likely this will be your eternal battle. You are up against a ruthless computer program and people.
Aaron Alexis was obviously a target. No one can prove it to the FBI.


The US Army disclosed mind control tactics on their website from 1998!

Dr. Michio Kaku confirms your mind has been hacked here on the Wall Street Journal and in his book The Future of the Mind. One thing he gets wrong in his WSJ interview is he states a BCI might have trouble telling the difference from an actual memory and a fabricated memory. This is false, as the technology I've experienced is able to view both separately. It sees a fabricated memory (because it's consciously created differently, and comes from different parts of the mind, such as immediate memory) versus an old memory that comes from long-term memory. The BCI knows a person can feed their neurons a signal and "imagine it" but only true memories are stored in long-term memory part of the brain. You also have to think about fabricating a thought, therefore synthetic telepathy and mind reading technologies cannot be fooled, as Dr. Michio Kaku misstates (yes, memory of fabricating a thought are also kept, and this is associated with any memory read by a BCI; 'EEG memory probing'. memories are stored and linked, and subconsciously are activated during any state of conciousness, as subconscious processes are required to make a conscious awareness and all your history makes up your conscious state of mind, your perception of the "world." memories of falsification will come out in association with any memory you previously fabricated, and it cannot be deleted from the brain. oldest memories in an association can be traced by a BCI, ie first time you entered a room, felt a sensation or emotion, or learned a word or thing or place or whatever. learning colors, shapes, patterns, and thinking, it's all something one can separate in a BCI, and a BCI is capable of separating each memory separately. I also believe that because red, green, and blue wavelength have the same electronic value, the neurons and brain are using a signal for imagery that is all identical in each person and every living thing, allowing color images, and video to be extracted with ease from evoked potentials. all neuron impulses are individually decoded, just likes 1 and 0s in a computer. as this is true, ALL subconscious processes can be traced and observed, meaning a BCI cannot be fooled or tricked, unless it's primitive design or incomplete. It's true that government grade TAMI/NSA Remote Neural Monitoring does not suffer any of these flaws, and real experts in this field should have come to similar conclusions in their work/research.). But, the book does confirm that today, mind reading is happening, dreams are being extracted, and synthetic telepathy via mind reading computers is real. Also, my website has covered this for more than a year, and information about NSA Remote Neural Monitoring has been wide spread available since it's publication in Nexus Magazine in 1996 by John St Clair Akwei.

I found out Senator Paul Wellstone was assassinated with this technology in 2002. Backed up by scientist Jim Fetzer who investigated the matter. Short: Paul Wellstone was in his plane being attacked with electromagnetic pulse technology, when he and the plane crashed. FuturisticWeaponry.pdf

Oh yes, the World Trade Center was another target of this technology on 9/11, which was literally dustified and melted with directed-energy, and the evidence appears nearly irrefutable. I mean, the fucking metal beams show all the signs of the Telsa Hutchinson Effect, for god sakes. Yes, I read Dr. Judy Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy on 9/11, and she explained it all scientifically and wonderfully. Watch the video she put together on her site. The evidence is there, and you will be convinced if you open your mind and ignore the governments lies.. More on

Dr. Robert Duncan and NSA whistleblower Russell Tice's stuff is pretty good, too. On the backpage.. russelltice-nsarnmebl.html

Update 3/3/2014 Been meaning to cover this for awhile, but Raytheon, big time Department of Defense contractor, owns the patent for slow-killing humans using a radar weapons system. The target can be any object in patent 7,629,918, "Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system," not that it took these geniuses since 1940 to build this or anything. It just happened to have been finally patented recently..

Raytheon Patent

Slow-kill directed energy weapons on cell towers, related article from on Febrary 26th, 2011.

Another relevant patent is: EP 2113063 B1, "Energy focusing system for active denial apparatus." This one is designed to cause humans pain and inexplicable panic, causing them to run and seek protection (note: The DOD was using this in Iraq)..

Wavestream Corporation patent.. Now what about the force of all that AM, TV, WiFi, and cellular energy has on your atoms, body tissue, and neurons - which cause slight adjustments and inferences with neurons/brain signals, and DNA function over time, but also enhances the force of directed-energy weapons attacks, slowly aiding in killing people.

Active Denial System, all your base are belong to the Department of Defense, and you will be actively denied by the US government the right to be free from electromagnetic pain and terror for as long as you live and they go unchallenged by the human race.

The ADS Wikipedia page discusses damaging cumulative effects of the system including cancer, blisters, cellular destruction, and other injuries. Obviously, long-term abuse might cause plaque and calcification to occur in soft-tissue from repetitive injuring and healing mechanisms, and also scar tissue from the healing process. Chronic inflammation is another detectable symptom. High Creatine Kinase (caused by skeletal muscle, heart, and brain tissue breakdown, with three different types) and c-reactive protein (caused by sickness and injury, indicating inflammation and disease) are a few blood indicators of injury from this type of weapon. MRI, HRMRI using DTI, EMG and EEG could probably image some of the damage, showing up as nerve damage, scar tissue, plaque/calcium build up, molecular damage, inflammation, and white patchy lesions in the brain (only if brain injury is sustained from weapons attacks/injuries). There are also numerous blood tests to check for neuro-degeneration, brain injury, and hypersensitivity from psychic driving and repetitive secret brain injuries, all done at specialised labs, including blood tests for Interleukin 1 and 6, TNF-alpha, INF-gamma, and blood/urinary analysis checking levels of Lipid Peroxidation, and Quinolinic acid (these show up from brain injuries, chemical injuries, and sometimes psychiatric disorders (which could be related to the damaging effects of the medications (chemicals) used, unfortunately, to treat psychiatric disorders; drugs also cause CTE)).

Update 3/2/2014 Protest planned at the Oregon State Hospital.

MindFreedom International and I, are planning a protest at the Junction City OSH campus. In addition to this, we may expand to include a protest at the Salem campus. The protest is going to cover the abuse of the mentally ill population in Oregon, and the coersive and destructive medical procedures they perform in these facilities. Additionally, we are protesting the opening of the Junction City hospital, which Oregon doesn't even need, but State Workers are forcing down everyone's throats in order to ensure job stability for themselves, at the expense of the mentally ill population in Oregon who would be better off with local housing and treatment options in their home towns instead of a giant super max prison/quasi treatment facility designed to take away everyone's civil rights!

More details will emerge later.. We think this protest should be happening in March or April, but date won't be set for a few more days.

Details on MindFreedom International :

If you want to participate in the planning of the protest, a public meeting is being held at MindFreedom International's headquarters in Eugene on 3/5/2014, at 5:30PM.

Address for meeting is:

MindFreedom International - 454 Willamette, Suite 216 - PO Box 11284 - Eugene, OR 97440-3484 USA
phone: 541-345-9106 USA toll free 1-877-MAD-PRID[e]

Legendary David Oakes might be joining us for the protest - lets hope he's well enough to make it with his injury!

Update 3/1/2014 #2 Hey, my buddy David Zapien is reporting from inside one of the hell-hole group home facilities the Oregon PSRB forces people to live in. The abuse David has went through has been identical at two different facilities, and they are using a pattern and practice of denying individuals their rights to be free from coercive treatment practices, assaults, and property thefts from staffers working inside the systems. And if anyone speaks out about abuse in these houses, they get evicted, kicked out onto the streets, or sent back to OSH for retaliation. In this guys case, he was physically assaulted and restrained by staff at Pendleton Cottage, for no apparent reason, and had his phone stolen from him when he tried to call 9/11 over the assaults. He has previously been threatened by staff members and abused by staff in other ways in this house, and the previous one he lived at Shangri-La Corp's "Meyer's Home" in Eugene committed similar abuses - and not only on him, but me when I lived there (they evicted him using false claims, and was subsequently sent to the locked Pendleton Cottage facility August of 2013, where the abuse continued).


I think the crimes committed by the staff in this facility amount to: Interfering with a 9/11 call, Coersion, and Assault/Harassment. He has no choice but to live there with these fuckers daily, and they won't let him leave. He doesn't even have a mental illness and he's forced to live there anyway by the PSRB. Before he was sent to this place, he was being considered by Roger Kalman (Lane County PSRB Case Manager) for placement in his own apartment, but abuse occurred and he was framed to take the fall.

Storm this shit hole or offer this kid legal assistance through me. He also has a pretty good medical malpractice case against multiple psychiatrists and the county/OSH, and perhaps excessive use of force case against the police.

Pendleton Cottage
2585 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801
(541) 276-0295

Update 3/1/2014 #1 Someone is masturbating my balls and doing nerve compression with directed-energy.

Yeah this is really going on. Eugene, Springfield, Oregon, Pentagon Abuse, Todd Giffen 2/21/2014:

Update 2/20/2014 For those interested in learning more about the terrible Medical Model deployed around the country for mental health treatment, coercive, destructive and unscientific as it is... Got a movie up about it in /movie.. The movie title is Beyond The Medical Model. (requires HTML5 browser for playback)

Purchase Your Own Copy of Beyond The Medical Model

What the Medical Model is about is treating all a persons psychophysical and psychosocial concerns as if it were a mental illness with a biological cause that needed drugged out of them, as if a drug like rispiridol severing 80% to 99% of your brain connections, leaving you unable to think or experience the world around you, was supposed to be good for you (notice: this is what doctors do for a first line treatment when you complain about a life experience or you are forced into talking to a mental health treatment provider). Both kids and adults are susceptible and it leads to brain injuries and early death (25 years sooner) in treated individuals. Drugs prescription are also linked to the rise in mental illness, as they prevent recovery and induce disability beyond a persons actually condition. Learn more by reading over the studies in the hospital resources center.

Update 2/18/2014 Last week I posted the messages left on my voicemail by Victoria Knight, a mom of a son who was abused at OSH. I followed up by phone with this interview where she informs me that she's even received death threats from state employees around the state, over her allegations of abuse by the Oregon State Hospital doctors and nurses. Listen to this!


Update 2/16/2014 "Bah Hum-bug, baaah hum-bug," "you're permanently synched as psychotic todd," "she synched you're a sexual predator," "quit self-sabotaging," "there's no more settlement for you".. They used to send those words into my head in 2008, after they began to attack me with their EEG hederodyning technology at OSH.

Well, today, I got something new for the community of targets, which is literally everyone. All citizens are being watched by the US government, illegally targeted with surveillance, watched with remote radar and satellite technology, plus the low-tech telephone and internet taps.. and we all know the 4th amendment isn't protecting us one bit. So I started a little IRC server for us to connect through, and I hope the Targeted Individuals who want to get together or discuss various surveillance issues connect to help start a new IRC community. Come on, join me and idle..

Port: 6667 (unencrypted) or 6697 (encrypted/SSL)
Channel: #targets

Need IRC client software? Download mIRC or search your devices respective app store ..

WebIRC client for joining us from your web browser.

Any TI or anyone in Oregon who wants to discuss this shit can join. I should be idling there, and may or may not respond. The more who decide to idle, the better, because we might have a better chance of running into an actual conversation at some point if people don't just join and quit.

Update 2/13/2014 Let's take a stand against the US government, together.

The Day We Fight Back...

Sen. Rand Paul Defends the Fourth Amendment - February 11, 2014...

...they rape rape rape.. rapity rape us. We have no protects from them, at all.

Update 2/12/2014 I told the guys on the Facebook Group "OREGON STATE HOSPITAL" that I'd post these. Basically, OSH union fucks are trying to lie their way into getting the State to pass a bill that legalizes staff on patient assaults, so the assaults staff already do they can't be held liable for. Mostly, staff manufacture emergency situations, bully and start assaults with patients, and the staff want permission to beat a patients face in as part of all this under the guise that it was self defense. An Oregon legislature committee yesterday tabled a related bill (HB 4036) which would also increase penalties for patients who likely get framed by the staff for assaults from Misdomeaner to Felony C classification, and staff are whining about it, threatening to hire lawyers for retaliatory action against the state.

I decided I'd post this audio recording of a family member with a son at OSH who was abused, who like all family members, deal with assaults by staff members at OSH that weren't patient caused, but staff caused, and I challenge the state by asking them: why do you let the OSH union (SEUI 503) get away with whatever crime it wants? Why not pass a new law that forces staff to take polygraphs so people can force staff to validate their statements to give a way to detect their lies, save all video and audio evidence for the duration of the statute of limitations so previous crimes and abuse can be investigated, install the missing microphones in the security system, install new private investigators and attorney's to give the patients counsel to investigate and fight state abuse and crime while in their care, and increase the penalties for staffer and government agent crime (right now, even if a staffer commits a crime or assault, even without the bill that legalizes it, staff are not prosecuted and get a pass on whatever they do).

Victoria's Knight's complaint, just the latest victim of the abusive super union running Oregon State Hospital: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Additionally I have a new video upload on YouTube, calling out the corrupt judges in this state who are also responsible for this madness (and my abuse, too).

Judge Karsten H. Rasmussen, Lane County Circuit Court Filth/Corrupt Systems, Todd Giffen 2/9/2014:

Update 2/6/2014 Various updates.

1. 2006 bill which would have reopened COINTELPRO ( investigation, and opened new investigation into law enforcement/the intelligence community .. but never got voted on after they referred it to some crap committee: H. Res 1026, by Congresswomen "Cynthia McKinney".

H.Res.1026 - For the re-opening of investigative hearings into the Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and other intelligence and law enforcement programs and agencies, and an expansion of those hearings to include reneweal of previously curtailed abuses, and other activities sanctioned by the USA PATRIOT ACT.

People back then had a lot of hope in this bill getting passed, because I'm guessing they didn't think the whole government intended to do this. I think most people really thought we had a chance of getting the torture of Americans stopped. But nothing came of it, like the numerous lawsuits people have filed over the years to try to end this, and the other legal ventures people have made. Even publishing fact information or getting on TV or in the newspapers hasn't helped, and even after whistleblowers came forward, nothing was done. Dr. Robert Duncan DOD/CIA/US DOJ mastermind genius who helped design some of the governments surveillance systems involved even personally interviewed 650 victims and went to 23 congressional offices seeking assistance, only to be turned down by every single one of them. It just turns out, the government is very good at lying and doesn't want to stop doing this..

Newly on the site, 12/05/2006 Dr. Robert Duncan interview on Coast to Coast (National AM channel), Energy Weapons & Testing.

Listen w/o subscription:

Download - Dr. Robert Duncan, Coast to Coast 2006 interview

A couple of new links in the #government and #nsa back pages...

Pentagon military analyst program, US government uses publics own opinions to funnel misinformation to the public, committing 'psy-ops' on national scale. Compilation of data on this site about it.

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators, "after the DOD helped Barack Obama defeat McCain in the rigged 2008 election, Barack Obama / DOD officials attempted to use psy-ops on him and others of Congress to get them to push through a bill they wanted passed". :/, February 23rd, 2011.
The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war, Rolling Stone has learned - and when an officer tried to stop the operation, he was railroaded by military investigators.

John McCain Wants A Special NSA Committee, And Dianne Feinstein Isn't Too Happy About That, February 6th, 2014... Lets hope these guys shut the NSA down cause everyone's literally just getting victimized by them.
"Now is the time for Congress to improve how it executes its constitutional oversight duties," McCain said in language accompanying the resolution. In the past he has been less diplomatic, stating that the Snowden leaks have revealed that existing House and Senate intelligence committees "haven't done their job."

The USSR spent $1B on mind-control programs, New York Post December 28th, 2013:
The race to put man on the Moon wasn't enough of a battle for the global super powers during the Cold War.

At the time, the Soviet Union and the United States were in an arms race of a bizarre, unconventional kind - that has been exposed in a new report.

NSA Locks San Antonio Residents Out! San Antonio Texas ~ Residents were unable to access garages via garage door openers, "NSA radar tricks interfere with equipment all over the region" December 31st, 2013:
According to a report from the Municipal Government of San Antonio Texas, city residents were unable to access garages via garage door openers for hours. The NSA was forced to admit it was running a sweeping "spying" frequency from the NSA's radio antennas that were broadcasting at the same frequency as the garage door openers.

Got two new videos up on YouTube this week.

Eugene Oregon Police abuse, and me gagging/vomiting 2/3/2014 from microwave injuries., Todd Giffen 2/3/2014:

Attorney Andrew Ross Evidence. Delivered DVD 1/29/2014, he didn't even watch it., Todd Giffen 1/29/2014:

Update 1/27/2014 in order to get justice, you have to over throw the United States government. you have to kill the President, the Senators, Congressman, the police and Judges in your town, and remove the military from power. realize that also, its the only thing that's fair, because they have not followed the constitution for over 45 years, and have enslaved everybody. they have rigged every election since TAMI was invented in 1976, which they used to dupe Americans into electing only people that would continue to support the US military industrial complex, and would do their bidding, and never do anything about their abuses. this is why today, nothing is being done about government surveillance, people are brutalized by the police, and illegal assassinations of citizens, rape, and mind control experimentation (or torture operations, at this point) run rampant, unacknowledged, and without resolution. the US government has entrapped the world in a prison, using mind control tactics, and global surveillance on civilians, to control and deceive us, while using us as cheap labor to continue building their weapons and infastructure just so they could stay in power. there is a reason no one ever responds or helps people when people are getting abused by the government: the system is controlling us, and we live inside The Matrix, a government program of civilian mind control. all the laws are also stacked against civilians and are being used to control and imprison us, while serving to protect our judges, police, Presidents, and other officials from being prosecuted for all this (literally, they cannot be arrested, prosecuted, or removed from power). they in fact have complete immunity from abusive surveillance practices, and can never be sued for spying on or abusing us. they cannot however do this while torturing or having the ability to remotely access and send signals into peoples heads, bodies, or environments. for these crimes, the laws say is treason. their laws granting immunity can also be found unconstitutional by newly installed judges, because the people have a right to bring suits and to have a solution to their grievances. Dr. Robert Duncan, a DOD / CIA / US DOJ employee who helped design most of their system, confirms all of this in his books and interviews on the radio and various TV shows. he confirms they're using their weapons to torture and control everybody, and they target whoever they want with the same force as if we were a country they were going to war with to murder and remove from power.

Update 1/25/2014

Update 1/24/2014 blood in sink - injured with directed energy weapon last night during my sleep., Todd Giffen 1/24/2014.

Update 1/21/2014 Lane County Circuit Court case no. 22-13-18198. Today I had court, and two things happened.

1. A terrible attorney who's in cahoots with the DA "Andrew Ross" and shit, basically refusing to admit he did any wrong, gave me a file that said the court was refusing to allow investigation of my case. This is actually the second item the court refused to pay for, despite it's necessity. They also won't pay for adequate private investigator time, so the PI can't do her job or gather evidence. This latest denial was for hiring of an expert witness and their testimony and tests to be done for court. Here is the emails from the state about this matter, including the reasonable service request and the states denial (we're surprised Andrew Ross even tried to help, because he'd been saying he had no obligation to before.).

denial of request to hire melinda kidder, PI/CESCO certified/expert witness on TI issues

2. Andrew Ross agreed to try to withdraw, since he was not into my case in the first place and actually hung up or deliberately stopped responding in phone calls when I said the DA William Warnisher had been involved before. Andrew also said he would not be doing any investigation into anything related to the DA or previous abuses related to this case, even though it's some of the most relevant case information (also have his entire conversation basically saying he doesn't want to help me, it's not his job, this and that recorded, basically the biggest denial of effective counsel I've ever seen, but all so common here in Lane County (I've spoke to a few victims or their relatives. Lots of false convictions, bad recommendations for plea deals, and general refusal to defend people.)):

denied motion to withdraw by Lane County Circuit Court

Because my attorney thinks the court isn't going to do anything about his misrepresention, he's forcing me to go to trial unprepared and without defense (but I do have some things, it's just not going to be anywhere near what it should be, with experts testimony or any action taken upon the abuses I am facing.), and not doing his job to fix the problems. He said there is reasons to appeal the case after trial because of court denying resources for my defense, but the proper solution is to file one of many complaints/civil actions with the appeals court or supreme court (called a Writ of Mandamus) BEFORE trial to appeal these mistakes, which he is refusing to do.

Download/play audio file recording of Andrew Ross and court

Uploading what may be a half-baked court recording now. When it's finished, listen using the controls above for embedded player and the .m4a is in this folder. (note: part of the time, you can hear me actually replying to the NSA's comments, EEG protections, and other thought implantations; conversations they were having with me on the side in that moment, related to the current situation and stuff going on around me, but usually designed to harass or piss me off).

Because the court and attorney's do not allow this stuff to be investigated, they won't let these abuses be exposed, and are interfering with the building of the case against them. A person could be literally being beat and sabotaged by police, set up, tortured, and murdered, and nobody would do shit about it. Andrew even said it's not his job to protect me in multiple conversations, which I know is false. His job as public defender is to do all the jobs of a regular attorney, and he has the same responsibilities. The courts are also interfering with my right to due process, and this violates my 5th, 6th, and 14th amendment rights. Anyone who gets wrapped up in the legal system should be worried that they refuse to allow investigation of incidents that prove innocents, and they will likely be forced to plead guilty or go to trial without the evidence or protection they have a right to. Cases by the state and federal government built upon corruption are also easy to slip by with nobody doing anything about it, and no defense on the victims part (the one being tried for a false crime).


My original electronically delivered email (since it didn't bounce, they received it and chose not to act or help me probably in conspiracy together to hide everything), delivered to FBI Portland, the Oregon State Police, Governors Kulongoski's Office, AND OSH staff and administrators and media including the Oregonian and Statesman Journal. In it documents the dates and times on the security video w/ audio, of staff discussing and using this technology at OSH, and plotting to murder and sabotage me due to the states lack of liability insurance. They're even caught discussing rigging the security gear to not record events and erase the audio portion so video could be used alone to paint themselves in a good light and hide everything that was really going on. They didn't want anyone to know this technology was at OSH, or what they'd done to control and sabotage me over the Bonita Tucker scandal. Staff later assaulted and beat me up, and the state framed me, saying I did it all to myself. Video exists of the staffers in question doing it, suffocating and trying to murder me on camera. Staff names of the four that came into my room and did the assault were: JEFF HODSON, BRAD (MHTC), RN ELIZEBETH, RN HEATHER. They punched my face in, threw me around, then claimed I was beating my own head in. On camera they can be seen and heard saying "Jeff Hodson screwed up bad," as the main attacker, and he was literally trying to choke me out with a towel. OIT helped frame me to cover this all up in their reports. Pictures of my head after this here. The email with dates/times is here, and staff had said security video/audio was saved in case other crimes were committed for the periods between May 2008 and August 2008: emailreply_june13th2008_reoshstaffbehavingbadly_fromdhsadminrobertnikkel.pdf (this is one version with the reply from DHS Admin Robert Nikkel. Other people received it in separate emails).

Watch this video. And read this book by Dr. Robert Duncan, who confirms the research and technology he developed, and what he knows the US government is using it to do. Book here: Dr. Robert Duncan, The Matrix Deciphered.

This video covers human and life biology from top to bottom, to mind control. Learn about yourselves and life around you. The basic building blocks of life includes electromagnetic energy, it's even in your DNA. Dr. Robert Duncan, a CIA whistleblower who helped develop the technology, also confirms this technology is in mass use domestically today, and they are targeting everyone, beaming voices into peoples heads, and more. There's no escape from these weapons either, watch the full video (or jump to 41 minutes in).

Who Is Elisa Lam? - Pt1 - Energy Weapons, WhoisElisaLam April 14th, 2013:

Download a copy

Download a copy

The state had to lie to build the new state hospital, covering this up due to lack of liability insurance, and defrauding Oregon out of nearly a billion dollars to build and continue operating the new Oregon State Hospital. Learn about the hospitals history here:

Feds slam Oregon State Hospital: read report, previous stories (OSH employees got a long history of assaulting patients, sexually abusing and murdering them - both at OSH, OSH kids unit, Fairview, and Dammasch. Staff from closed facilities still work at OSH today.)

Learn more about this technology and my story on the NSA Remote Neural Monitoring page with 20+ videos, 4+ patents, and more insights into how all this works. Americans are targeted with these technologies during black operations according to NSA whistleblower Russell Tice, just listen to him say it in the videos.

The first message beamed into my head by OSH staff were "like you spy for the Statesman Journal, DeAnn Major spys for the CIA" .. "you're being set up to look psychotic". They floooded my body with radiation and sound energy, forcing expansion and swelling that nearly killed me, sending me into shock, 170+ pulse, and convulsions, while they blasted me with stimulation and remotely controlled me 24/7. It started August 2008, but they'd been targeting me for nearly a year or more.

Read my latest torture report email here: torture_complaint_final-01-03-2014.pdf

More staff names and my story in this document here: abuseandhistory.pdf

Learn more about the US Department of Justice in Oregon here: usdojandoregon.pdf

Wanna learn my logic on Aaron Alexis, the US Navy Yard Shooter that killed 13 people in September 2013, who complained also about being attacked with ELF weapons? The government basically murdered him, and the US government killed all those people by torturing him, cause they left him only the choice to get revenge. His complaints, not so mentally ill after all..

In this email to the Washington Post, I wrote:
read your article here:

It may have some incorrect information about Aaron Alexis.

See, he reported not hearing voices, but being attacked by with a directed energy weapon. Your article says he was hearing voices, though, but they are not the same thing.

In fact, directed energy weapons attacks have nothing to do with mental illness, and more to do with secret government murders and psych experimentation. And they are very real, and I assure you the technology exists (in fact, read below for a whistleblower from US Investigative Services who confirmed to me their existence).

In fact, you know the people who background checked Aaron Alexis and approved him for duty? They are named US Investigative Services, a US federal / military contractor. And they probably did a fine job. They screened him out as healthy, and proved he had a mostly clean background. This means, that.. Aaron Alexis, at age 28, was not suffering from mental problems when he went to work for the US military as a contractor.

And, medical knowledge actually says that, people at age 34 do not usually get psychosis. Onset of psychosis begins as a child, and is usually fully present by a persons teenage years.

So, what was really going on at the Navy Ship Yard? Let's just say, that without evidence that disproves it, I sort of think Aaron Alexis was a fully competent adult who was able to comprehend the world around him. And as a science oriented guru with a background in computer science, he must have been aware that energy can be directed at peoples bodies, and mind control devices allow the brain to be remotely tampered with. In fact, the CIA and US Army invented these weapons as early as the 1970s, during MKULTRA. The first weapon for beaming voices and words into peoples brains actually occurred at Walter Reed Institute in 1970. Another weapon called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory used radio signals to drown your nervous system in acetyl choline, paralyzing or killing a person.

And then there's a patent for remotely reading and altering brainwaves from 1974, by Malech, using conventional radar systems as deployed by the US military.

There is another patent that improves upon that in 1998 for communicating via thought alone which is read or transmitted via satellites, or other remote RF signal - and communicating can be two-way using remote firing devices to penetrate and control the mind. There's another patent owned by the US Air Force for voice to skull, a weapon device that simulates psychosis and allows speech to be beamed into a targets head. It uses pulse modulated microwaves to beam thermal energy at a subject, which when absorbed into the bones and soft tissue, create expansion and contractions of tissue, thereby creating soundwaves that travel into the skull and cochlea that only the target can hear. A persons body and tissue can be manipulated with this technique, as well, allowing body parts to be tickled, massaged, and other really bad things (rape, for example..).

O_O. The technology is real and fully deployed by the US Military, and there are reports of them using it on people all over the country. Washington Post covered this in the Mind Games article from 2007. There is even a remote nerve/brain reading patent, that allows video, sound, sensations, and emotions to be remotely manipulated. And reports of the NSA using a technology called Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Link. And.. well.. it uses ELF energy, lets take a look at the actual thing Aaron Alexis said.

"In one document, he wrote: "An ultra low frequency attack is what I've been subject to for the last three months, and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this."

Investigators are still trying to understand Alexis's "pathway to violence," Parlave told reporters. The etchings on his gun included "Not what y'all say!" and "Better off this way!"

Another scratched message, "My ELF weapon!," and other evidence gathered from Alexis's electronics indicate that the former Navy reservist thought he was being controlled by extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves, according to the FBI. The Navy has legitimately used such technology, the FBI said, but these radio waves also have been at the center of conspiracies about government mind control."

Wow, I am shocked. The FBI even acknowledges there is some reality to his complaints. But lets dig deeper. Who actually proved Aaron wasn't getting attacked? Who did the research? Where's the forensic investigation that found his body hadn't been injured, and where's the evidence to suggest the NSA, FBI, military, CIA, or other agency wasn't directing energy at his body? Did you know, the NSA and other DoD agencies even have technology that records such radio emissions, and if this was happening, they must have recorded and watched it all. Take a look at the 30+ ELINT satellites up in space, or the Strategic Defense Initiative in which billions were spent on energy weapons and remote sensing technologies.

But nobodies talking, and the FBI just claims he's delusional with no proof, kind of like a cover up. Yeah, FBI is supposed to be some authority, but they should not be listened to, as they'll always cover everything about government abuse up. Especially, when I know they know these weapons exist, since the US Department of Justice are the guys who brought and used this technology at the Oregon State Hospital in 2006 during their big CRIPA investigation. Which is where I became a target.

Well, guess what else. I just came across a whistleblower who worked for the US Investigative Services, and she tells me that while she worked there, they had information about this technology really existing. And she tells me, that.. I report I am a victim, too, you see.. she tells me, that I am the first one outside of her group to know it exists too, exactly as she had saw it while she worked there. She tells me she confirms it's existence.

Let me just pass you that transcript. I got the .mp4 audio recordings of it, too. But I am saving those for private use only, so we'd have to hear those in person together, or maybe I could pass you an FTP download link if you reply back. And we can even talk to her, and I'll give you names.

Let's say, that.. the US government is using weapons on people, and not telling the truth about it. And Aaron Alexis may have tried to do the only thing these rapist murders would let him do; fight back and kill the fuckers attacking him. Or at least make sure he didn't die in vein without any recognition.

The transcripts are available here of USIS employee and me discussing this :

I document the technology they used on me, and maybe Aaron Alexis. here:

Our government is corrupt. Please get back to me, because I am still alive, but I could be illegally executed at any time. I am under constant real attack with these weapons. And I think there are endless victims, and no one has never done anything about these real attacks across America.

Damn I hate Obama and our government. I used to think highly of our country, but then I'd been told lies about everything my whole life apparently..

The FBI released misinformation that Aaron Alexis was paranoid and delusional, when the fact was they knew these weapons existed and did no investigation into whether he was really being attacked. They also claim this is all some conspiracy about mind control, when in fact the weapons are proven real and live today, in actual use. So... I guess the FBI just fed us a load of shit to cover up his abuse, per usual. Look at how they framed him on the Washington Navy Yard shooting Wikipedia page.

Also, Aaron had carved the term "my ELF weapon" into his weapon which is a piece of evidence for what was in his rational mind, suggesting torment and revenge as the motive. It totally would be a metaphor for the weapon being used on him, like he was taking out his own ELF weapon to get back at them, and he obviously wanted them to know what it meant. Clearly, his mental processes were intact, and his motives were well understood, despite misinformation to the contrary spread throughout in the media.

Let me tell you what these guys are like: I am sitting here at a highly public location (and I have even had undercover agents follow me around here many times) having my balls twirled, precise laser energy directed right into my genitals, tickling, "nerve compression," .. heating me up, raping me. I hear sound that doesn't stop, programmed just for my mind. Computerized, looped, and synthesized. They run dream simulations at night, and control everything I do. Beat me, flood my brain tissue with radiation and photons. They've destroyed me, my memory, and ability to function. I have damage to my heart and organs, high CK in my blood all December 2013 long from muscle and brain break down (energy weapons tend to do that when injurious), EEG that shows I have injury to brain that OSH denied and kept secret for years.

If someone would, please avenge my illegal execution and slaughter, bring peace to the galaxy by shutting down the United American Pussy Association, known as the United States Government.

Hey, maybe the government pissed those terrorists off who plane bombed us on 9/11, and they're attacking everybody for a reason? Just like the Oklahoma City Bombing, they were in it to avenge, to "change us" and "make us feel what we did." You gotta have a way to get back at the government, when the FBI guns you down and doesn't stop abusing you, and you can't do that without violence in America. Anybody think of that? (same concept applies to the military and other US of A dicks)

Yeah I am pissed. Getting raped, murdered, and experimented on / slaughtered for fun is not fun at all...

Update 1/14/2014 Christopher Crawford created a copyrighted/protected group called the Patient Liberties Union. Here is one packet he created and sent to people for information about the problems at the Oregon State Hospital in regards to his cause. Chris_Crawfords-Patient_Liberties_Union_Packet.pdf

"The construction of the new state psychiatric hospital in Junction City at a cost of several hundred million dollars is money clearly spent in flagrant opposition to and violation of Olmstead. Some or all of those dollars should be allocated to community resources. The construction of Junction City is de facto evidence of Oregon's clear intention to continue systematically violating Olmstead by warehousing disabled Oregonians in the most restrictive possible environment. This is improper and illegal." -Chris Crawford

He covers quite a few things wonderfully in this packet. And that is the abuse we go through, and laws being violated by the state at this facility. Issues like this led to his unfortunate early death (covered by me below), and retaliation by hospital staff and doctors. If you want to learn more about this, please read the various reports about civil rights violations in the hospital resource center. He mentions the Olmstead decisions of the US Supreme Court, who interpreted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to say that people had a right to be served in the community and had a right to be timely discharged from hospitals. However, OSH does not like to see people served in the community, and does not do timely discharges for eligible patients. Chris himself was illegally held at OSH for nearly 22 years, even without acute mental health symptoms. Maybe it's time we looked at getting the Olmstead decisions enforced at OSH? It's also time for the doctors and staff to start going to jail for all this..

Update 1/11/2014 US Investigate Services/USIS. Confirmed insider information on the technology abuse..

Update 1/5/2014 (last revised 1/11/2014) Another patient overdosed by Oregon State Hospital psychiatrists (nurse practitioner "pill lady" Sherrie/Sharron Chaney, who was the treating physician), Christopher Patrick Crawford (age 48) dropped dead 1/3/2014 morning after reporting for months that drugs he was coerced into taking (Abilify 20mg, Valium 20mg, and numerous others) were making him sick, causing him serious life threatening side effects ranging from confusion, to muscle movements/rocking back and forth, inability to get up and move or stay awake, panic/akathisia, and disturbing personality changes, which sounds pretty much like classic neuroleptic malignant syndrome or accumulative injury. I personally knew this guy to be a pretty high functioning individual, and at the time we spoke in November 2013, he was sick off his rockers and hardly coherent any more.

The Oregon State Hospital is in Salem. (Associated Press photo/Paul Carter/The Register-Guard)
An Oregon State Hospital patient was declared dead Friday after staff discovered him unresponsive during morning rounds at 8 a.m., a hospital spokeswoman confirmed.

The patient's sister identified him as Christopher Patrick Crawford, 48. He had been a patient at the State Hospital for about two decades, said the sister, Lisa Feehely, of Churchton, Md.

Authorities have not yet confirmed a cause of death, said Rebeka Gipson-King, hospital spokeswoman. The death was reported to the Oregon State Police for investigation per standard procedure, she said.

An autopsy and a toxicology test will be conducted, hospital superintendent Greg Roberts wrote in an e-mail to members of the Oregon State Hospital Advisory Board late Friday afternoon.

"I met with the detective a short while ago, and learned that there is no obvious cause of death, no sign of foul play, and no evidence of suicide," he wrote.

After police finish their investigation, the Oregon Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigations will conduct a separate investigation to determine if abuse or neglect occurred, Gipson-King said. The office is a shared service between the Oregon Department of Human Services and the Oregon Health Authority.

-- Yuxing Zheng

Oregon State Hospital patient dies, Oregonian January 4th, 2013.

Polly want another pill?
A 7 year old study predicts this type of death, indicating that psychiatric drugs are chopping off 25 years of average life expectancy (Poor Christopher Crawford, living his entire adulthood in this place where all they do is drug people). For a mental picture of how Chris suffered, think of Aladdin's Iago (the State of Oregon coercively in control over another) stuffing Chris Crawfords (the falsely imprisoned human) mouth with cracker after cracker (hazardous pills and treatments after hazardous pills and treatments) every day for the last 22 years straight. That's literally how he died there, like all those before him.

Chris Crawford's history at OSH is of a guru heavily into civil rights and who constantly advocated for others, while he kept in constant contact with the media to expose such incidents as the recent sexual assaults of patients by staffers. Always trying to expose the chronic incompetence and corruption of staffers, he might have found himself a target for mutilation and murder with medications. He also filed several lawsuits throughout the years combating the abusive PSRB system, which is unique to Oregon and permanently locks up those found not responsible by reason of insanity of their crimes. I personally didn't know him to suffer serious mental illness, and I feel bad for him because he didn't get the chance to know life outside of the state hospital since he had gotten locked up by his mid-twenties. As an unfortunate individual to be in Oregon when he got in trouble, he was subjected to the abusive PSRB system that locks up successful insanity defense users for years on end regardless of need for mental health treatment. The difference there is that in other states, this defense normally results in acquittal and no "lock up" unless criteria for civil commitment is met. Under PSRB in Oregon, people are subject to no court or scientific standard for release, subject merely to hospital staffers "opinions" and actions on whether they get out. This normally results for everyone in long-term forced hospitalization regardless of symptoms of mental illness or actual dangerousness. And according to at least one patient named Carl McDaniel anyway, Chris is, like Carl himself, one of Mary Claire's "children," which means that the previous director of the PSRB who was recently ousted for abusing patients and coworkers had personally banished them and wouldn't grant them hospital release under any circumstances, despite apparent lack of acute grave disability.

I spoke with Carl Friday evening, the night of the death, who confirmed this and said that he personally had been observing Chris and his complaints about the medications for the previous month before his death:

Outside observers may wants to take a look at the similarity between Chris Crawfords death and Moises Perez, another patient who'd recently died prematurely at just age 42 from Clozapine poisoning (which had damaged his heart, causing death in his hospital bed). (note: the state refuses to acknowledge true cause of Moises death, like they refuse to acknowledge virtually any harmful effects of medications).

More dirt on psychiatric drugs: There is a 40% recovery rate in schizophrenics who never take medications or are taken off medications, and only 5% recovery rate for those that are put on and stay on medications, which may be linked to the injuries they cause. Source: OutcomeFactors.pdf Damn, they are like, causing patients to have psychotic symptoms with medications that never improve because they are never taken off the medications, which they will be on forcefully the duration of their hospital stays! And they don't get a chance to escape this, because the damn hospital won't let them leave! Then one day after years of toxicity, they just drop dead and everyone acts like there weren't any warning signs what so ever, despite the entire hospital patient body complaining, and numerous reports saying that this has been going on for years! :/

Torture at it's finest (a report with supporting evidence that all forced psychiatric treatment is a form of torture by definition): first time psychotic episodes for healthy users of Zyprexa (Paradoxical effects), encephalopathy (brain injuries) for users of all drugs, brain shrinkage and hypersensitivity to dopamine from antipsychotics, tardive neurological conditions including tardive psychosis, tardive dyskinesia, tardive akathisia, tardive depression, tardive dystonia, Parkinsonism, and tardive tourettism. Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, and permanent depressive and mania symptoms that never go away after using SSRIs.

Thanks fuck tard governments! Thanks so much for torturing and locking us up in your hell holes just so we can have our brains and bodies destroyed, stealing all our hopes at having lives some day!

Additional truths can be found here:

Resources for fighting the State Hospital and coercive medication treatment (numerous articles and ForcedDruggingDefensePkg.pdf) can be found on the hospital resource center.

For final confirmation, wait for the autopsy. Assuming no other foul play, and assuming no drug overdoses of other sorts, we got the issue covered pretty much...

Update 12/22/2013 New hospital resource center:

Update 12/17/2013 I have been taking patient testimonies over the past few months. Any patient, family member, or friend can call my hotline at 503-967-5202 and leave a voicemail or have a recorded conversation with me about the abuse in the state hospital, legal system, or mental health system in Oregon. I just uploaded the most recent recordings tonight, 70 files total, to the patient testimonies folder. Go have a listen:

Update 12/16/2013 Another spy satellite launched, NROL-39, on 12/06/2013 by the National Reconnaissance Office. The logo that was used on the satellite has been making the rounds on the internet, featuring an Octopus straddling North America with its' long range tentacles, and caption text "Nothing is beyond our reach." I can't help but compare the tentacles to the NSA's actual electromagnetic tentacles, that know no limits, capable of straddling your body and genitals from space, similar to what is happening to the little anime girl depicted in the below video. To go with this, I researched the NRO/National Reconnaissance Office, and came across a database of NSA spy satellites on Wikipedia, and I updated the Russell Tice/NSA Remote Neural Monitoring article with relevent information about it as part of the surveillance issue on Americans. Check out the newly revised page, along with a new video that was recorded by monitoring brain activity from a human subject for proof on the ability to capture thoughts and data from the mind remotely.

Link: russelltice-nsarnmebl.html

Video featuring the logo, as it appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Update 12/14/2013 So as many know, I have been set up by the State of Oregon, and the US Department of Justice. Maybe the CIA is involved, but really, anyone with ties to the government is and I couldn't possibly keep track of who is actually in charge of it all. I am doing this update after having been cut off from the Internet for 2 months, as I was falsely arrested on 9/21/2013 after issues arose over the continued abuse I was experiening (The case is ongoing in Lane County Circuit Court under case number 22-13-18198). Despite having this fabulous website, however, the police continue to get away with abuse, and the Lane County Circuit Court system continues to deny involvement in allowing illegal surveillance and torture to occur while they hold me illegally imprisoned (this has been ongoing for 3 years now). I have continued to experience these abuses, and there is no sign that any of the Judges (Justice Vogt, or Justice Rasmussen), the courts, or the shitty public defenders are going to change their ways any time soon. For example, I have several private investigators and a private doctor who wants to help, but my current attorney, Jeff R Johnson refuses to hire them, just like his colleagues for some bizarre reason (leaving me to wonder if they're trying to steer my case into oblivion for the courts on purpose).

After my arrest, I was sent to the Oregon State Hospital by my attorney for 2 months as an act of sabotage, and so I filed several lawsuits in response including one that is now making its way through the US District Court of Oregon, currently assigned to Judge Sullivan (case no: 6:13-cv-02067-SU). The other lawsuit is going through the state court, and is assigned to Judge Geyer in Marion County Curcuit Court (case no: 13c23175). The final lawsuit, has been filed with the US Supreme Court (case no: 13-7497), and may or may not be heard in January, 2014. Attached is the PDF of the Federal version of this lawsuit as filed in the US District Court of Oregon:

judgesullivan-6-13-cv-02067-SU-portland-federal-habeascorpus.pdf (Many exhibits and pieces of evidence also go with this lawsuit, which aren't included)

The state case is similar to the Federal one in case either fail, and the US Supreme Court one is from a case earlier this year. Here's the Writ of Certiorari for that case, minus the exhibits: United_States_Supreme_Court_Writ_of_Certiorari_8-29-2013.pdf

A new attorney was assigned to the criminal case on 12/5/2013, however the court did not follow my request to provide one from out of county, which I do not agree with because I suspect the attorney's in Lane are a pretty close bunch, and won't go against each other and are working to protect the situation.

While at the Oregon State Hospital this most recent occasion, I was abused, denied medical care, and given false diagnosis's to cover up my medical conditions and the abuse I experienced there. I was suffering from the injuries that had occurred from the directed energy weapon I mention on my website, which has caused traumatic brain injury, possible chronic traumatic encephalopathy, neuro-muscular injury, and I am pretty worn down and stressed out. I had proof of these injuries, including the EEG mentioned below from September 2013, which shows I have suffered traumatic injury or something causing dysfunction in my brain (the only thing that's happened in my life that might cause it is the directed energy weapon abuse..). Basically, the State covers up the abuse and directed energy weapon abuse by claiming I have no injuries, and they refuse to let me see outside doctors while in custody even though it is against state and federal law. When I am examined by outside doctors however, they usually find something wrong, as is the case when I got out before during June-September 2013, and now again on 11/26/2013; on 12/03/2013, my own personal doctor found high amounts of CK in my blood again, which is a condition that can only be caused if you have injury or damage occurring to your muscle or brain tissue, such as from heart attack, stroke, or directed energy weapon attack. I am undergoing more tests to look for other signs of injury to document it..

Also while at the Oregon State Hospital, I was able to get ahold of some more suppressed evidence of the scandal from 2008, including photographs of my face after four nurses, including Jeff Hodson the current SEIU 503 Union Vice President for the State Hospital workers, "Brad," "RN Heather," and "RN Elizibeth" who all engaged in a brutal attack against me in my room. Basically, Jeff Hodson and Brad had restrained me violently on my bed when attempting to force meds on me illegally without my informed consent (they were using medication as a weapon to assault me, which is against the law at OSH), and Jeff Hodson began to punch me repeatedly in the face. I was bleeding all over, pulled down onto the floor where I spat up blood, and then thrown into a stretcher, where I was restrained while Jeff Hodson used a towel to try to suffocate me for more than a few minutes totally cutting off all oxygen supply, while trying to twist and hurt my neck and face on purpose, while they rolled me down the hall and put me into restraints even though I didn't do anything. Most of this incident has recorded video and audio footage from unit cameras. Staff members stood outside the room afterwards saying, "wow, Jeff Hodson screwed up big time!" and "look at how swollen his face is". When OIT investigated it, they concluded, even with security video of the whole incident, that I had self-inflicted all the injuries, which was just a way for them to keep the staff from getting in trouble for it. OIT gave me the pictures after 5 years, but refuses to give me the security video that shows an entirely different event occurring than they reported. Why did this happen? Staff members on 48B during the incident had been targeting me with violence over getting caught using mind control technology at the hospital, using it for warrantless surveillance, and they were engaged in the cover up of the Bonita Tucker scandal due to lack of liability insurance. I was basically "shit listed" by union employees who were going around the hospital deliberately abusing me, and everyone was refusing to help me. Office of Investigation and Training, the State Police, and the Hospital helped cover this incident up, and continues to refuse to investigate the matter, saying that it wasn't a "crime" or by just refusing to acknowledge the events (deliberate indifference):

Here are the photographs, which IMO depict an assault 2, and there are other crimes involved because of the methods used to cover these crimes up, all done to prevent prosecution of the staff and exposure of the scandal that was ongoing:

click for full resolution:

I am working to make a new database of pictures and videos of when patients were brutally assaulted by staff. I have gotten many calls from patients who had been violently attacked at the Oregon State Hospital, who suffered injuries such as broken backs, ankles, ribs, wrists, and elbows, and rarely were the staff prosecuted in any of the cases. This has been taking me down a road to proving that the entire facility protects itself by refusing to acknowledge staff on patient assaults, and the State Police and Office of Investigation and Training basically protect the staff and refuse to intervene on the patients behalf any time it happens, as I and numerous patients report. I think this goes on because of liability issues, including both criminal liability and civil liability, and they don't seem to want anyone on the outside to know what really goes on in this facility. Abuse is rampant, and union members pretty much dominate everybody with violence and intimidation tactics, and they can't be fired or disciplined for any of it due to contracts and ties with the state.

I also have a few new psychologists evaluations that I decided to make public. The point of these, is that I continue to claim that I was never mentally ill, and if I didn't have psychosis when abuses occurred, then I must have interpretted the situations correctly. A few reports I uploaded includes one from November 28th, 2003, before I got caught up in the abusive State Hospital system. I had just went into the Sacred Heart Medical Center emergency room, where they documented that I had issues with abuse from my parents and the school system, and had anxiety issues over it. They document luckily that I had no signs of psychosis or delusions. My diagnosis from a White Bird Counseler that I worked with for 3+ months after that was "PTSD". Numerous doctors do document that I had no signs of psychosis or delusions even at the Oregon State Hospital, and that I suffered from PTSD, depression, or ADHD, but were likely overdiagnosing me because of injuries I suffered from medication. I ended up falsely and wrongly diagnosed with a "paranoid schizophenia" diagnosis only after the Bonita Tucker scandal, because the staff members were saying all my reports of abuse were delusions in order to hide and protect the facility. The US Department of Justice also didn't want to admit to using warrantless surveillance at the facility during their 2006-2010 investigation. I have spoke to other patients who tell me, that when they too complained about abuse, the state falsified their diagnosis and claimed they were delusional or paranoid, when the abuse or events the patients reported did in fact occur, in order to cover it all up, which is exactly what happened to me. The whole reason they'd do that, is because they tend to try to discredit the patients, and not acknowledge any abuse ever occurring at the facility.

The new psychologists evaluations are being stored in this folder:

In addition to this, I have not had a psychologist evaluation recently from anyone who was not involved in the Oregon State Hospital system, and every one there so far has refused to investigate or to include information in their reports about my abuse (a few examples of these reports are included in the above folder, including Dr. Dick, Dr. Truhn's and Dr. Corbett's report). I do have several counselers outside of OSH who have told me they thought the whole Oregon State Hospital system was nothing but abusive, and they believed they thought my issue was more from traumatization than from delusions or psychosis. I am still working to get a doctor who doesn't believe in this system to do an analysis, but my attorney is refusing to hire the one that wants to do it.

Update 9/18/2013 My abnormal EEG result is shown here, the first of many tests and body scans to come (I hope!):


Today I got an EEG done, and it came back super wrong. The EEG showed high amplitude beta waves (the white area in the EEG image map), in a large region of my brain. This is consistent with severe brain injury, something the state hospital refused to acknowledge I had, and that I report as happening as a result of psychiatric malpractice at OSH, and torture by the Central Intelligence Agency/State of Oregon (normally, there should not be any wide spread activation showing up in a healthy EEG.). These types of wave patterns in the brain normally indicate that my brain is working over time and that I am over activating; it was concluded that my neuroplasticity is damaged, and my brain is stuck in a near frozen "overactive" state from chronic inflammation and injury. There is only one thing in my history that could cause this: The states use of harmful medications, and a microwave weapon to generate psychosis (the entire purpose of the microwave weapon they were using on patients at OSH when I was there back in 2008). They have used it on me for 5+ years now, to hide the scandal that was going on at OSH the time the original incidents occurred. They have told me, that the reason they never stopped abusing me, is because schizophrenia doesn't just "stop," and it would look weird if they stopped their abuse. So, instead, they have focused on making my schizophrenia simulation look authentic, and either causing enough damage to literally murder me, or to damage every cell in my brain and body, wiping out memory and brain function to the point that I could not get help or defend myself, and I would lay there crippled all day long while they raped and abused me in secret. They have a weapon irradiating my body all day long, and the EEG is the first test I have gotten that conclusively determines that I have some forms of severe brain injury from this abuse. If you go look at my OSH charts, you will find they hid every abuse incident I ever experienced, and they refused to perform any tests when I complained of injury (they did not want me to get evidence that I had been seriously hurt or injured in secret, which could be used as evidence to prove they were hurting me). But there was one test done that showed it in my record, a blood test that was done in 2011- I had high CK in my blood of over 700+ for more than a month, consistent again with microwave abuse. The High CK I was informed only occurs as a result of severe muscle or brain injury, and it's indicative of muscle and brain break down, which has been my chief complaint the whole time. The state hospital doctors refused to help me, did no further tests to determine the cause (I asked for MRIs, etc), and covered this up, while they intensified my abuse with this weapon. Microwave/remote torture weapon use, yes, but I also experienced severe medical malpractice and neglect.

OSH/the state was using this weapon on me at OSH to induce psychosis, to torture me, and to frame me to look psychotic to hide their misuse of this technology and the scandal I went through. They wanted to build new new OSH campus without anyone knowing the abuses that occurred back in 2008, and they wanted to cover up the Bonita Tucker scandal. Yes, they would literally use a weapon on a person, just to make sure they heard voices, saw things, and they would control everything going on inside their brains, just to make sure everyone believed the person was mentally ill! They have destroyed my body, and forced hundreds of orgasms. The radiation has left my body hard, dry, inflamed, and constricted. I have injury from hundreds of simulated "concussions". I will never be able to live my life, and this was to protect the state employees of Oregon, and the Federal government who apparently use the state as some sort of test bed for this remote neural monitoring spy program. Picture the CIA and military and State of Oregon literally roaming the streets in secret testing this program, using this technology in conjunction with the police agencies and city/state governments in secret, all over the state, on every citizen to at least spy on them illegally. It's going on now, and Oregonians are all being watched and spied on with this shit. There is also risk of radiation exposure, as this weapons system uses electromagnetic radiation to allow them to image remote objects and to hurt people/manipulate objects and to remotely link agents up. Image them performing illegal building, object, and full remote body and brain scans, including making full recordings of your neural activity and memory/thought processes. I recommend the citizens of America seriously should try to sue the US government, because they're never going to tell you if you were exposed to this and are never going to stop the illegal spying or experimentation on us - they'd also let you die in secret even if you came down with an injury from exposure, or they attempted to hurt or experiment on you. :)

Good luck, and give me a call if you want to leave me a message about your concerns over this issue. I would also really love an attorney's help in getting an injunction and legal services. My plans right now are to hire an attorney for a 1983 lawsuit, injunction, etc to end these abuses nationally. For now, I am in the process of filing a 1983 injunction/restraining order this week just to protect me, with the expectation that they provide me free court appointed counsel. Wish me luck so that everything goes smoothly, and maybe head on over to the donation drive page to send me a few bucks for the cause! Link is:

Remember to read the full 700 page PDF complaint I made to the United Nations Special Reporter on Torture, US Department of Justice, and the Civil Rights Complaint Division of the US Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General for my full story. Anyone can investigate this to uncover the crimes that have been committed against me and others around the state. Still ongoing: FBI, US Department of Justice, Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, Secret Service (through Special Agent Brown (note: this guy was just at my house this past week, telling me not to talk about the President anymore, complaining about the information I'd been sharing about my abuse.)), the Pentagon (who forwarded the complaint about my website to the Secret Service, see post below about it), and Oregon Department of Justice (making complaints about my complaints to my attorney, and refusing to investigate crime in Oregon) have focused on illegally harassing me, while they use this technology on me, and they are all working to actively hide these events in the name of "national security". That means, if they get their way, I will die and never get help. Here is the link to the file again:

Update 9/12/2013 Moises Perez was a patient that died at the Oregon State Hospital back in October 2009. He died of apparent coronary artery disease, but I think there was some more at play like drug induced injury to his heart and body that was never properly diagnosed or treated. Just yesterday, it was announced that the state agreed to pay $1.4 million dollars for his death, which doesn't even acknowledge wrong doing. Here is the article as covered by the Oregonian:

State officials agree to pay $1.4 million to family of deceased Oregon State Hospital patient

State officials have agreed to a $1.4 million settlement with the family of a patient at the Oregon State Hospital who died in his room but wasn't discovered for hours.

Moises Perez, 42, died in October 2009, of coronary artery disease and had recently complained of chest pains. Records obtained by The Oregonian in 2010 showed that he was last seen at breakfast at 7:15 a.m. He didn't show up for lunch, for scheduled medications or for dinner. Staff found him dead in his room across from the nursing station at 7:35 p.m. when they tried to wake him for medications.

Dr. Karen Gunson, Oregon state medical examiner, said the death likely occurred six to eight hours before the Marion County medical examiner saw the body at 8:30 p.m.

Moises Perez

Read more stories about the death of Moises Perez
The Perez family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in January 2011 naming Oregon state officials and a long list of hospital staff. The complaint detailed years-long attempts by Perez's mother to alert doctors and others about his deteriorating condition.

The family agreed to drop the lawsuit as part of the agreement. State officials did not admit any liability.

The agreement was reached on May 20, but state officials did not publicize it. It was first reported by the Associated Press Wednesday following a public records request.

An investigation by The Oregonian in 2010 uncovered serious problems that persisted at the Oregon State Hospital despite multiple outside reviews, the threat of a federal lawsuit and millions spent on hiring and other improvements.

An internal review conducted after Perez's death found hospital staff failed to provide him with adequate medical care. Fallout from his case led to the resignation of the hospital superintendent and increased scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Hospital staff have made improvements since Perez's death, said Rebeka Gipson-King, a spokeswoman for the Oregon State Hospital. Officials have increased medical staff, improved training and policies for patients who refuse critical medical care, implemented a policy for nurses to check on the patients at least hourly, and established guidelines for routine monitoring and treatment for certain patients.

Perez had spent 15 years at the state mental hospital after being found guilty except for insanity of attempting to murder his mother, Dora Perez, during a psychotic break. Records showed he later asked a police officer to shoot him and say that he tried to get away.

-- Yuxing Zheng

What I know about Moises Perez, is he was basically murdered by the doctors with a dangerous drug called Clozaril, an active toxin to the brain and body. He had been complaining about chest pain and being over medicated since I first met him in 2006, when his doctor was Dr. Skach on 50D. He was obviously suffering from severe dystonia based on his complaints to me, a condition that results from the use of antipsychotic meds. It causes continuous issues to develop in the brain and body, including severe tension in his heart, and muscles. The drug dysregulates things in the mind and body, creating hypersenstivity to occur over time, thus over activation of cognitive function and muscles. Many lose control of their muscles, shown in the extreme twitching and/or extreme tension people have. Side conditions to dystonia can include poor blood flow, brain squeezing, heart, eye, and other organ damage. The effects of the medications are irreversible, they call this tardive dystonia. Other conditions like it include tardive psychosis and tardive dyskinesia. So they did nothing to treat his drug induced injury, and they ignored every complaint he ever made about it occurring for years. They basically murdered him, and they've done this to countless other patients who died under similar circumstances, or became seriously ill, mutilated, and maimed after using medication.

Here's a link to the Wikipedia article one of these conditions, which links to other tardive conditions of interest to read about:

There's also a condition that develops to some degree in most people on antipsychotic drugs, called Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome. They say it is rare, but from my observations, it is always in effect in some form or another in individuals on these drugs, which is why they experience so many bodily and mental problems. In extreme cases, people can even die immediately, but I think it is possible to survive, which leads to cases of severe mutilation, memory loss, and bodily dysfunction. Moises Perez probably suffered this for years, and his true death was a result of this and the conditions he developed as a result. The medication also would have impacted his ability to take care of himself, because the damage would have shut down all his intellectual ability.

The video I made that mentions Moises Perez is right below, or here on YouTube:

Update 9/11/2013 New evidence emerges in the Bonita Tucker scandal. I track down one of several witnesses, Donald Stewart, who witnessed her abuses and the staff cover up. She brought in drugs to 48B for patients, which the staff were informed about by Donald himself, and did nothing to prevent. Bonita Tucker went on to aid multiple patient escapes later on, and the state tried to cover these incidents up for more than a year. She was given charges in April 2008, but the state hid my case and many details of the scandal at OSH. Watch this video for the true details. Everybody at OSH knew this was true, but continues to deny it to this day. They never offered me assistance, and set me up to look mentally ill to hide their misconduct. I also caught the staff on the security equipment in 2008, discussing the technology they had outside of the building, which was being used for illegal surveillance, and which was used to try to murder me in August of 2008 ("flooding my body with microwaves, photons, and simulating psychosis, injuring my brain and body on purpose").

Oregon State Hospital, new Bonita Tucker scandal details.. set up by Barack Obama.

Additionally, Homeland Security Secret Service came out to my house today and tried to break into my home on 9/9/2013. The officer "Special Agent Brown" left this letter on my door, after walking around my house, and trying to enter the locked back door while I was inside. He called me on 9/10/2013, claiming that he just wanted to talk about my website and the information I posted about Barack Obama on twitter. He's trying to claim I can say what I want, just not about the "President". He says he doesn't intend to arrest me, but .. his motives do not seem genuine if nothing has been done about the abuse I have been experiencing. My website clearly incriminates Barack Obama, and it is about my abuse and set up by the CIA/FBI, and Barack Obama. I did not experience any reduction in abuse at all, and his focus seems purely to censor me and hide these abuses. He is supposed to come back by tomorrow, but I don't think I have to say anything to this guy. Here's a copy of the door tag he left after his first visit:

I am thoroughly concerned that the agent that came down from Portland was already involved, because he said the complaints about my messages came from the Pentagon themselves, and they are going to try to get me in some trouble, while protecting the President and others involved from the abuses that have happened to me. I don't think it's possible any government agent, especially from the Pentagon, isn't part of this now, the technology is too common, and wide spread. The Pentagon certainly knows I am being abused, that this technology exists and is real (after all, they designed it) and I am sure the President relies on this technology for protection, which means the Secret Service, and Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, all these guys know about the technology and these capabilties. I suspect, they are spying on me right now in my home as the abuses occur, coming by acting dumb about it, and know that I am being raped and abused, and they aren't even out there trying to figure that out, how that is going on, or interested in doing anything about it, which is why I feel in danger.

Documentation: There were two men between the hours of 9/10/2013 10pm and 9/11/2013 1am, talking, and watching my house from on the street, that made the characteristic sounds that I'd hear from my gang stalkers. I also spotted a guy following me to a place where I went to get an EEG today, who was waiting in a parked SUV, who got out and followed me just to the door of the place I was getting the test done at. He stood outside looking through the glass doors, watching and eying me while I was there. The entire testing place seemed odd today, too, like I caught them watching me funny, I suspect they're all watching my case and I don't know really what they're up to.

If you want to learn more about this technology, I did find a nice stash of documents over on Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. One document from "deep thought" on "Can a satellite read your thoughts" describes how much bandwidth is actually used in remote neural monitoring, mere tens of megabits to read the electrical activity from each persons mind (they can monitor 10 thousand people with just 1 gigabit throughput on the sensor uplink), which is a relatively small amount. Check this comprehensive list of study, research and documents out here:

I have made a local copy for archival in the /d/websites/ folder.

These documents also describe how synthetic telepathy is possible, and how satellites and other remote sensors can read your neurons, and thus thoughts and nerve impulses from afar. Links directly to the "Can a satellite read your thoughts" articles:

Can a Satellite Read Your Thoughts, Physics Revealed part 1.
Can a Satellite Read Your Thoughts, Physics Revealed part 2.
Can a Satellite Read Your Thoughts, Physics Revealed part 3.
Can a Satellite Read Your Thoughts, Physics Revealed part 4.
Can a Satellite Read Your Thoughts, Physics Revealed 2012 update.
Can a Satellite Read Your Thoughts, Interim Investigation Summary.

Update 9/6/2013 I made a new complaint to the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division about my abuse on 9/4/2013. They had me fax this complaint. It's over 700 pages long, my most complete version. Link to PDF with most of this information:

Educate yourself on the fuckers at the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Oregon State Hospital. These bitches were involved in MKULTRA (1950-1970 program, the abuses similar to what I experienced), and have used all these techniques on me, including electromagnetic weapons, to seriously hurt, and destroy my entire mind and body. Found this great video on YouTube, and I made the Central Intelligence Agency section for story.html with the details on this program and these abuses: story.html#cia. All the operational parameters of MKULTRA apply to what I've went through, including their purpose in the abuse, knowing it was wrong, going to all lengths not to get caught, their intent to mimic and simulate schizophrenia, causing injury they don't intend me to recover from, and the abuses they've put me through in order to cover all this up. The new State Hospital would not have been built, and thousands of Oregon and Federal officials would be in prison if any of what they did to me in 2008 was exposed, including my attempted murder with a remote mind control weapon.

CIA Mind Control Techniques MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing

CIA Mind Control Techniques MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing

Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated." The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.

Theories of brainwashing and of mind control were originally developed to explain how totalitarian regimes appeared to succeed in systematically indoctrinating prisoners of war through propaganda and torture techniques. These theories were later expanded and modified, by psychologists including Margaret Singer, to explain a wider range of phenomena, especially conversions to new religious movements (NRMs). A third-generation theory proposed by Ben Zablocki focused on the utilization of mind control to retain members of NRMs and cults to convert them to a new religion. The suggestion that NRMs use mind control techniques has resulted in scientific and legal controversy. Neither the American Psychological Association nor the American Sociological Association have found any scientific merit in such theories.

Project MKULTRA, or MK-ULTRA, was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. This official U.S. government program began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, and it used U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects.

Donald Ewen Cameron (24 December 1901--8 September 1967) was a twentieth-century Scottish-American psychiatrist. Cameron was involved in Project MKULTRA, United States Central Intelligence Agency's research on torture and mind control.

Cameron lived and worked in Albany, New York, and was involved in experiments in Canada for Project MKULTRA, a United States based CIA-directed mind control program which eventually led to the publication of the KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual. He is unrelated to another CIA psychiatrist Alan Cameron, who helped pioneer psychological profiling of world leaders during the 1970s.

Naomi Klein states in her book The Shock Doctrine that Cameron's research and his contribution to the MKUltra project was actually not about mind control and brainwashing, but about designing "a scientifically based system for extracting information from 'resistant sources.' In other words, torture...Stripped of its bizarre excesses, Dr. Cameron's experiments, building upon Donald O. Hebb's earlier breakthrough, laid the scientific foundation for the CIA's two-stage psychological torture method."

I made this new video, to document this technology, and how it works. It's the best I can do considering my injury, continued abuse by the CIA/FBI/NSA.

NSA Remote Neural Monitoring, Signals Intelligence, Electromagnetic Weapons abuses.

I discuss phreaking, how electromagnetic emanates from all sources that use electrons, which can all be read and tapped into remotely via satellite and other remote sensors by the US government. They can tap keyboard, monitor, DVI, internet and communication cables/equipment, and monitor human brains and thoughts remotely. TEMPEST/ECHELON is the classified codename for the system that allows this. I also describe my torture and abuse by the US government with these weapons, which also include directed energy and microwave weapons which can remotely assault, induce psychosis, and remotely control nerve/brain function. More details about this abuse in the NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice's document on my website, which lays out the abilities of Signals Intelligence.

General Michael Hayden developed these systems for global remote surveillance and spying on Americans, while running human experiments on mind control and sabotage between 2001-2009. He was the highest ranking general at the US Air Force, while he also headed the NSA and CIA. Today, President Barack Obama is directly responsible for my abuse and slaughter with these weapons systems.

Psychologists evaluation, Cathy Meadows, saying I am not psychotic, and was targeted for trying to expose the illegal use of this technology at the Oregon State Hospital by the State of Oregon, Central Intelligence Agency, and US Department of Justice in 2008, before they attacked me, and tried to murder me with this technology. I was a victim for trying to blow the whistle, and expose these abuses.

my story in this 700 page pdf:
nsa signals intelligence/remote neural monitoring information:
twitter account:
donation drive:

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